Rucker Toddler Bed by Viv + Rae Review


Very few things can beat the joy of seeing your child transit from a crib to her/his first big girl or big boy bed. This is the more reason you should make it remarkable and memorable, and which better way can you do that than buying him/her a perfect toddler bed that is both simple and elegant?

Rucker Toddler Bed is precisely what you need to introduce your kid to independence. It is crafted of pine wood, which, besides making it sturdy also gives it stable support and do away with the creaks. Its low height is convenient for a toddler. It is not only easy to climb, but it will also boost your daughter’s pride when she gets up on it without being helped. Its clean-lined design is perfect for a traditional aesthetic and the neat finishing an add-on to the elegance. The bed comes in high-quality paint which not only ensures that the appearance remains intact, but also adorns the bed with an extra glint of class. The small size of the bed is adorable along with being convenient since you can just set it in your room if you lack space. This bed comes well packaged with all the parts available and well labeled. The assembly is also hassle-free and does not take up much time.

Viv + Rae has always kept their customers satisfied with their remarkable products and affordable prices. Their designs are usually a combination of traditional style and modern style which makes them even more preferable. The high-end quality of their products is also a plus, and so is the durability. Lastly, Viv + Rae beds are very pocket-friendly and will not take up much from your budget.


This bed falls under the toddler bed product type. It is founded on solid wood frames, specifically pine. It features a system of six slats which are instrumental in firmly holding the mattress in place and preventing it from moving unnecessarily. The bed also has detachable guardrails that make it quite safe for a toddler. To supplement the sturdiness provided by the wood frames is a single yet strongly structured center support leg. The bed is toddler size, and so is the type of mattress required for ideal fitting. The bed is originally from China, and it has a weight capacity of 50 pounds.

Even though this bed is pretty small sized, being prepared with adequate space to fit it is still essential, and for this reason, you need to compare its dimensions with those of the place on which you intend to set it. Below are the general measurements of the bed and its weight.

  • The overall dimensions of the bed are 30” H x 28” W x 57” L
  • The dimensions of the footboard are 24” H x 28” W
  • The overall product weight is 16.5 lb.
  • The weight capacity of the bed is 50 lb
  • The clearance from the floor to underside of the bed is 5.5”
  • The recommended mattress thickness is 4”
  • The dimensions of the recommended mattress are 52″ L x 28″ W

Available Select Upholstery

This bed comes in six basics colors as listed below, all of which go for the same price. These colors are varied, and you have the chance to choose the one that will fit perfectly in your already set theme or the one you intend to use. Among the combination, are deeply colored shades and lightly colored ones. You can decide to go with the light ones and create a full-of-life theme with brilliantly colored bedding and area rug. Alternatively, you can choose the deep shades and endorse the room with a warm and inviting tone.

Below are the available color combinations for the Rucker Toddeler bed:

  • Black
  • Cherry
  • Espresso
  • Natural
  • Blush Pink
  • White


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This bed is currently listed online for $64.88, against the initial price which was $76.15. Even though there are no ongoing sale deals or promotions at the moment, Viv + Rae occasionally offer their customers with incredible discounts through promotions and marketing deals. Ensure that you check for any ongoing deals before you make any purchase to get the bed at the lowest price possible. Because the price of the bed is very low, it does not have a payment plan. However, you can unlock insider pricing in case you are shopping for a business. You can also pay $38.99 for the bed to be assembled.

This bed is very sturdy and not prone to damages. However, it still helps to be prepared for anything, and that is why it has a protection plan which is quite affordable. The protection plan covers for accidental damages like unintentional stains, scratches, chips, dents, gouges or punctures. However, damages arising from intentional abuse, neglect, and failure to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty are not covered. The protection also does not cover for damages incurred while using the bed for purposes it is not approved for. Lastly, damages caused by natural disasters like flood and fire are also not covered by the protection plan. This protection plan becomes functional immediately the manufacturer’s warranty expires. If interested, you can get one from Uniters at very affordable prices. Also, if you want to file a claim, you can do so by submitting it (the claim) to Uniters website or by simply using the contacts on the Protection Plan Certificate to make a call to them.


This bed is perfect. Its small size makes it cute and adorable while the simple style adds some extra flair and elegance to it. The neat finishing gives the bed a sassy look and the high-grade paint used is durable and resilient to peeling off, meaning even after your kid outgrows the bed, its appearance will still be appealing. The color options are also amazing and varied, hence not restricting you to a particular theme.

The bed comes well packaged with no missing parts or damages. The delivery is done on time, and in a small and light box which you can carry effortlessly up the stairs. Besides, this bed is very light and moving it to different positions is hassle-free. The small size of the bed makes it a good choice because you can just set it in your room beside your bed if your kid is too scared to sleep alone or if you are short on rooms.

On the issue of assembly, the bed is pretty easy to put together, and it will take at most one hour to have it up and functional. The assembling process is even made simpler by the well-labeled parts; all you need to do is sort them out before getting the process started.

The bed is also sturdy, which is attributed to by a number of reasons: the first one is the strong wood frames on which the bed is constructed, and secondly is the center support leg. The center support leg and the frames also prevent creaky sounds during movement. The simple and neatly constructed guardrails are also pretty helpful as they make sure the kid is safe from falling down the bed. Lastly, the slats are pretty useful in preventing the mattress from sliding.

The price of the bed is very fair, and its features are worth every penny spent on it.


Though the actual assembling process of this bed is easy and straight-forward, the instructions are not as clear, and you will have to figure out some parts on your own. The pictures shown are also not adequately detailed, hence as vague as the directions.

Even though this bed is meant for a toddler and the 50 pounds is quite enough. It still is not safe especially if you have older kids who like running and jumping on beds. It would be better if the weight capacity is enhanced even with a little more pounds.

Usual with any purchase, this bed had a few issues. However, these minor problems do not have a major impact on its overall functionality and its appearance.


This bed is a great start for a toddler to start the transition from a crib to a real bed. It is easy to assemble, and its packaging is superb, making it secure during shipping. Its sturdiness is also amazing for a bed as small as it is. The design is simple yet elegant and is a perfect go with a traditional aesthetic. The colors are no less amazing and the fact that they are many for your choosing makes the bed an even better choice. The high-end material used gives the bed an edge over any bed of similar nature, and its adorably small size wraps up the whole look.

If you want a low height bed, which is both beautiful and sturdy as well as affordable, Rucker Toddler Bed should be your first consideration.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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