Ragnar Upholstered Panel Headboard by Zipcode Design Review


Here is something to think about: Behind every sweet dream, there is a good headboard. If you happened to still be looking for the right one for your home, this piece is here to help. It is a classy headboard that is crafted from wood and particleboard. It also features a clean-lined design that is wrapped in foam-filled linen upholstery. This means it offers you an approachable aesthetic in your home. Its adjustable height offers convenience, and after assembly, this product is compatible with any twin, full, queen, or king size bed of your choice. Its solid hue also allows it to blend in with, or stand out against, your existing color scheme.

Zipcode Design focuses on offering contemporary furniture items for today’s urban shopper. They understand that you are always on the move and aim to turn “here” into “home” with just a few easy clicks. They create value-priced home and apartment essentials that effectively capture the urban aesthetic by delivering pieces with contemporary silhouettes and striking lines. Best of all, their items fit not just homes but budgets of all sizes.

Whenever you buy items online from Wayfair, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to know when your product will be delivered and what to expect from it. This is why we compile comprehensive reviews that contain customer comments, pros and cons, product specs, benefits and shortcomings, assembly tips, product specs and dimensions, and overall ratings so that you can make as informed a decision as possible.


This is an upholstered panel headboard that has foam filling. It has drill holes for the frame and has an adjustable height. The upholstery material is 100% linen. It does not have a finished back but it is eco-friendly. It is made in China and is designed as a standard frame attachment headboard that is to be bed frame mounted. It is compatible with adjustable beds and requires assembly. It has commercial and residential certifications and is CPSIA compliant.

It can be very disappointing to buy something online only to find that it is not of the size or dimensions that you expected, wanted, or needed, so make sure to compare the size you want or need or have available in your home against the sizes and dimensions given below to ensure a proper fit for your item wherever you intend to use it.

Twin Size

  • Overall Width – Side to Side: 39.5”
  • Overall Product Weight: 15 lb.

Full Size

  • Overall Width – Side to Side: 56.5”
  • Overall Product Weight: 18 lb.

Queen Size

  • Overall Width – Side to Side: 62”
  • Overall Product Weight: 19 lb.

King Size

  • Overall Width – Side to Side: 78.5”
  • Overall Product Weight: 22 lb.

Other Dimensions

  • Overall Dimensions: 48” H x 3” D
  • Legs: 25” H

Adjustable height measurements

  • Top of Headboard to Bedframe – Mounting Location A- Height to Top of Headboard: 47.5”
  • Top of Headboard to Bedframe – Mounting Location A- Height to Bottom of Headboard: 25”
  • Top of Headboard to Bedframe – Mounting Location B- Height to Top of Headboard: 45”
  • Top of Headboard to Bedframe – Mounting Location B- Height to Bottom of Headboard: 22.5”
  • Top of Headboard to Bedframe – Mounting Location C- Height to Top of Headboard: 42.5”
  • Top of Headboard to Bedframe – Mounting Location C- Height to Bottom of Headboard: 20”
  • Top of Headboard to Bedframe – Mounting Location D- Height to Top of Headboard: 40”
  • Top of Headboard to Bedframe – Mounting Location D- Height to Bottom of Headboard: 17”
  • Upholstery part: 23″ H x 62″ W

Available Select Upholstery

This item is available in the color options listed below:

  • Gray
  • Café
  • Dark Brown
  • Green (out of stock)
  • Ivory
  • Smoke

Most of these colors are of darker and more earthy tones, so choose the color that goes with your current home theme best and creates a setup and ensemble that is as unique as you are! This headboard will allow you to do that with just a few simple clicks.


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This headboard is currently listed online as on sale for between $88.20 and about $183 depending on the color and size you choose. This item comes with free shipping as long as your order total is more than $49, and you can unlock cheaper insider pricing for this item if you intend to purchase it for a business.

You can purchase assembly for this headboard with Handy for $58.99, and you can save 25% on this service if you have the MYWAY card. You can purchase comprehensive protection plans for your headboard as well to ensure it against the likes of accidental food, beverage, or pet stains, or accidental scratches, nicks, cuts, and rips. These plans are available at $12.99 or $18.99 for plans of 3 years and 5 years long respectively.


One customer who bought 2 of these for girls sharing a bedroom said that she was simultaneously hopeful but worried about the price being so inexpensive. Her expectations were beaten! The linen looks great (not cheap) and the gray color was just liked it appeared online. We would recommend this product. it is super easy to attach the legs and find a metal bed frame to attach it, too. Most important, they look great!

For the price, we were actually pretty impressed. Straight out of the box, the corners of the item might be dirty. If you had paid more, you would care but you expect things to get stained and can cover it with upholstery fabric when it comes the time to do so. This item is sturdy enough, has thin batting but the batting is better than a bare wall. The fabric is plain but has a texture that you will like. It is easy to assemble, although it may take an extra set of hands to get it positioned right for a larger bed. The bolts attaching legs to the headboard can get the piece nice and snug.

You are not likely going to get everything you want to get in a headboard at this price point, so you need to think about what you need and what you can live without. If all you need is a nice-looking headboard (that should be the basic requirement – along with durability and quality construction, of course), then this item does the trick and has been purchased many, many times by customers just like you. Well, not exactly like you, but close enough to warrant following in their footsteps for something as innocuous as buying a headboard!


There were multiple issues with this item ranging from delivery issues to coloring issues and inconsistencies.

One customer’s delivery had the item’s wrapping and bag covered in a slippery, dirty grease which dirtied the headboard as well and the wooden leg was splintered. They said that, for the price, you get what you pay for. The material is nice and looks better than one would expect. However, there is a lack of quality control, so you’re taking a chance. The colors are lovely color but darn near impossible to spot clean or clean overall. It can look very worn within a year. Also, if you thought this would be easy to install, it may not be the case for everyone.

Furthermore, the gray is more blue than gray, and the quality of the headboard is fine for the price, but the item received 2 stars because multiple times in the Q&A and in the manufacturer’s description it notes that the headboard can be wall mounted. There are no indications in the package or the instructions for how to do this. This really disappointed many customers. They expected to have that information included for an item that indicates over and over again that wall mounting is an option for assembly.


With linear edges and a straightforward design, this headboard has a sleek, elegant look. It can be used to elevate any room or be used to complement bedroom décor with a soft and balanced look. This is because it is expertly constructed with a durable blend of solid wood poles and particle board, and the strong headboard is built to stand the test of time. With a pleasant hue, this neutral headboard is upholstered in fine linen fabric that lends just the right amount of texture to the overall look. This is why this item has a rating of about 4.5 across almost 3,000 reviews. This is not the most highly-rated headboard of all time but it is one that is relatively inexpensive, can be currently purchased at a discount, and comes in nice colors that can be used to create a variety of themes and moods in your room. If you simply want a functional headboard and are ok with whatever it takes to get one, then this item is an easy one to choose.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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