Marotta 1 Drawer End Table by Mercury Row Review


Do you have refined taste and love bold and conspicuous designs? Mercury Row has you covered with an elegant and boldly designed end table, that can be used either as an end table or as a nightstand. The best part is that this end table offers more than boldness. Its braced with functionality and quality to make it quite priceless.

Founded atop x-shaped legs, the Marotta 1 Drawer End Table is a boldly designed end table that is a treasurable addition to any room. Its distinctive design makes it stand out and failing to notice it the second you walk into any room it is set is impossible. The rivet details offer the nightstand a rustic design which adds to the charm of the whole thing. The flair finishing is impressive, and it lends the nightstand a notch of sophistication and elegance. The choice of paint is also incredible, which explains the flair and neat finishing. Marotta 1 Drawer nightstand comes in multiple colors, among which are the brightly colored shades and dull colored ones. This makes it universally usable, both by individuals with preference to brilliantly colored rooms and those that love dull themes. Compared to most end tables, this one particularly has larger spaces. The surface is wide enough to hold an alarm clock and a bedside table lamp. The drawer is also more spacious than most and can help you declutter completely. Though not crafted from solid wood, the quality of the nightstand is pretty good and so is its stability, thanks to the perfect construction and the sturdy manufactured wood for both the top and the base.

With the drive to help their customers create a home, they desire, Mercury Row design furniture of extra elegance, reliable functionality, and remarkable quality. With the boldness of their products, Mercury Row stands out from other designers of similar nature. The quality and durability of their products have also kept customers on the move; always coming back for more. The best part is, despite the high-quality, these pieces of furniture are comfortably priced and will hardly set you behind in your budget.


The top and base of this product are crafted from manufactured wood which makes it pretty robust. The end table features a drawer which is founded on top of the X-base legs. The drawer has a firmly fitted handle which makes opening and closing easy. Unfortunately, the drawer does not have stops, and it opens to full extension.

Additionally, the nightstand has a finished back, making it usable in either open or closed space. The weight capacity of the nightstand is 75 pounds, and its supplier intended and approved use is for residential purposes. Assembly is required before use. Originally from China, this end table comes with 90 days limited manufacturer warranty.

Marotta comes in conspicuous and complicated shape. The dimensions are not straightforward either, and you can hardly tell that it can fit in a specific space just by looking at it. For this reason, you need to go through the measurements before finalizing on the purchase. While assuming a little more extensive dimensions for the nightstand, compare its measurements with those of the place you plan to set it to see it fits. Below are the dimensions and weight of the nightstand.

  • The overall dimensions are 27” H x 24” W x 18” D
  • The dimensions of the drawer interior are 4” H x 19.5” W x 14.5” D
  • The overall product weight is 26.53 lb.
  • The top weight capacity is 50 lbs

Available Select Upholstery

Marotta comes in thirteen amazing colors as listed below. Being that the nightstand is available in multiple color options, it can serve people with diverse taste in colors and themes. If you have a refined taste in colors, then you need to go for the brilliantly colored shades. However, if you have a simple taste, then you should go for the dull ones.

Below are the available color combinations:

  • Meadow green
  • Silver birch
  • Steel blue
  • Blue (add $13 to the total price)
  • Espresso (add $13 to the total price)
  • Gray (add $13 to the total price)
  • Red (add $13 to the total price)
  • Vulcan black (add $13 to the total price)
  • White (add $13 to the total price)
  • Yellow (add $13 to the total price)
  • Marine green (add $17 to the total price)
  • Tawny port (add $17 to the total price)
  • Twilight blue (add $17 to the total price)


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

Initially, Marotta 1 Drawer Design was priced at $257.99. However, it is now listed online for $142.99. For a functional and boldly designed item like this, the price seems to be too low. It doesn’t end there; occasionally over the year, Mercury Row usually throws in some seasonal promotions and deals that lower the price even more. It is for this reason that you should be on the watch for such sales. Make sure before you finalize on the purchase, you have searched for the least price available. Alternatively, you can choose to use the payment plan in which you are required to pay $12.58 per month for 12 months.

If you are interested in getting protection for your end table, you can purchase a plan from Uniters. The protection plan is reasonably priced, and on top of that, it has a 30-day risk-free refund. The protection plan has broad coverage, entailing full and immediate repairs. However, the coverage is only for accidental damages and not the intentional ones. The plan starts operating once the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Lastly, in case you need to file a claim, you can do so through the contacts on the protection plan certificate, or submit it on Uniters’ website.


This end table is as shown in the pictures. Its unique design is incredible, and the paint used on the finishing is refined and lends it a remarkable glow. The color options, being as multiple as they are, are very rich and varied and highlight the whole look with priceless elegance.

The sturdiness of this product is also fantastic. Compared to other end tables, the weight capacity of this one is a little bit more, meaning you can stow more items in it and it remains stable. The sturdiness of the materials used also guarantees years of usability. Also, put against most end tables, this one has a much broader and deeper drawer that carries more items.

Though the end table does not come already assembled, the process is quite easy and can be done by one person. It is also not time-consuming, mainly because all the parts are available and the instructions provided are straightforward. The packaging is also done well with Styrofoam to prevent the parts from breaking. Not, to forget, the delivery is quite quick.

Lastly, with all the features, it is quite a steal getting the end table for the price at which it is listed. Most customers mentioned having seen the exact end table on other, websites with twice or thrice the amount.


The end table is a bit tall, which works well for customers with high beds, but not those with low beds. Since the drawers have no stop, they are quite inconvenient, and by accident, they can pull out and hit you on the legs.

One customer complained about his end table having some knicks which affected the whole appearance. Another customer also received her item with stains and some damages. The painting on the side of the legs also seemed to have not been done well since it wasn’t as smooth as the rest of the parts.

The legs of the end table are also not exactly precise, and with a closer look, you can notice that they do not align perfectly. Another problem was with the smell. When still new, the end table has some funny smell, and you have to keep the windows open to get rid of it.

Overall, this end table is a good buy. Every good thing has a few bad ones, hence the minor issues which are quite manageable and can hardly affect the functionality and value of the end table.


This end table is quite distinctive and will grab the attention of anyone who gets into the room in which it is set. Its flair appearance lends it extra sass, and the bold design explains why it is the center of attention of whichever room it is placed. Its color options are multiple and incredible, and so is the paint which is glossy and makes the end table quite sleek. This end table has a promising usability period, basing on the sturdy construction and the solidity of the manufactured wood.

Keep the compliments flowing from your relatives and friends with this distinctively designed, functional and elegant end table, which is also quite pocket-friendly and sturdy.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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