Newtown 72″ Double Bathroom Vanity Set by Beachcrest Home Review


Alleviate your bathroom ensemble to another level with a contemporarily designed vanity that has more to offer than storage space.

Beachcrest Home offers you Newtown 72″ Double Bathroom Vanity Set which is nothing less than perfect. The vanity is founded on a sturdy base crafted from solid wood, hence the robustness. Its top is made with Carrara marble, then highlighted with a pleasant Carrara white finishing. Besides being attractive and sturdy, the Carrara marble is quite easy to clean. The bold design of the vanity, which is augmented by the simple yet stylish knobs and pulls, is very distinctive and notable. It also has a notch of coastal design which creates a somewhat breezy feel. The appearance of the whole structure is made better by the refined finish colors and the high-quality paint, which is also highly resistant to peel. Being as high quality as it is, the paint adds flair to the vanity, giving it a neat and appealing appearance. The vanity is triple functional, as it has three sets of storage spaces. The first is the six drawers which are fitted with soft close and safety stop for the sake of convenience. Secondly, the vanity has four doors, every two opening up to reveal space ample enough to stow extra towels, or cleaning supplies. Lastly is the top surface between the two sinks. This space can be conveniently used to hold some classy soap dispenser.

Beachcrest Home is founded with the aim of meeting their customer’s needs with their coastal essentials that introduce breezy feel in any room they are set. The products are usually high-end made from materials with remarkable quality, which is the primary reason why customers are always on the move to get one item after the other.


The top material details for this vanity is Carrara marble, and the base material is solid wood. The set has different finish colors for the base, but the countertop is Carrara white across the different base colors. The countertop also has six pre-drilled holes to make installation of the faucets easy. This model features an undermount oval-shaped sink, made of ceramic and finished with white. Though there is no faucet included, you can purchase 8” widespread faucet installation type, which is the best fit. A mirror is also not included, and a 744024-MIR-GR is the compatible part number, especially for the gray base.

This vanity is free-standing, meaning it does not require to be mounted on anything for it to be stable. It has four vanity doors and no adjustable shelves. Additionally, it features six functional drawers which have both close and safety stop for easy sliding in and out and to prevent them from opening out to full length, respectively. The compatible side splash part number is 310121-CW and 310173-CW for the backsplash. Cabinet hardware is also included, and it has brushed nickel finish. However, a mounting bracket is not included, and neither is a p-trap, which is responsible for preventing sewer gases from entering the home. The vanity requires partial assembly and installation. Lastly, its country of origin is China.

Preparing beforehand is always essential, and it includes choosing the right place to set the vanity. You, therefore, need to compare the dimensions of the vanity as listed below, with those of the predetermined space and ensure it is a fit. You can also add a few inches across the measurements of the vanity for the sake of playing safe.

Bottom Drawer

  • The dimensions of the drawer interior – bottom drawer are 3.37” H x 22” W x 13” D

Middle Drawer

  • The dimensions of the drawer interior – middle drawer are 3.37” H x 16” W x 13” D

Other Dimensions

  • The overall dimensions are 36.1” H x 72” W x 22” D
  • The width of the base is 70.875” W
  • The dimensions of the cabinet is interior are 21” H x 24” W x 20” D
  • The dimensions of the basin are 5.7” D x 13.6” W x 16.5” L
  • The overall product weight is 344 lb.
  • The weight of the base is 187.4 lb.
  • The countertop weight is 156.5 lb.
  • The countertop thickness is 0.75″

Available Select Finish

This vanity comes in three colors as listed below. The colors are neither too loud nor too dull, which makes them a good fit in various themes.

This item comes in the following colors:

  • Espresso
  • Gray
  • White


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

The current online listing of this vanity is $1,391 for all the color options. The price is a bit higher than for other vanities, which is attributed to by the fantastic features and the fact that this one has double sinks. However, this should not prevent you from giving your washroom a look it deserves. Apart from the regular purchasing method, you can opt to pay for the vanity for 18 months with small payments of $67 per month. Alternatively, if you have Wayfair Credit Card, you can take 12 months to pay and additionally get some cut-offs. It is also important to note that the price never stays at this. Beachcrest Home regularly launch promotions and sale deals which usually lower the price incredibly; the more reason why you should check for any ongoing sales at the time of your purchase.

This vanity has a premium protection plan which is available with Uniters. It has coverage for full repairs of accidental damages like scratches and stains. However, it is not applicable in case of damages caused by intentional abuse or neglect. Those damages occurring from non-compliance with the manufacturer’s warranty or use of the vanity for purposes for which it is not meant are also not covered. Finally, if you want to file a claim, you can do so by submitting it to Uniters’ website or by contacting them using the contacts provided on the protection plan certificate.


The vanity is delivered in time, if not earlier. It comes well packaged with every part in good shape. Being that it comes assembled, all you have to do are some few installations, and the vanity will be ready for usage.

The clean-lined silhouette of the vanity is appealing, and it adds to the charm and the attractiveness of the whole thing. The finishing is done flawlessly, and the quality of the paint used is impeccable. This adds flair to the look. The colors on the actual vanity are nothing less than as they appear on the pictures.

The construction of the vanity is also faultless and the parts, for instance, the doors are firmly attached. The whole structure is pretty solid, thanks to the solid wood used in constructing its base.

The many storage spaces featured on the vanity are also a plus as they enhance its functionality. The drawers, to begin with, are many and ample enough to stow the washroom essentials and combat the clutter in the bathroom. Their soft close and safety stop features are also convenient, making closing and opening them pretty effortless. The cabinets are also no less significant; you can neatly arrange your towels in it. Not to forget the countertop, on which you can place a soap dispenser and still have some space left to move your hands around.


First off, this vanity is priced higher and can hardly be afforded by those of lower financial capability. The payment plans provided also take a longer period to settle.

Though other parts are flawlessly done and attached, the sink is an exception. Most customers complained that it detached from the counter after a while. The glue or the substance used to connect it does not seem as high-end as the other materials used.

The vanity is big and tall. It occupies a lot of space, and therefore, it is best used in big washrooms. Because of its height, doing the plumbing using standard parts is not practical, unless you cut off some part of the leg. It is also heavy, and this is a problem when moving it into the washroom for the first time after delivery, and when you are trying to change its position.

These are just a few minor issues that do not affect the quality or the functionality of the vanity as a whole.


Apart from the few necessary improvements, this vanity is a good find and valuable addition to any room. Its clean-lined contemporary silhouette is sassy and sophisticated. This design is bold and distinctive, which makes it quite attractive. The finish colors are also incredible, and the paint is high-end which makes it quite durable. It is also highly functional, thanks to the many storage spaces. Besides, it has two functional sinks.

Bring class to your washroom and alleviate your ensemble with this vanity, which is not only functional but is also high-grade, durable and most of all elegant.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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