Morpheus Reversible Sectional by Mercury Row Review


Purchasing a sofa is a pretty big deal for most people. Considering the cost associated with buying sofas, and furniture in general, what people most often look for in their purchase is durability, comfort, some sort of guarantee of quality or brand name, friendly customer service, a decent range of options from which to choose, easily available information on product specs, customer comments and reviews, and perhaps some information on design and décor, or tips and suggestions related to them.

Here we would like to introduce the Morpheus reversible sofa sectional by Mercury Row to you. This is a simple yet elegant, assembly-free, lightweight and compact sofa sectional with a touch of style and modernity. It comes with a chaise and is available in four different color themes. It can be used in traditional homes, apartments, lofts, and even studios and dorm rooms. If you are looking to create a personal or unique theme all of your own, you can use this sectional in conjunction with fancy drapes, background picture frames, or a side coffee table to create a feel that is just right for you. You can also use toss pillows, mats, contrasting rugs, and similar décor items to liven up your living area and give a fresh, new look to your living space, lounge, den, or family room.

Mercury Row strives to create stylish, affordable, trendy, and functional household furniture options for its customers. Contemporary designs with comfortable quality that are grouped in collections with similar design and style themes give customers numerous options from which to choose.


This is a polyester and polyester blend sectional that is reversible (it can be set up in either right-facing or left-facing orientation). It is an L-shaped sectional, and it comes with one sofa and a chaise. Built on a solid hardwood frame that has a weight capacity of 300lbs, it has a foam density of 1.5 and has a seating firmness that is rated as medium. It comes in soft patterns and features removable seat cushions. The cushion covers are not removable, and the back cushions are not removable either. Finally, none of the cushions are reversible.

The arms are track arms, and the back is made in cushion-back design. Legs made from molded plastic are included (the legs themselves are removable). Made in the United States, this item has foam filling and can comfortably seat three adults. Assembly is not required, which is a great plus. The frame finish is black, the product can easily be cleaned with soap and water, and decorative toss pillows are included, helping to add to the look of your seating area.

Before making a purchase, check the measurements of the sectional as given below against the size of the living space in which you plan to use this sofa. You should make sure the sectional will fit in your intended area of use before making a purchase – and you might want to add a few inches across all measurements just to be safe:

  • The overall dimensions are 36″ X 82″ X 59″
  • The dimensions of the loveseat are 36″ X 39″
  • The weight of the loveseat is 110lbs
  • The seat cushions are 20″
  • The arms are 26″ high
  • The overall seat height is 19″
  • The overall height without legs is 28″
  • The overall product weight is 145lbs
  • The minimum required door clearance for transportation is 38″

Available Select Upholstery

This sectional comes in the four colors options and themes that are listed below. Because Morpheus Row products are intended to provide your living space with a modern touch, the upholstery color options that are available perfectly match most standard smart home layouts. However, as mentioned above, you can create traditional, funky, or cozy settings with either decorative toss pillows (toss pillows are provided with this item), a few colorful drapes, or with a contrasting rug.

Below are the upholstery color combinations from which you can choose:

  • Vermont Gray / Spectator Spa (a deep, powdery gray)

  • Blast Seafoam / Quadrille Sage (a light sea green)

  • Bulldozer Burgundy / Geo Chianti (velvety red)

  • Material Girl Chocolate / Vision Lines Chocolate (a shiny dark chocolate) – $26.00 extra for this color option


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

The Morpheus reversible sofa sectional is currently on sale for $470.43. At this price, you will save almost 50% off the official online product list price of $929.99. However, because there are often seasonal promotions and other marketing deals on offer, make sure you check the latest price before finalizing your purchase so that you can catch any ongoing sales or lock in any deals at the exact time that you are ready to buy.

If you are interested in buying protection for this item, you can purchase a pretty comprehensive protection plan that is provided by Uniters, and it covers accidental stains, incidental damage. It even provides a 30-day risk-free refund if you are not satisfied. Further, you are given the manufacturer’s promise of full repairs with no deductions in case of any mishaps, and your coverage can be availed immediately. Finally, you can file a claim any time you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With reference to accidental stains and incidental damage to your furniture, this means that you are covered for unintentional stains, rips, tears, burns, punctures, chips, dents, and water rings. Customers who purchase a protection plan are covered for the above-mentioned damages as soon as their sofa is delivered. However, all customers should keep in mind that damage caused by neglect, improper care, intentional abuse, a failure to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty, or as a result of using the sofa or sectional for purposes other than its intended purpose of sitting on are not covered.


The majority of customers were happy with this sofa sectional. They praised its compact design, modern and chic color schemes, ease of assembly, quick delivery, value for cost, and overall looks. The exterior fabric is easy to wipe clean and is easy to maintain, making this a great option for homes with pets, toddlers, or babies. Perfect for low budgets, small spaces, and for standard use, this is a sofa sectional that you can buy, have delivered, place in your living area, and start using very quickly and easily.


This review says it all!

“This was an amazing couch for two weeks, but it faded quickly. Since I travel, it has had very little use. It is relatively comfortable, but it is flimsy and cheap! After very little use, not even normal wear and tear, one of the wood pieces in the frame snapped – the bottom piece that supports the couch legs. The entire left edge of the couch is now falling apart, sprinkling sharp staples all over the floor. The wood split, it no longer supports the leg, and now a stack of books are holding up my new couch. This couch is a rip-off. You get what you pay for, and the sweet price on this item is not worth it. You’ll be replacing it in a few weeks. Save your money. You’ll be stepping on staples for months, and will be reminded every time you feel the sharp pain to make wiser investments.”


Items from Morpheus Row tend to be light on construction but high in décor and style. Depending on how you arrange things in your home, this item can either look cheap and of low quality, or it can own your seating area if arranged properly and decked out with the right combination of accentuating furniture and household decoration items as part of a larger central ensemble.

If you want a sofa sectional that provides the option of setting up numerous seating arrangements and want to be able to quickly furnish your living space with a piece of functional furniture that is somewhat cheap and easy to install and set up, comes in lovely colors, and can be used with a fair amount of flexibility and versatility, this is a decent sofa sectional to start with. The average rating of 4.2 stars on a scale of 5 gives ample weight to this fact.

One additional note: although this item is a little cheaper than your average sofa sectional, it is a good overall buy, especially if you are able to purchase it at a discount. It has been constructed on a solid wooden frame, it features a modern design, a striking silhouette, comes in a very compact size, is easy to clean, maintain, deliver, and set up, and comes with optional protection plans, warranties, and reliable customer care. As long as you are not looking for something that will last beyond the 24-month range, and if you are looking for a smart and soft seating solution that gets the job done, this sofa sectional is a fitting purchase for you.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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