Versa 6 Drawer Double Dresser by South Shore Review


The South Shore Versa 6 Drawer Dresser is a perfect companion for your living space. This chest features handles in an antique pewter finish that add to its elegance. This Versa 6 Drawer Double Dresser by South Shore has a wooden construction to ensure that it is sturdy and durable. It can blend well with any transitional styled room decor. The upper drawer fronts feature decorative grooves creating the illusion of four smaller drawers. This horizontal dresser is eco-friendly, ISTA 3A certified, and EPP certified. Also, its non-toxic manufacturing and construction make it safe to use.

South Shore Furnishing was established in Quebec in 1940, and it has supplied North America with ready-to-assemble bedroom furniture, kids furniture and entertainment furniture for a long time. Have a look at their extensive collection and shop for everything from bunk beds and loft beds to TV stands and headboards. Under its third generation of family leadership, South Shore has become a recognized name in affordable home furniture.

Whenever you buy furniture items online from Wayfair, you can read customer reviews and common questions and answers for whatever item you are looking at, and you can always contact customer service for help. If you want to buy a South Shore Versa 6 Drawer Double Dresser or shop for something else for your entire home, we have you covered.


Part of the Versa collection, this item gives an illusion of multiple drawers with grooves on top drawer faces. It has 6 drawers in all that are equipped with safety catches, and innovative smart gliders guarantee a long life of smooth use and function. It has modern metal handles in a matte black finish to go along with a decorative groove on the top drawer that creates an illusion of double drawers.

The drawer’s back material is non-toxic laminated particleboard, and the drawer handles are removable. This item comes with a tipover restraint strap system, and assembly is required. Finally, it is made in Canada and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Before making a purchase, check the measurements of this double drawer dresser as given below against the size of the living space in which you plan to use this product. You should make sure the drawers fit in your intended area of use before making a purchase – and you might want to add a few inches across all measurements just to be safe:

  • The overall dimensions are 31.5” H x 57.75” W x 19.5” D
  • The interior of the drawers are 4.38” H x 26.13” W x 14” D
  • The overall product weight is 122lbs
  • The handles measure 2.5″ W
  • The drawer’s weight capacity is 50lbs
  • Screws that are used to hold the front part to the drawers measure 1.25″ H x 0.25″ W

Available Select Finish

This item comes in the four different color themes listed below. Be sure to check the availability of the color that you want before making a purchase because stocks may run out on occasion:

  • Ebony
  • Royal cherry
  • Gray Maple (+$3 in price)
  • Weathered Oak (+$12 in price)


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

The Versa double dresser is currently priced at $269.99. There are no ongoing sales or promotions at the moment, but because seasonal promotions and other marketing deals often kick in at different times throughout the year, make sure you check the latest price before finalizing your purchase so that you can catch any ongoing sales or lock in any deals at the exact time that you are ready to buy. This item also comes with monthly payments as low as $24 per month, as well as free shipping on qualifying orders.

If you are interested in buying protection for this item, you can purchase a pretty comprehensive protection plan for $34.99 that covers accidental stains, incidental damage, unintentional stains, rips, tears, burns, punctures, chips, dents, and water rings. Customers who purchase a protection plan are covered for the above-mentioned damages as soon as their drawers are delivered. However, all customers should keep in mind that damage caused by neglect, improper care, intentional abuse, a failure to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty, or as a result of using the drawers for purposes other than their intended purpose of storage are not covered.


For a better idea of how this drawer actually turns out after ordering, we’ve collected a few anecdotes from actual customers. One buyer started by saying this item comes with lots of moving pieces, and it takes a while to assemble and even after put together. They had to take the 6 drawer dresser apart to tighten up the drawer pieces and then put everything back together again. The instructions don’t note this, but the drawers are specifically meant for the right or left side of the unit. So if you put the wrong dresser drawer on the wrong side of the dresser, it doesn’t slide in/out of the tracks like it should.

This may have been obvious to other people, but after 2-3 hours of putting these dressers together, one customer had trouble figuring out what was wrong with their final piece. It looked nice with the matching 5-drawer chest, and although the wood is not quality and is very heavy, for the price it is exactly what you might expect given the price. It is a really good product for 2-3 years. The color options are unique and they go nicely with black/grey accents, if you have those in your bedroom.

Another customer had an interesting story to share. They ordered this dresser and the shipping process was very good. Wayfair had a great price. Unfortunately, the handling aspect somewhere along the line was very rough. The product was delivered with some damage but appeared to be on the inside of the side panels so they figured they could live with it. When the dresser was almost assembled, one person noticed a large chip on the dresser top. They called South Shore directly and got a wonderful customer service representative. She was very knowledgeable about the product and what the customer would need to get the dresser assembled. The replacement parts came so they did in fact finish the assembly quickly. Unfortunately, when the assembly was complete, the drawers just didn’t fit right. They had read a review about this very thing when looking at this product, and eventually it turned out that the installation tracks were on the wrong side of things, and it was easy to correct the issue and the drawers then fit perfectly. Overall an excellent product and assembly goes well if you pay attention to the instructions.

Some users mentioned that the directions were difficult to follow so just make sure to take your time and double check that you’re screwing everything the right way, otherwise it could be difficult to correct things afterwards. Overall, this bed provides great value, and is beautiful and easy to put together.

In short, this dresser is a great fit for most rooms, the colors work well with different accents and hues, and it is fairly sturdy for DIY furniture. Overall, you’ll be happy with this dresser, shipping is quick, replacements if any are sent promptly, and the final product is pretty sturdy and looks very nice.


Next up we have product issues and shortcomings. One customer was sent a dresser with scratches. This is usually not a big deal, especially if you place something like a TV over the top of the item, but after a month of owning it, the customer in question became extremely dissatisfied with the quality. They said that the drawers cannot hold much at all, otherwise the bottom falls out. Second, the front and back of the drawers may start separating and may not screw back in easily. Third, the drawer pulls are not flush with the actual face of the drawer no matter how tightly or precisely placed over the surface it is. Also, the drawers are not flushed against the frame when closed. They may look crooked and as if they are coming off on certain sides. Poor quality on the whole.

One customer got the weathered oak. They said it was pretty but that the material overall was way too flimsy. The holes did not align and the material did not hold the screws well. Even the shorter screws misaligned, and a few of the longer ones broke.


In summary, this item is a little pricey considering what you are getting for dishing out over $250 items on a DIY dresser. It comes in nice colors and can pretty quickly and easily be assembled, but quality issues with the drawer tracks, with nicked and scratched dresser parts ruining the overall look of the item, and with various issues related to poor construction and bad assembly, this is perhaps a little too expensive for something that only has 4 stars on a 5-star scale across over 1,000 reviewers. Our recommendation is to buy something with better reviews at a lower price point, or perhaps wait for a discount or promo to kick in for this item.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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