Norwalk Counter Height Extendable Solid Wood Dining Table by Alcott Hill Review


Just when you thought that you’ve seen every possible design and feature possible with standard dining room furniture, Alcott Hill throws this item into the mix! The Norwalk Counter Height Extendable Solid Wood Dining Table by Alcott Hill will allow you to up your dining with this amazing dinner table. It is an excellent choice that will make a good addition to your home and bring you compliments, intrigued questions, and heaps of versatility and function.

Tables such as this one are a great buy since they are very durable and easy to move around. These tables generally do not require any additional accessories; instead, they offer a valuable storage option in the center of the table, and they stand in stark contrast to the standard coffee or dinner table that is nothing more than four legs and a table top. The compactness of this table is one of its major attractions and it can be used in kitchens, dining areas, and even in smaller spaces such as a cozy nook or in the den.

This table will essentially allow you to magnify the trendy contemporary look of your dining area. It is a slick counter-height table that features a storage base with a sunburst veneer top. It has leaves that allow you to expand the table top to a generous diameter to accommodate more people at the table. You can combine this counter table with the counter chairs that come as part of this collection to complete your set.

Featuring a traditional American design aesthetic, this table features the kinds of looks and cuts that is geared towards those with an eye for details. Alcott Hill specializes in offering comfortable and easy ways to refresh your home. They provide solutions for everything from stylish upholstery and colorfully patterned rugs, to all the décor items you need to make your home not only inviting but effortlessly and affordably so.


This is a contemporary table that features round edges and a single pedestal leg. It has a smooth table top and comes with an extension leaf that is 18” long. Made of solid wood construction, it is part of the Norwalk collection and comes in a wide range of colors that we will mention in section 3 below.

With a seating capacity of 4, this table also comes with a storage compartment and comes in the dimensions below:

  • Overall dimensions: 42” W x 41” H
  • Overall product weight: 114.6 lbs
  • Leaf down: 60” L x 42” W x 36” H
  • Chair: 41” H x 18” W x 21.5” D

Available Select Finish

This table is made of solid wood that comes in brown, cherry, espresso, and mahogany. These are all solid, earthy, and sober tones, the kinds generally seen in traditional homes that are a throwback to a more industrial time.

While this table is somewhat expensive, the great thing about it is that it comes with the stools needed for the table as part of the package, and that saves you the hassle of looking for matching seats elsewhere, either on Wayfair, in-store at a physical location, or through a different home furniture collection designer.


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This table is currently available online at a somewhat expensive price of $765.97. There are currently no discounts, sales, or promotions available for this product. Unfortunately, for those who want to purchase protection for their table, there are no protection plans available for this table. There are, however, convenient payment plans that allow you to purchase this table for as low as $47 month using plans on offer from Affirm.


Some people commented that this table is more cherry in color than brown. Considering the price of the items in this collection, this buyer was pleasantly surprised at their solid construction, although you may not be too happy about this item needing assembly. The only other disappointment is that the expected dark brown color can come off as more cherry in color. Overall, however, you will very satisfied.

Another customer said that this table and its stools were a great buy for their kitchen. They really liked what they ordered and even though they needed an immediate replacement of parts. The customer service department handled it very well, however, and they did an excellent job of getting her what she needed in record time. She had a very pleasant customer experience and recommends this table to others to use Wayfair for everything they need at home.

You will love these chairs. They are the perfect height for counter chairs. Sometimes the legs are labeled backwards with left marked right and right market left, but once you figure it out, there will be no issue. One person was nervous about putting them around the table but they matched perfectly. They are very comfortable and will pass your ‘sit’ test – no creaking of the wood that you sometimes get with chairs you have to put together on your own, and no undesirable bending, bowing, scarring, or scratching of your floor.


One customer received a table in which the front stretch bar was split in half. They felt that the product is not strong at all. She was very disappointed. She submitted the picture to customer service but had not heard back from anyone for a long time.

A different buyer faced an issue with the wrong stools coming with the first delivery. The delivery date then kept getting pushed back even though they were supposed to express ship the right ones. The, when they finally arrived, the color was wrong and they were missing hardware. This turned out to be the most frustrating order this customer had ever placed.

This sentiment was similar to the experience of a customer who purchased this table in December when she found out I was going to be going through a separation. Her ex did not move out until midsummer so she did not put her table together until the end of August. The cabinet underneath does not line up properly and it looks generic so she had to put it towards the back. Now it is only October and the finish is coming off of the table top, leaving her disappointed and frustrated. She had a cheap table from American Freight that was better in quality than this one. It seems that the finish gets worse by the week so she feels like it will be completely useless within a year.


When you buy an Alcott Hill Norwalk Counter Height Extendable Solid Wood Dining Table online from Wayfair, or any other item from Wayfair’s extensive online collection, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered and what kind of product you can expect to receive. This is very important for the online purchasing space because it can be very difficult to know what kind of item you will get based on simple reviews and comments. This is why we include actual customer reviews, insider tips, manufacturer-provided descriptions, product specs, overall opinions, and product scores across hundreds and sometimes thousands of customers so that you have as reliable as possible an overview of what you are getting into when you buy these items.

With this in mind, we recommend this table. It comes with many positive reviews, an effective payment plan, great customer support, and swift and efficient delivery. It essentially has all that you would want in a dining solution for your home. It is sleek and nicely designed, and it is also very strong and sturdy. While it does not come at a very affordable price for most people, it is just the kind of item you would want in your home if you want to show the neighbors just how well you are doing. Assembly is relatively easy and straightforward, although it would have been better if Alcott Hill had put in place a protection plan for this table as it has for many of its other products. This table is also pretty good when it comes to size. It fits in larger dining rooms as well as in smaller kitchens, kitchenettes, dens, and even breakfast nooks. Since you get the stools and can match décor and seats and your table all in one go, that makes that product a real winner.

Add these benefits to the fact that this table comes with quick delivery, excellent customer service, an overall rating of 4.5 across almost 900 reviews, the renowned brand name of Alcott Hill, and the luxe, traditional, yet modern look of this table, it is worth the $700 or more that you will have to dish out to have this as part of your home’s furniture ensemble. We feel the Norwalk Counter Height Extendable Solid Wood Dining Table is a good option to go for if you have the budget for it and are looking for precisely these kinds of dark, sober, earthy tones in your home.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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