Revere 6 Drawer Dresser by Andover Mills Review


This is an item with a handsome finish paired with a clean-lined design that gives it, a product from Andover Mills, a quaint yet contemporary charm. You can use it to store work garments and spare linens in the master suite, or bedding, sheets, pillowcases, and children’s clothes if used elsewhere. It can even be topped off with pot pourri, a bowl of faux fruit for natural appeal, or a collection of family photos.

Andover Mills aims to help shoppers make the most of their homes without challenging their budget. With a focus on versatile styles, they offer traditional upholstery and wood furniture for every room. Solid hardwood frames that feature modern designs, straight lines, and very cosmopolitan looks are standard across most Andover Mills furniture items. This dresser scores high marks on looks, style, and functionality, and it is a very smart purchase that is perfect for anyone who wants an affordable storage solution that is efficient, quick to be delivered, and easy and simple to use.


This item features knobs can be replaced or removed, as well as full extension drawers. The drawers have metal runners and a patented safety stop feature known as the T-lock assembly system. The four lower drawers are extra deep, and the wood used in the construction of the item is manufactured wood. The finish of the wood is made in oak design. A tipover restraint strap system is included, and assembly is required.

This product comes with a 5-year warranty, and it is made in the USA and comes with numerous commercial and residential certifications.

Before making a purchase, check the measurements of the chest of drawers as given below against the size of the living space in which you plan to use this product. You should make sure the drawers will fit in your intended area of use before making a purchase – and you might want to add a few inches across all measurements just to be safe:

  • The interior of the top drawer measures 4.75” H x 21.75” W x 15” D
  • The interior of the bottom drawer measures 6.75” H x 21.75” W x 14.25” D
  • The overall dimensions of the product are 33” H x 54.6” W x 18.43” D
  • The overall weight of the product is 142lbs
  • The height of the legs is 6″
  • The width of the handles is 3″

Available Select Finish

This chest of drawers comes in the three different color themes that are outlined below:

  • Jamocha Wood
  • Oiled Oak
  • Soft White

All items are professionally designed, crafted, cut, painted, glossed, packaged, and shipped.


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

The Revere 6 drawer dresser is currently on sale for $217.99. At this price, you will save an awesome 34% off the official listed price of $329.99. However, because there are often seasonal promotions and other marketing deals on offer, make sure you check the latest price before finalizing your purchase so that you can catch any ongoing sales or lock in any deals at the exact time that you are ready to buy. This item also comes with monthly payments as low as $20 per month, as well as free shipping on qualifying orders.

If you are interested in buying protection for this item, you can purchase a pretty comprehensive protection plan for $22.99 that covers accidental stains, incidental damage, unintentional stains, rips, tears, burns, punctures, chips, dents, and water rings. Customers who purchase a protection plan are covered for the above-mentioned damages as soon as their drawers are delivered. However, all customers should keep in mind that damage caused by neglect, improper care, intentional abuse, a failure to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty, or as a result of using the drawers for purposes other than their intended purpose of storage are not covered.


The best way to assess whether or not an item is a good one is to check customer reviews. One customer ordered this dresser because it was the perfect size for them. They faced a problem wherein many other dressers were much too long for the space they had in mind, and they did not want a chest. They purchased the dresser in white, and the color was true to the picture, or maybe slightly off-white, which was no issue since stark white was not exactly what they wanted anyway. The finish proved to be durable, but slightly susceptible to scratches. It turned out to be a nice dresser for the price.

At the time of purchase, they knew they were going to replace the drawer knobs and pulls because all of the rest of their finishes in their bedroom were in the bronze family and the nickel hardware on this piece would have looked out of place. Once these were replaced, they found that it made the dresser look much more upscale. Overall, they were quite happy with this purchase for the price. It isn’t an expensive piece, but it serves its purpose in providing a lot of storage at a scaled-down size, and can be made to match numerous decors and themes with a quick switch of hardware (which costs around $30 depending on where you live, but it is definitely worth it).

Some users mentioned that the directions were difficult to follow, so just make sure to take your time and double check that you’re screwing everything the right way, otherwise it could be difficult to correct things afterwards. Overall, this bed provides great value, and is beautiful and easy to put together.

Overall it looks nice, but the edges are a little rough. Make sure you leave all the drawer stickers on as they all go in a specific spot. Some customers thought they could go anywhere but they weren’t lining up right so they realized that they had to be switched around. At the end, you will love it, and the pieces really stand out once assembled. You are pretty much guaranteed replacement parts as needed, and perhaps repackaging would help do away with some delivery-related issues that a number of customers brought up.


A number of customers stated that the quality of the bed was slightly lacking in the durability of the finish. Assembly can also be pretty intimidating since there are so many parts to assemble together. However, all the steps themselves are relatively easy, albeit somewhat time-consuming. Some of the drawers do not line up perfectly when inserted into the dresser, but you should be able to line them up using the instructions in the last step of the manual.

One customer, when searching for a dresser, I used the “fully assembled dresser” query, and this drawer dresser came right up. It took them about 4 hours to assemble, there were pieces missing and worst of all, one leg appeared scratched and it completely broke in half upon being picked up. They had to use wood glue and a clamp to try to put the dresser together. Upon completion of the dresser, after much frustration, it was crooked in one part, one drawer didn’t push all the way in, and one leg was held together with glue and clamps. This customer was extremely dissatisfied with the product, and they emailed customer services after receiving the un-assembled dresser, but they ended up being extremely disappointed and waiting for follow-up resolution with this.

Other customers had similar comments. They said that some parts were not labeled properly, some drawers were not aligned, and one side panel leaned as if it were going to fall off. L-shaped brackets to keep the dresser together were required.

Finally, one customer ordered this item online and received a damaged product. It is particle board and came all packed in one flimsy container that weighed approximately 200lbs. They reached out to Wayfair’s contractor to schedule an appointment and left early to make it at the scheduled time and the designated professional never showed up. Wayfair reimbursed them for the assembly and sent a new, undamaged dresser. They tried again later and the person assigned to assembling the dresser didn’t finish and left a barely put-together dresser and mess all over their floor.

The bottom line is that this is a difficult dresser to assemble correctly and accurately. This buyer’s recommendation is to pay a little extra for something of higher quality.


This is a nicely shaped, luxe-designed item that provides ample storage space for the price that it is sold at. There were a few issues with a number of customers in the areas of assembly and delivery damage, but overall, this item is highly recommended and comes from the house of an established and respected name in the home furniture industry. If you need a functional dresser, this item will do the job.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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