Rossford 1 Drawer Nightstand by Three Posts Review


You may be trying to decide on which items furniture to use while refurbishing your bedroom. Though very small, nightstands are essential, first because they bring function to the bedside by stowing your little necessities, and secondly, because they bring a touch of elegance and creates an impression that you have it together. No one wouldn’t want this, which is the more reason it should be in your priority list.

Crafted from manufactured wood, Rossford 1 Drawer Nightstand is a great asset that not only comes with functionality but also elegance and quality. Its rustic and straightforward design makes it a perfect fit for a traditional setting. The solid color options are an apparent blend with various color themes. The high-end paint used for the finishing of this item is also of impressive quality. It gives the nightstand an appealing appearance and texture, as well as ensures its durability; being as peel resistant as it is. The manufactured wood provides the nightstand with steady support, which explains its robustness. This nightstand has a drawer that opens to reveal ample space enough to help you declutter and have a perfectly organized room. The top surface is also wide enough to hold a lampstand. What’s more, the nightstand can alternatively be used as an end table to add to the décor or to hold a small houseplant. With its conveniently small size, the nightstand will perfectly fit in by your bedside and even leave some extra space.

This nightstand is just but an example of Three Posts’ vast collection of traditionally-designed furniture. Three critical factors make Three Posts, and that is quality, value, and style. Their principal goal has always been to help their customers redefine their homes into their little paradise, and this they do by designing high-end furniture that, on top of being affordable, is also of remarkable quality, classy, sturdy and durable.


The frame of this nightstand is constructed using specifically particle board and laminate finish, both of which are very strong hence the sturdiness. The top is also crafted from the same materials. This nightstand has a finished back, and therefore you can comfortably set it in an open space. It also has a drawer, which is quite easy to open and close, thanks to the removable handle. Below the drawer is a shelf that can be comfortably used to hold some books or just any other accessories. The maintenance of this nightstand is pretty simple, all you need is a clean, dry cloth, with which you wipe the nightstand. This nightstand is made in the United States, and its origin is also the USA.

The nightstand requires assembly, which needs a screwdriver and a hammer. Lastly, the nightstand comes with a five-year warranty.

Before making any purchase, you should ensure that you have enough space to set the nightstand. Compare the measurements of the nightstand with those of the preset area to see if they fit. Below are the dimensions and the weights of the nightstand.


  • The weight capacity of the drawers is 10 lb.


  • The weight capacity of the shelf is 30 lb.

Other Dimensions

  • The overall dimensions of the nightstand are 23.88” H x 19.84” W x 18.66” D
  • The dimensions of the drawer interior are 3.75” H x 13.25” W x 13.75” D
  • The dimensions of the interior shelf are 12.5” H x 15.25” W x 16.25” D
  • The overall product weight is 32 lb.
  • The tabletop weight capacity is 40 lb.
  • The drawer pull width is 3.5″

Available Select Upholstery

Rossford 1 Drawer Nightstand is available in four solid colors, as mentioned below. Being as solid as they are, these colors can perfectly fit with various color palettes without causing contrast. They are also rich, and you can choose to get a little creative and give your room some life with a brilliant theme. The paint used for the finishing is also classy and high-quality, hence augmenting the sophistication already created by the colors.

Below are the available color combinations:

  • Estate Black
  • Salt Oak
  • Walnut
  • White


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

Rossford 1 Drawer Nightstand is currently listed online for $82.99. Though there are no ongoing sales deals at the moment, Three Post usually through in some over the year. With these deals and seasonal promotions, you can buy the nightstand at an extremely low price. Therefore, you should make sure you search for the least available price before finalizing on the purchase.

Apart from the five-year warranty, the nightstand also has a protection plan which is available with Uniters from whom you can purchase it at a very fair price. The plan starts operating immediately the manufacturer’s warranty expires. In case you have any claim regarding the plan, you can submit it any time to Uniters through their website or the contacts on the certificate. It is also important to note that the protection plan only covers for repairs of accidental damages. Those damages incurred while using the nightstand for purposes for which it is not approved or those that occur due to intentional abuse are not covered by the protection. Lastly, the protection plan has a 3o-day risk-free refund, meaning if you cancel the purchase within thirty days, you will get your full refund which is not subjected to any fees.


This nightstand is a perfect find, and it looks exactly as shown in the pictures, if not better. The colors are very rich and attractive. Because of the price, most customers expected an item of less quality, which is not the case with this nightstand. Both the material used in its construction and the paint used for the finishing are high-end and durable. Also, because of the high-quality finishing, the nightstand has a fine texture with a fantastic feel, and it is less prone to peeling off. The nightstand has a dominant traditional design. However, it can also be used in a contemporary setting, and it will still fit in perfectly.

Its turnaround time is very less, and most customers received their packages in less than a week. There are no issues with the packaging and the shipping. The nightstand is safely packaged to prevent any damages, and the pieces are well labeled and in perfect condition. Putting this nightstand together is easy, and all the parts fit in nicely without much hassle. It is also less time-consuming, and most customers were done assembling it in less than an hour.

Though the drawers are not very extensive, they are spacious enough to hold the must-haves at an arm’s reach. There is also additional space on the top surface where, besides the bedside table lamp, you can also set some tchotchke to give extra flair to the décor. About the sturdiness, the nightstand is made using manufactured wood for both its top and base. For this reason, it is quite robust and less vulnerable to breakages.


Though well-packaged, the pieces are very many which becomes confusing during assembly. One customer complained about her nightstand not being perfectly level, and therefore she had to put extra feet on the leg to make sure it does not wobble. Though most customers had no issues with the pieces, one customer notably ordered two nightstands, the first one was missing one cam screws, and the other one lacked two.

A few customers received their nightstands with some minor chips and dents. Being that the packaging was well-done and the box was intact, the damages seem to have occurred before shipping. The labeling sticker sticks so firmly on the pieces, and therefore you should be careful when removing it, lest it leaves a stain.

Lastly, some customers had issues with the corner edging since their finishing was not complete, and if you intend to use water or beverages on the nightstand, it becomes vulnerable to moisture damage. You have to use some extra cash to buy doilies or mats for the sake of being safe.

Though this nightstand could use some improvements like availing all the parts and in good condition, and proper finishing on the cornering edge, it is still functional and a very fair deal, considering the price.


Redefine your bedroom with this simple yet sassy nightstand that not only brings function to the room but also elegance and class. Besides the few areas that need to be looked into, this nightstand has decent quality, and it comes with great customer reviews. Its rustic design is a perfect charm and what makes it fit perfectly in traditional interior design. The fine and smooth finishing add extra flair to the nightstand, making it more classy. The color options are impeccable as well and a blend with many color palettes. The sturdiness is also unquestionable, and neither is its functionality. Lastly, the nightstand is very affordable, thanks to the fair pricing.

If you want quality and elegance, then Rossford 1 Drawer has it all, not to mention its surprisingly low price.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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