Sienna Rose Twin Over Full Bunk Bed by Viv + Rae Review


Outfit your kid’s room with a somewhat traditionally designed bed with a highlight of elegance that will light up the room and give it a whole new look, besides offering your little one a comfortable and restful sleep.

Sienna Rose Twin over Full Bunk Bed is a classic bed constructed from solid wood. Its elaborate details add an extra notch of sophistication to the whole look. The neatly built rails that run along the lengths of the top bed not only ensure safety but also endorses the bed with a rather sassy appearance. The strategically constructed ladder is also just as functional. Along with making climbing up and down the top bed relatively easy, its design also augments the traditional aesthetic of the bed. Having been constructed from spruce wood, the bed is quite robust and hardly produce the creaky sounds. Even better, this bed comes in different amazing color options, giving you the chance to make the decision depending on the color theme of your choosing. Also, whether your kid’s room has a cool tone or a warm one, the color options can still make a perfect fit. Lastly, the highly budget-friendly price at which this bed is sold makes it an even better choice.

Sienna Rose Twin over Full Bunk Bed is just an example of the high-end products by Viv + Rae. Their principal aim is to make available affordable items for kids of different ages. Their products are usually of amazing designs, accorded with extra sophistication and their priority list consists of functionality, comfort, and safety. Besides, their high creativity and capability to put together traditional styles and contemporary ones, and produce an item showcasing a little of each, is remarkable.


Sienna Rose is a bunk bed that has frame materials of solid wood, specifically spruce, which makes it pretty sturdy and stable. It has twenty slats which are included for box spring support and guardrails meant to protect the kids from falling. The bed also features a built-in ladder which makes accessing the top bed pretty easy. Additionally, this bed can convert into two. This implies that if you have enough space, then you or your kids can save yourselves from the hassle of getting up and down the top bed. The bunk and loft configurations of this bed are standard, and either a girl or a boy can use it. The bed requires assembly and installation using the instructions included in the package. Lastly, this bed is originally from Viet Nam. Its top bed which is twin size has a weight capacity of 165 pounds while the futon, which is a full size has a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Besides checking the basic aspects of a bed, it is also important to go through its dimensions. Though this bed is not that big, being entirely sure it will fit the place you intend for it is still essential. Therefore, you should compare the two sets of measurements, and a helpful idea is to add some few inches on the measurements of the bed to ensure you have the perfect fit.

  • The overall dimensions of the bed are 64.75” H x 79.25” W x 69.5” L
  • The overall width – side to side – of the bottom bed is 58”
  • The dimensions of the headboard are 24” H x 68” W x 32” D
  • The dimensions of the footboard are 36” H x 68” W x 36” D
  • The overall product weight is 123.3 lb.
  • The clearance from floor to underside of the bed is 8”
  • The bottom of top bunk or loft to floor is 65”
  • The distance between top and bottom bunk is 38”
  • The recommended mattress thickness for the bottom bed is 6”
  • The recommended mattress thickness of the top bed is 6”
  • The distance from top of mattress to top of guardrail is 5″
  • The height of the guardrail to the top of the side rail is 11.8”
  • The distance between the floor and the bottom of the bottom bed is 8″

Available Select Upholstery

Sienna Rose comes in five basic colors which are quite amazing. Among them are varied hues, from which you get to choose the one you want. Though these colors are not oddly conspicuous, they are very eye-catching and will be a great addition to any color theme, just as the model is a fit in any interior design. Pick the color you desire for your kid’s room then get creative with it.

Below are the available color combinations:

  • Black
  • Espresso
  • Graphite Blue
  • Grey
  • White

You do not have to base your choice on the price since all the beds, regardless of the colors, are of the same price.


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This bed is currently listed online for $319.26, which is a very fair price. Within the year, especially during holidays, Viv + Rae usually throw in some incredible discounts that lower the price. It is for this reason that you should always be on the watch. Search for any promotions or deals before making the purchase, and who knows? You could be the lucky buyer. Items mostly purchased together with this bed are self-stick furniture felt pads which are instrumental in ensuring your floor does not get damaged. When purchased together, the total price amounts to $338.25.

If you are interested in buying protection for the bed, you can purchase a plan from Uniters at a very affordable price. These protection plans become operational immediately after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. They have coverage for accidental stains, punctures, scratches or dents. They, however, do not cover for the damages incurred while using the bed in a commercial setting, those caused by natural disaster or the ones due to intentional abuse and neglect.


The bed is more beautiful in its actual self than it is in the pictures. To start with, its design is striking and eye-catching, making it the center of attention in any room it is set. The design is also a go with different aesthetic making it an easy choice since you will not have to change everything in the room to make it fit. The colors used on the bed are also classy and give it a rather expensive look; more expensive than it actually is priced. They are also inviting and accord the room with a warm and welcoming feel, which is exactly what is to be expected from a kid’s room.

This bed is also very sturdy, thanks to the spruce wood used to make the frame. The guardrails are strongly and meticulously constructed along the lengths of the top bed, and so you do not have to worry all the time about your kid falling off. Just as the frame and the rails, the built-in ladder is steady and, unlike beds of similar price, does not wobble when stepped on. The bed does not occupy so much space, and even better, you will have used a single space to set two beds; which are spacious enough to accommodate a pair of kids each.

This bed has very quick delivery, and most customers were impressed to receive their packages earlier than anticipated. The packaging of the bed is superb as it is cushioned, preventing any probable damages. Also, assembly of the bed is not much of a hassle. With keen reading and following of the instruction, the bed can take you one hour to put together.

Lastly, the bed is quite affordable or rather underpriced, as most beds of its nature go for much higher prices.


The slats of the bed have wide spacing; hence the mattress is not held firmly. One customer had to add ½” plywood to provide additional support and prevent the mattress from sliding. The slats can also use something sort of a board to prevent the bedding from hanging below the top bed and looking weird.

One customer complained that some parts were not well labeled, and therefore, they had to take the bed apart after putting it together in order to make it fit perfectly.

However, the bed is generally a good buy and worth the price. The few issues are very minor and typical of online shopping.


This bed is a good find. Its understated elegance is desirable, and the whimsical design makes it a great addition to any room it is set. Its color options are no less desirable, and the paint used is of high quality, giving the bed a more expensive look.

If you are short of space, have a fixed budget, and yet you desire to give your kid a perfect bedroom, then this is the bed to go for. It will not only save on space but will also add to the warmth of the room and provide your kid with a good night’s sleep.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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