Rotterdam Ottoman by Three Posts Review


This is a charismatic ottoman that is called the Rotterdam Ottoman. It boasts a refreshing combination of contemporary design with a touch of vintage flair. What does that mean? Check the images online to see for yourself! It is both classy as well as stately, and it can fit in modern as well as traditional ensembles. This ottoman is adorned with chic nail head trim and dressed in fashionable fabric upholstery.

These are the features that make this a trendy metal stud trim ottoman. Its design has been inspired by America’s heartland, and Three Posts creates a traditional home that never compromises on comfort. Their designs are crafted with the belief that quality, value, and style are key in providing our shoppers with furniture that becomes a part of the family; and their collections are grounded in warm colors and rich materials.

When you buy online items from Wayfair, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to know what you need to know about the items you are browsing online. This is why we compile comprehensive product reviews that include everything from customer comments, assembly tidbits, manufacturer specs, color options, pricing options, warranties, protection, coverage, dimensions, and more, so that you can make a truly informed decision about your next settee, loveseat, corner sectional, sofa, end table, rise, or in this case, ottoman.

Read on below for our comprehensive and detailed review of this item.


This is a rectangular ottoman that requires assembly. It comes upholstered in polyester blend and looks like a piece of cake – not in terms of it being easy or anything in any way, but it literally looks like a piece of cake! A soft, pound cake type bakery item. It has a soft section at the top and sits on top of 4 square legs that come in a traditional dark color. It has elegant nailhead trim along the bottom edge of the seat and it is a nice, square, flat, and versatile piece of furniture.

This item comes in a decent range of colors (which will be listed in the next section) and has mostly positive reviews (which will be discussed in the pros section) and has a few shortcomings as well (which will be discussed in the cons section). Because of its versatility, color options, pricing (which will be discussed below as well), the brand name it has (which was mostly covered in the section above), and the uses it has, this is a great item to have in your home. It as a relatively small footprint and does not take up a lot of space yet it provides you with coffee table uses and footrest uses at the same time. Multipurpose furniture items such as these are all the rage now, what with people living multitasking lives and trying to get as much out of everything as the can without having to duplicate and double efforts in the process.

Few things are as disappointing as ordering something online only to find that it does not fit where you intended to use it, or does not look like what you were expecting or hoping. Make sure to use the measurements below before finalizing the purchase of your ottoman.

  • Overall Dimensions: 17.5” H x 26” W x 20.5” D
  • Overall Product Weight: 11.34 lb.
  • Leg height: 5.5″
  • Height without the legs: 12″

Available Select Upholstery

The Rotterdam Ottoman comes with polyester blend upholstery and it comes in the following color options:

  • Natural (currently out of stock)
  • Chocolate
  • Charcoal
  • Blue
  • Teal
  • Berry


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This ottoman is currently listed online at a price of $122.99. Please note that this is for all colors available in this version. Furthermore, some of the items may be out of stock (such as the Natural version right now), so check for availability as well before finalizing a color theme or scheme for your home.

At these prices, you stand to save almost 40% off the ottoman’s baseline official price of almost $200. You can also buy this item by paying as little as $10 a month using a payment plan from Affirm if you cannot or do not want to pay for this item upfront.

Because such purchases can constitute a significant amount from the average buyer’s income, you can purchase protection for your ottoman. While the ottoman may have a warranty of its own, and while you can purchase the ottoman on a purchase plan, the protection plans are particularly useful and can be purchased for $11.99 or $18.99 for 3 or 5 years respectively. The plan kicks into operation immediately after the expiry date of the manufacturer’s warranty.

At these prices, there should be no reason why any average household that has the space and budget to be in the market for an ottoman should not be able to purchase one like this.


One reviewer said that shipping was a day late but nonetheless arrived in perfect condition. The pieces are a great addition to any home or bedroom ensemble. They provide the comfort of a chaise when placed together for extra seating or when entertaining. Because Wayfair has what you need, you will keep coming back!

Some people said that they really love this ottoman. one buyer said she ordered two of them, in the red version which is sophisticatedly called Berry. The color is as pictured online and is exactly the color/shade of red (Berry) that she was looking for. They are just a tad larger than what she expected, but that’s okay for the average buyer. They arrived ahead of schedule but she was kept abreast of shipment every step of the way. They also arrived in great condition with no signs of wear on the shipment boxes. The legs were carefully wrapped and placed in a zippered compartment underneath the ottoman to prevent them from scratching, denting, gouging, or piercing. The legs are easy to put on and they have a protective piece of plastic on the bottom of them to keep from damaging floors. This buyer was very pleased with her purchase. She was awaiting the “matching” chairs to be re-stocked while she was writing her review so that she can order them as well.


This item came with a slew of general problems. Some customers didn’t receive the legs of their items. Others who were disappointed with this purchase said that, with regards to some of the available finishes, what they received looked nothing like the color in the online pictures. Several of the seams did not meet properly. All in all, it looked very cheap and not at all what they expected. They wanted to return it but could not repackage it.

These and other general issues with regards to delivery and assembly as well as item damage were also highlighted by some of the buyers who were not too thrilled with this item. Sometimes the size is a little off, sometimes delivery is late, sometimes damaged items are delivered, sometimes the colors are off, and sometimes the item itself is out of stock, as is the case with the Neutral version of this item right now. This can mean one of two things. Either the item is so popular that it is out of stock, or it is so unpopular that it is no longer made (or made in the same quantities as before) so it is out of stock. Either way, these are inconveniences to buyers and need to be addressed by the manufacturer’s shipment, inventory, and procurement teams.


This ottoman has been reviewed over 1,200 times and received over 1,000 perfect 5 out of 5 stars on a 5-star scale. While there are plenty of other ottomans out there that have similar, if not better reviews, this item is a steal because you can virtually purchase it for almost half of its original base price. It also has the luxe looks of a high-end item, and its nailheads, curved silhouette, and overall versatility are just what the modern shopper needs. With a decent range of color options available, competitive pricing, quick delivery, adequate packaging, mostly positive customer reviews, a decent size, nice upholstery, soft foam, and elegant nailheads that give it an upscale look, this ottoman is much more than meets the eye. It can transform (no pun intended) your living space to one that is more functional and versatile than it was before you used this item in that space.

If you are looking for an ottoman for your master suite or family room and want something that screams class, go for the Rotterdam Ottoman by Three Posts. It comes in dark and earthy tones as well as bright and light ones. It is available on a discount, it comes from a renowned design home, and is easy to assemble. This is the ottoman to go for if you want price, versatility, looks, delivery, and ease of assembly all in one convenient package.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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