Maryanne Twin Over Full Bunk Bed by Viv + Rae Review


What is better than letting your kids have a restful and comfortable sleep on a cozy, elegant, and expensive-looking bed?

Constructed with durable and sturdy frames, Maryanne Twin over Full Bunk Bed is the perfect fit for your children’s bedroom. The bed has been designed using a classy and contemporary style which makes it ideal for a modern setting. The modish colors used on the finishing are quite inviting, and they highlight the bed with a classic appeal as well as provide extra sophistication to the room. The solid frames offer support to the bed, enabling it to accommodate more weight. What’s better, the bottom bed is 400 lbs, and the top one is 250 lbs, making it usable even by adults of medium weight. Therefore, it is not specifically meant for people with kids; if you get frequent visits from relatives or friends, and you have limited space, then this is the ideal choice for you. With a carefully constructed ladder, this bed is very safe for your kids and is easy to climb up and down without using a lot of effort. Lastly, whether your kid is a boy or a girl, this bed is neutral. Its design and color options fit any gender.

Viv + Rae has always hung onto the need to provide ideal furniture to their customers. Their products are not just trendy, but they are also affordable and of high quality. Their perfect choices of colors are remarkable, and the sturdiness of their furniture ensures they always have the upper hand over their counterparts. All these qualities put together, make Viv + Rae the number one choice designers.


This bed falls under the product type of Bunk Bed. It is not upholstered, and the frame is made of very sturdy steel metal. For this reason, it is quite steady and has an extensive weight capacity. The top bed is of twin size while the bottom one is full-sized, which is quite spacious for a bed of its nature. No box spring is required for the bed to be functional and, therefore, none is included. Supplementing the solidity and safety of the bed are strategically placed guardrails which eliminate the possibility of a fall; hence your kids get to be not only comfortable but also safe.

Additionally, it has slats, a built-in ladder, and stairs. This bed is neutral when it comes to gender, meaning your son or daughter can comfortably use it. Unfortunately, this bed does not come with a mattress, and neither does it come with a slide. However, you can buy a 10-inch mattress for the bottom bed and 8 inches for the top one. Originally from China, this bed has a futon of the weight capacity of 400 pounds and top bed of 225 pounds, which, if compared to other similar beds, is way too much.

Before purchasing a bed, the most important thing to check, of course besides the specifications, are the dimensions. However sure you may be about a bed or any other furniture fitting a predetermined space, it is still very much advisable to go through the aspects and ensure you are okay with them and that they are a fit. Below are the dimensions of Maryanne Twin over Full bunk bed.

  • The overall dimensions are 61.5” H x 78” W x 56.5” L
  • The overall product weight is 84 lb.
  • The clearance from floor to underside of bed – front is 13”
  • The clearance from floor to underside of bedside 11”
  • The distance between top and bottom bunk is 35.5”
  • The recommended mattress thickness bottom bed 10”
  • The recommended mattress thickness top bed is 8”

These dimensions are quite moderate, and the bed will not take up much of your space. It is, therefore, an ideal choice for houses with small rooms.

Available Select Upholstery

This bunk bed comes in amazing colors, as listed below. The color options are very fitting in a wide range of themes, making them a preferable choice. The classiness and high quality of the shades is also a plus as it adds onto the sassiness. The bed has no fabric upholstery, but the overall material used is metal, specifically steel.

Below are the available select upholstery:

  • Black
  • Silver
  • White

All the three colors go for the same price. Therefore, all you have to base your choice on is the color. These color combinations are varied and can be used for either cool or warm tones.


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

Maryanne Twin over Full Bunk bed is currently listed online for $173.99. This is a very fair price considering all the outstanding aspects it features. Furthermore, the bed was initially priced at $619.00 which is quite a drop down. With the frequent promotions and deals occasionally offered by Viv + Rae, you could find yourself buying the bed at a much lower price.

If you are interested in getting a protection plan, you can easily get one from Uniters. The protection has a broad coverage for all the accidental damages. Additionally, it has a 30-day risk free refund which is quite an allowance. Also, if you want to file a claim, you can submit it to Uniters website or personally make a call to them at any time of the day or night, using the contacts on the protection plan certificate.


First off, this bed is quite a step up compared to other bunk beds. While those other ones have a weight limit of 250 lbs for the bottom bed and less for the top, this one has limits of 400 lbs and 225 lbs respectively. This totals up to 625 lbs, which is very much enough for two adults. Secondly, the bed is very attractive. The colors used are classy and accord the bed with a somewhat delicate appearance, making it look more expensive than it actually is. They are also harmonious hues, which makes the bed a fit for a wide range of color palettes.

Even though the futon is full size and an 8-inch mattress is recommended, it can actually accommodate a queen size mattress, and one customer was quite impressed by this. However, the sides of the queen size mattress will hang over the edge a little, but not too much to create an awkward look.

This bed also has a very strong frame configuration. The steel metal ensures that the bed is very steady and it does not move unnecessarily, along with making it quite durable. Besides, the metals of the slats are secured, thus no need for an additional foundation like spring box. The ladders and stairs are also very convenient and safe, and so are the guardrails.

About the delivery of the bed, it is very quick and on time. The packaging is also great, and the parts are well labeled, which helps with the assembling. Lastly, when compared to the features of the bed, the price is quite low. Finding beds of such nature at the price at which this one is listed can be tricky.


Most customers had complaints about the assembling process being a little too technical. It requires two hands, probably male, to put it together perfectly. It is also time-consuming and takes up much effort. Most customers used at least one hour to see it up and functional.

Even though the frames of the bed are sturdy, they seem to be less tight. This makes the bed produce some annoying creaky sounds, and one customer was quite upset about this. Even though some customers were satisfied with the package, a few complained about missing parts, which made the already tricky assembling process more frustrating and time-consuming.

Besides a difficult assembling process, a few missing parts, and some creaky sounds which are quite mild and less annoying as compared to other bunk beds, this bed is a good buy, and the few issues should not be enough to make you change your mind.


If classy, trendy and sturdy is what you are looking for, then this bed is it. Despite the few issues which are quite tolerable, this bed is the perfect choice for your kids’ room. The metal steel is a plus as it adds to the durability, and this means your budget will be free of kids’ bed for many years. Additionally, the fact that the bed has a significant weight capacity, enough to accommodate two adults is quite an add-on, and it gives it an edge over other beds of its price. The color options of the bed are also quite harmonious and will not cause unnecessary contrast to the room.

Looking at the flair features of this bed, purchasing it will not only provide your kids with a comfortable place to sleep, but it will also add to the décor.

Take that one step and change your children’s restful retreat into a comfortable, eye-catching, and perfectly safe place.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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