Ruthann Upholstered Storage Platform Bed By Everly Quinn Review


No bed screams style, comfort, beauty, and functionality like the modern platform bed does. Platform beds have been in the market for a long period of time and there is a reason why they have gained such popularity. Every owner of a typical platform bed loves the fact that they are solid, sturdy, and well-built. A platform bed has a headboard, and sometimes a footboard. The headboard can be in a rectangular or crown-shaped fashion. Platform beds also come in other styles depending on the product. However, they usually come in a rectangular horizontal frame and they come with rows of slats and generally do not require additional frame supports or other accessories. They sit low to the ground and usually have storage space for your seasonal or random home items. Platform beds do not come with a box spring as they do not require one. They can provide maximum support to whatever type of mattress you choose to use with it.

The Ruthann Upholstered Storage Platform Bed by Everly Quinn is indeed a great asset. Made with good and durable materials, it is a strong, solid, and versatile platform bed. It is made of solid wood and upholstered with velvet material. It is tufted and comes with a rectangular horizontal headboard and a footboard that has large and spacious storage space. It also has under-bed storage and comes in 2 different sizes (Queen and King size). Both sizes are extremely large and can take up quite a large amount of space in the bedroom. This particular platform bed is also available in 4 different hues which offer you versatility and flexibility in the choice of theme and color for your room. This platform bed is indeed sophisticated and it comes with every functional part you would need in a master bedroom bed. The pieces are all included with delivery and the various parts are easily put together. The detailed look of this particular storage platform bed makes it the perfect furniture for your master bedroom or guest house.


The frame material of this bed is made of solid and manufactured wood. As for the upholstery, it is basically made of velvet material. It has a headboard that is in a classic rectangular style and it also has a footboard with a large storage space. It is tufted and has foam upholstery fill material. It requires no box spring but one can be included if you wish for a higher bed.

The center support legs in all the sizes available provide maximum support and offer stability to your bed. This bed does not come with a mattress but can it can be used with mattresses of up to 12 inches in height. The headboard is large and does not get covered by the mattress. This bed requires assembly, but it can be easily put together. You can also pay to have your deliverymen assemble it for you. For more storage purposes, there is an under-bed storage space. This storage space is large and can be really functional. This particular platform bed is available in 2 different sizes – the Queen size and King size platform bed. It is also available in four different hues. Because the dimensions vary across different sizes, you might want to carefully check the dimension of your preferred size before placing an order. The bed can be very large and take up a large amount of space. Here are the dimensions of all the sizes available:

Queen Size

  • Overall dimensions: 60.5” H x 86” W x 98” L
  • Headboard height: 60.5”
  • Total product weight: 231 pounds
  • Footboard dimensions: 15”

King Size

  • Overall dimensions: 60.5” H x 96” W x 98” L
  • Headboard height: 60.5”
  • Overall product weight: 243 pounds

Other Dimensions

  • Storage dimensions for each bed size are 12” H x 80.5” W x 10” D
  • Recommended mattress height is 12 inches

Available Select Upholstery

The upholstery of this storage platform bed is made of pure velvet material with foam filling. It is available in 4 different hues, all providing a simplistic look to the furniture. The different colors offer you multiple choices and allow you to select the one that best fits your home décor. The great thing about the 4 available colors is the fact that they are cool and can blend with any color arrangement. However, price variations do occur across different colors so it is best to confirm that before making an order.

Below are the different hues available and the additional costs for each:

  • Navy which goes for $835.29
  • Black, which is available for $853.85
  • Gray, which goes for $853.85
  • White, which goes for $867.85

These different hues allow you to select the one that best suit you and your existing home decor. Keep in mind these are for the Queen size and that the King size version of this bed costs even more than the prices above across each of the available 4 color options.


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This bed is listed online as $853.85 which represents savings of 61% off the bed’s original base price of $2,200. There are also slight price variations across the different available colors as given above. There are special deals and offers available online and most are seasonal. It is recommended to check the ones available before making your purchase. You can also purchase assembly for this item for $381.99, and you can pay as little as $75 per month if you avail the payment plan option provided for this bed by Affirm.

Everly Quinn has also partnered with Uniters in putting a protection plan in place that protects your furniture. It can be purchased at an affordable price for a specified period and covers damages from punctures, tears, cuts, dents, and gouges. It also covers accidental stain like food, beverage and pet stains.

Your plan can be canceled within 30 days of purchase with a full refund. If you are on a budget and would like to cut down the price as much as possible, you can choose to pay with MYWAY, giving you 25% off the selling price. Be sure to check every available offer before making payment.


This storage platform bed is absolutely beautiful and offers great comfort. It has a large storage space and fits in the space nicely. It looks just as shown in the description and the center legs offer great support, making it sturdy and solid. The parts are easy to assemble and the different hues add to the beauty of this item. The tufted space on each side of the bed makes for a good sitting space and adds to the elegance of the bed. Delivery is also easy and fast. The upholstery is elegant and is of good quality. The fact that it comes with all the needed parts makes assembly simple and straightforward. It has a nice and soft feel and is so comfortable. The different colors available is an added advantage as it means everyone can select that which suits them most.

The velvet material of the upholstery is truly beautiful and is better in real life than is shown in online pictures. The price is definitely worth it as this storage platform bed is very durable and long-lasting. The different sizes also allow you to make a selection of the best size for your available space. The 4 available colors of the upholstery are absolutely stunning and are just as depicted in the pictures online.


Some customers have complained about the fact that the bed takes up a lot of space. Although it is nice and beautiful, the bed can be extremely large. Some customers have also reported that the space for the mattress of the required size (Queen mattress for the Queen bed and King mattress for the King bed) is small and their mattress just does not fit into it. A few others had issues with the quality, believing it is too fragile and below the quality level that they were expecting.


Regardless of the type of furniture you talk about, Everly Quinn has a long history of producing quality and sophisticated furniture that meet expected purposes. The Ruthann Upholstered Storage Platform Bed is truly a timeless beauty and is one of their best products. For a price of $853.85, it is quite good in terms of what you get and what you pay. The fact that it comes in 4 classic hues adds to its beauty. It is very elegant and adds great aesthetic value to any bedroom. Add a couple of vintage nightstands and fashionable mattress and you have style, beauty, and comfort all in one room. The Ruthann Upholstered Storage Platform Bed is indeed a perfect choice for those of you who want a touch of sophistication and elegance and can afford it.

If that sounds like you, and you have been saving up to buy a classy bed for some time, give this item a try and you will really be happy you did.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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