Valerie Solid Wood Dining Table by Grain Wood Furniture Review


This table will help you give your dining room a vintage and traditional farmhouse look. It is a solid wood dining table that comes in a versatile yet neutral design that goes very well with several different chair types. It even features robust and sturdy wood construction that makes use of 100% solid pine wood that comes from Southern Brazil for long-lasting durability and dependable toughness.

Made in eco-friendly design, this table has a minimal impact on the environment. This is made possible by the fact that all of the wood used in its construction comes from renewable forests. It has a distressed and rustic finish that is very durable and easy to touch-up and will give you many years of regular use and versatile function wherever you happen to place it.

If you are wondering about Grain Wood Furniture, they are perhaps a little unknown when it comes to the home furnishings space. They are, however, an up and coming design house that focuses on bringing to your home timeless designs that are crafted completely from wood that comes from sustainable and renewable forests. They have very sharp attention to detail and only make use of quality materials that help them produce durable pieces that deliver unmatched value.


This table features construction that is made of 100% solid pine wood. The natural variation in the wood, wood knots that have different colors and whorls, give it a tasteful finish. The table also comes with purposeful distressing of wood scoring, a rub through, and coat and paint distressing. It is a fixed table that does not come with extendable leaves. With a seating capacity of 6, it has a live edge and is made in Brazil. Assembly is required, and all of the tools (basically, an Allen wrench) come with the item upon delivery. It comes with a 90-day warranty for product defects and comes with California’s Proposition 65 warning as well.

Here are this table’s dimensions. Make sure to measure the space in which you intend to use this table before finalizing your purchase to make sure it will fit in your family room or dining area.

  • Overall dimensions: 63” L x 36” W x 31” H
  • Legs: 29” H
  • Overall Product Weight: 97 lb.
  • Distance between legs from the longer side: 50″ W
  • Floor to apron: 26″ H
  • Diameter of the bottom of the legs: 4″
  • Distance between legs from the shorter side: 25″ W
  • Recommended seat height: 18″

Available Select Finish

This table comes in 4 unique colors, each of which is made with the 100% solid pine wood that comes from sustainable Brazilian forests. The colors are:

  • Off-white (base price)
  • Barnwood (see below for price)
  • Driftwood (see below for price)
  • Rustic gray (see below for price)


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This table is currently available for $450. This is for the off-white and rustic gray options. The barnwood and driftwood versions cost $468.99 each.

If you need help with assembly, you can purchase assembly for this table for an additional $114.99. This service is provided by Handy. The way Handy works is you pay a fixed price for Handy assembly service at checkout from Wayfair. Next, Handy will email you after the purchase to confirm that your order has been received and they will schedule your service for a few days after your product arrives. You can easily reschedule at your own convenience. Finally, your fully-equipped, background-checked professional assembler will arrive at your home and complete your service for you to perfection.

You can avail a 25% discount on assembly using the MYWAY card, and in case you cannot or do not want to pay for the table all in one go up front, you can pay for it in installments of as little as $29 per month using a convenient payment plan from Affirm. You can also get $40 off $250 with the Wayfair credit card. Finally, you can purchase protection for your table for either 3 years of 5 years for $51.99 or $68.99 respectively to cover your table from accidental damage incurred such as chips, dents, scratches, nicks, cuts, gouges, and water rings.


Buying products online is always a gamble. That is why it is important to read reviews and look up comments on products to read about the experiences of others. Such reviews can also help you avoid common customer mistakes, learn about the real value and build of items, and know what to expect. This is why we cover customer reviews and manufacturer specs to give you everything you need to know to make a well-informed purchase decision.

One customer took a chance and went with the off white finish. It turned out to be more of an antique white with some greyish accents to the distress. It was more of a rustic finish than a polished one, so if you are not a fan of that rougher finish, then we do not recommend this table for you. Other than that, it is a fairly solid table that is a great buy for this price.

Another customer said she was obsessed with this table. She was so happy even though she was initially quite apprehensive of buying things online. She purchased this table in driftwood and has been obsessing over it. It was everything she was looking for, and more. There are no seams in the table, which is great for homes with kids because they tend to get everything stuck in seams, and it is high but not so high that regular chairs don’t work with it.

With regards to assembly, some customers said that the screws and Allen wrench provided were not effective for connecting the legs. On the first leg, two screws were needed, and when this customer used the Allen wrench that was provided, the screw only went in about 1/2 way and got stuck. Continuing to use the Allen wrench would have been impossible. They then switched to a drill which only was effective in stripping the head out of the screw. Luckily, they were able to back the screw out using a wrench. The basic issue is the screws. They have a blunt ‘bolt’ type end, and not a pointy screw end. A trip to the hardware store and less than $5 solved the problem, however, and installation with a drill after that turned out to be a breeze.


One issue that a dissatisfied customer faced was that the table completely split down the middle after a few weeks of use. This can happen when wood cut from trees is not treated properly and ends up contracting and cracking. One particular specimen arrived with a piece broken off underneath. There were noticeable splintered and broken-off pieces on the edges of the table as well. After being assembled for 2 weeks, the table top split down the middle. Wayfair customer service was very helpful and they were able to refund the buyer’s money, but this was a bad incident to have to undergo for any buyer.

Another customer said that they had such high hopes for this table. They got it in the barnwood finish. Because the table is described as being solid wood, they expected solid wood. Their tabletop, however, proved to be hollow. Knocking on it proves that. Also, the top felt and looked almost like wood-like plastic and looked quite bizarre. The legs of the table are great but they were super disappointed and wish they hadn’t put it together so they could return it.


Most people were in love with this table. As many reviewers commented, they were initially worried about purchasing such a high-profile table online. However, it is so easy to put together (you just screw on the legs) and you can seat up to 8 people on this table. This table really looks like real weathered wood, and it is also very solid and does not feel like it includes any man-made wood. It doesn’t feel like particle board or fake wood either, all 100% real. Just so you know, the top of the table is not perfectly flat. The wood is natural so there are groves and natural dents, divots and such, however, glasses, plates, and cutlery sit perfectly on it and it doesn’t affect anything.

If you are looking for a stunning anchor for your dining room, we would highly recommend the driftwood color. It is simply fantastic. If you buy it, we really feel you will not be disappointed. With over 2200 unique reviews, over 1600 of them perfect 5-star reviews on a 5-star scale, this table is one for the ages. It is eco-friendly, stable, reliable, solid, looks stunning, comes in four solid and earthy tones, seats 6 or more people comfortably, can be used in a variety of settings and themes, and is just what a table should look like.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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