Melina Design Desk by Birch Lane™ Heritage Review


Are you trying to give your home a touch of elegance and class, as well as find space to keep your many paperwork? You can do that and at the same time add to your traditional interior design with a simple, rustic and strong computer desk.

Crafted from manufactured wood, the Melina Design Desk has an understated elegance, augmented by its rustic look and the chrome accented finishing. Its cherry color option not only blends in many color themes but is also an add-on on its own and will give your living room or study a warm and homely feel. The desk has enough surface on top on which you can place your computer and maybe some books. On the other hand, if you intend to use the desk just as décor and not a study table, then you can place some family pictures or paints and maybe a lamp on top of it. Besides the space on the top, the desk also has two drawers, one of which is quite spacious and can hold as large as legal-sized paperwork. The metal handles of the drawers are also firm and can hardly break off. Additionally, the manufactured wood used in the construction of the desk is strong and ensures the sturdiness and stability of the desk. Lastly, this desk is quite affordable and can be effortlessly purchased by individuals of various financial groups.

The traditional designs of Birch Lane Heritage are not only elegant but also high-quality, making them a number one choice for most customers. Their prices are also quite budget-friendly.

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This item can be used as either a writing desk or a computer desk. It is made in a rectangular shape using manufactured wood. The top material details are particle board and MDF, and so is the base material details. The desk has a finished back and a pedestal base. It also features drawers which are not only soft close but also have safety stop and gliding mechanism which is made of metal. The desk does not come with a chair, and neither does it have a hutch. The country of origin of the desk is the United States and its supplier intended and approved purpose is residential use.

The desk does not come assembled, and you will need to do that, using the instructions provided. Lastly, the desk has a warranty of five years.

To have a perfect fit, you need to compare the dimensions of the desk with those of the area you intend to set the desk. The fact that the desk is small should not disqualify the need to check the dimensions and ensure they correspond. While at that, add a few more inches across the measurements of the desk to be certain. Below are the dimensions of the desk.


  • The dimensions of the drawer interior – file are 9.5” H x 12” W x 14.37” D


  • The dimensions of the drawer interior – top are 7” H x 12” W x 14.37” D

Top Left

  • The dimensions of the drawer interior – top left are 3” H x 31” W x 14.37” D

Other Dimensions

  • The overall dimensions are 29.75” H x 53.25” W x 22.62” D
  • The dimensions of the desktop are 29.75” H x 53.18” W x 22.63” D
  • The dimensions of the knee space are 24.75” H x 31.45” W x 20.9” D
  • The height of the legs is 28.74” H
  • The overall product weight is 114 lb.
  • The desk has 2.25″ overhang on the sides and 1.5″ overhang on the front
  • The dimensions of the top surface are 53″ L x 22.5″ D

Available Select Finish

This desk is available in one color, and that is Cherry. Though there are no options to choose from, the cherry shade with the somehow chrome-accented appearance is quite a kill. The shade is not too deep to cause chaos of colors in your room, and neither is it too shallow to go unnoticed. Set the desk next to a wall, on a chrome accented area rug, with a simple yet classy office chair to have a classic and complete look.


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This desk is currently listed online for $252.99. There are currently no ongoing sales or promotions. However, keep on checking, and you may just walk away with the desk at an incredibly low price, using the regular sales deals that kick in over the year. Also, ensure that before you make the purchase, you search for any promotions and the lowest price available.

If you are interested in getting a protection plan, you can purchase one from Uniters. The protection plan covers for accidental damages like stains, tears, burns, punctures, gouges or dents. However, it does not cover intentional damages caused by neglect, accumulation or abuse. Other damages also not covered with the protection plan are those caused by natural disasters, failure to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty and using the desk for purposes for which it is not approved. The protection plan has a risk-free refund that is applicable in case of cancellation within thirty days of purchase. Lastly, you can make a claim through Uniters’ website, or alternatively contact them using the telephone number provided on the protection plan certificate.


This desk is generally superb. It is elegant, and what makes it even more desirable and outstanding is its rustic design. It makes a great addition, either as a study or as décor. Its finishing is neat and fine, giving it a flair appearance. Also, though it is only available in one color option, the shade is a fit in many color themes and will blend in easily. The paint is also high-quality, and it accords the desk with a rather expensive look.
The manufactured wood used in crafting both the top and the base of the desk is solid, which explains its sturdiness.

The small size of the desk is also an advantage since it makes it take up a small area. The size, however, does not make it less functional. The desk has a spacious surface, on which you can set your PC. You can also arrange some books and maybe set a lamp on the top. The drawers provide more room, allowing you to keep your paperwork and prevent them from piling up on top of the desk. The metal handles of the drawers are also firm and hence durable. Lastly, on the drawers, the gliding mechanism is convenient and so is the safety stop, both of which make opening and closing of the drawers quite easy.

The assembly of the desk is not difficult, and the instructions are very easy to follow. The labeled parts also lessen the hassle in putting it together. Lastly, the price of the desk is quite pocket-friendly.


After putting it together, a customer found a total of four dents alongside the front, which seemed to have happened during shipment since the packaging box also had the same dents, meaning the package and the shipping was not that good. The desk is also delivered in a heavy box that can only be carried by at least two people. The heaviness lasts even after assembly and moving the desk to a different position is a great hassle.

One customer also complained about the desk having an awful chemical smell that lasted for one to two days, and she had to keep her windows open to let the smell out. The assembly process, despite not being too technical, is quite time-consuming and most customers used at least three hours just putting it together.

Generally, this desk is a good find, except for the minor issues like poor packaging and shipping, terrible smell, and a time-consuming assembly process; none of which affects the functionality of the desk.


Are you running on a fixed budget yet you need a desk to work on and store some of your books and paperwork? This is the ideal item for you. You will not only be getting a workspace and storage, but you will also be getting a valuable addition to your house; one which will add to your interior design and give it a more elegant look. The excellent finishing of the desk and the high-end paint give the desk an edge over other products of a similar nature. The desk is pretty robust and will serve you for longer than you can anticipate. Additionally, the desk has enough space that will hold your PC, your books and paperwork, as well as some extra accessories. Lastly, the desk is highly underpriced, and getting a similar one, with the same features and at the same price can be tricky.

Give this desk a shot and make that click and that will perhaps be the best decision you ever made; one you will never regret.

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