Ottman Computer Desk with Hutch by Lark Manor Review


Whether you work from home and would want to create a simple yet elegant space where you can do your work, or you just need a small DIY base, the Ottman Computer Desk is what you need since it will serve you satisfactorily with elegance and functionality.

Designed with a casual open detail style that accords the room with a breezy feel, this desk is not only functional but also elegant. Its distinctive style makes it stand out and grab every attention in the room in which it is set. Apart from ensuring the durability of the desk, the perfect finishing also gives the desk a rich look and accord it with class and sophistication. The desk also features a hutch that besides offering space, also augments the outstanding look. This desk is spacious. It has many storage places, from the hutch that has spacious shelves, a top surface that will easily accommodate a computer and a few accessories, to a drawer and a file cabinet on the pedestal base. The desk also has a matching keyboard tray which is as well wide enough for a normal size keyboard and an additional mousepad. Being as wide as it is, the keyboard tray enhances your comfort while typing and allows easy moving of the hand. The desk is sturdy because of the solid construction using strong manufactured wood. The sturdiness also enhances durability and prevents wobbling of the desk due to instability. Easy opening and closing of the drawer, made possible by the gliding mechanism, saves you from the struggle of trying to get it to open whenever it sticks, hence making it less prone to damages.

Lark Manor has the lead when it comes to cottage designs. They produce items that will have you coming back for more, if not for the functionality then maybe because of the elegance and their high-quality. Their furniture is usually comfortably priced and will not take up much from your budget. When you buy a product with Lark Manor, you will be getting functionality, elegance, durability, and affordability.


This desk is constructed from manufactured wood, with material details of wood composite with laminate. The desk features a total of four exterior shelves. It also has a cabinet and one drawer pedestal on which there are one drawer and the shelves. The desk also features a CPU storage, cable management, and a hutch. The weight capacity of the desk is 150 pounds, and it is originally from China. Some of the application types of the desk are contract-grade, hospitality, healthcare, professional office among others. The desk needs assembly and requires additional tools like screwdriver and hammer.

  • The overall dimensions are 62.87” H x 47.17” W x 23.19” D
  • The overall depth – front to the back-monitor area is 22.6”
  • The depth of the shelf is 9.33” D
  • The dimensions of the desktop are 29.96” H x 47.17” W x 23.19” D
  • The dimensions of the knee space are 29.96” W x 23.19” D
  • The dimensions of the hutch are 12.01” H x 15.75” W x 9.33” D
  • The overall product weight is 114.95 lb.
  • The height from floor to the top of the keyboard tray is 25.59″ H
  • The dimensions of the cabinet exterior are 20.24″ H x 11.7″ W x 22.9″ D
  • The height from floor to underside of the desk without keyboard tray is 25.67″

Available Select Finish

The desk comes in three amazing colors which are quite a kill. Set the desk next to a wall and spread a trellis area rug just before it and add one or two accessories on the top or in the hutch. The color is hardly choosy and fits perfectly in whatever theme you choose to have for your office or room.

Below is the color combination available:

  • Antique white
  • Vintage block
  • Cape cod gray (add $56 to the total price)


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This desk is listed online for $207.99 which is quite low for a desk of such impressive features. It currently has no ongoing deals or promotions. The deals, however, usually kick in any time of the year, especially during holidays and during which, the desk usually goes for extremely low prices. To get the desk with these deals, you need to keep tabs and search for them any time before making the actual purchase. Assembly services for the desk are also available, and they are offered at $49.99 only.

If you are interested in buying a protection plan for the desk, you can get it from Uniters. The protection plan is very affordable, and it starts operating immediately after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. It also has a 30-day risk-free refund which applies if you cancel its purchase within thirty days. Damages covered under by the protection are the unintentional ones like stains, punctures or dents. However, the intentional damages caused by neglect, abuse, accumulation or non-compliance with the manufacturer’s warranty are also not covered. Finally, in case you have a claim, you can reach Uniters through their website or the number on the protection certificate, and file the claim.


To begin with, this desk is made with high-quality manufactured wood that is both strong and durable, hence enhancing the usability period and providing solid support. Both the base and the top are constructed firmly and can hold up as much weight as mentioned in the specifications.

The desk is also elegant. It has a little of traditional design and a little of contemporary design which makes it a fit in either interior designs. Its finishing is done nicely and smoothly, and when wiped well, the desk will look sleek and classy. The color options are also amazing. Among the three available shades, there are those that are suitable for dull color themes and those that fit perfectly in brilliant themes, meaning whichever type of theme you want, you can comfortably use this desk. The cable management also ensures your workplace is orderly and no cables are entangling with each other. Even with all these features, the desk is priced for only $207.99 which is quite affordable.

Besides being beautiful, this desk is also spacious, and it has a lot of usable space. The hutch is very wide and has two main shelves which are divided into various sections. The shelves are vertically wide, and you can comfortably arrange both your small size and the big size books in it. The top surface is as well spacious, and you can set a monitor on it and still have some space remaining. Also, the drawers are necessary when you want to stow your stationery. These drawers are made with ball bearings gliding mechanism, which makes it easy to open or close them without getting stuck. Lastly, about space, the desk features a CPU storage which comfortably accommodates the normal-sized CPU.


Though the assembly is not complicated, one part particularly has issues. The door hinges are not well aligned and therefore, assembling them to the desk was a bit tricky, and they could not attach firmly. This makes them difficult to close after assembly.

The assembly is also time-consuming, and most customers, even those who have experience took at least three hours just putting it together. This could be because of the many pieces included in the package. They are confusing and figuring out which is which is not exactly easy. You should also be careful when hammering the nails into the wood since the nails are thin and when hit forcefully, they can chip off some part of the wood, and mess with the classy look of the desk. Though the packaging is generally good and the pieces are well labeled, one customer found six missing screws, which is a major inconvenience.

Lastly, the stickers on the parts are firmly stuck on the pieces. For this reason, if you are not careful when removing them, you might end up peeling off the finishing of that particular piece and messing with the quality.

However, besides a time-consuming assembly process, door hinges that require a lot of effort to fit perfectly and too many pieces, this desk has no major issues that interfere with its flair appearance, its functionality or the usability period.


With a 4.5 star rating which is backed up with remarkable customer reviews, this desk is a good buy. Its elegance is especially elevated by its open detail design which makes it look sophisticated. The finishing is done with high-quality paint which gives it a sheen appearance. The color options are also remarkable and will hardly contrast with whichever color theme you have for the intended room. Besides, this desk is very spacious, from the hutch to the top surface to the drawers and the cabinet.

With all these remarkable features, this desk is still very affordable and if you need a highly functional and durable desk, then you should take advantage of this incredible deal.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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