Leamont Dining Table by Rosecliff Heights Review


This is a lovely little table that gives your home a fanciful beach-inspired twist on what is otherwise a traditionally styled table. Perfect for both regular as well as beachfront or coastal homes, this table combines elegant aesthetics of farmhouse and cottage looks with cozy warmth and approachability to give your dining or family space a reinvigorated dose of homely living. It comes with a striking two-tone finish that gives it additional charm as well as character, and its classic looks and style are accentuated with the solid and clean, straight lines that define the top of this long and elegant table.

Featuring a sharp silhouette reminiscent of fine hotel living, the Leamont Dining Table can blend in with a wide variety of different home themes and settings. If you want to build a truly coastal ensemble in your house, you can begin by unfurling a colorful rug at the feet of the table. Surround the wall with abstract paintings or pictures of ocean life. A vase overflowing with blooming water flowers would serve you well, along with crisp white dining ware, woven plates, and sleek stainless steel cutlery for a beautiful dinner display.

Rosecliff Heights aims to put beach living on a pedestal. It delivers updated style themes fused with colorful display collections that celebrate ocean-kissed coastlines. Replete with soothing colors, natural components, and brightly colored accents and hues, Rosecliff Heights openly invites everyone to head off to the coast and relax in stylish getaways using décor and themes that are designed to last.

Whenever you buy a Rosecliff Heights Leamont Dining Table online from Wayfair, or if you end up purchasing a different item, our reviews are designed to help you make as well-informed a purchase as possible. This is why we sort through customer reviews and comments, professional recommendations and tips, provide product specs and features, and give an overall rating so that you know the true value of what you are purchasing. Read on below for everything you need to know about this classy home item.


This is a fixed table that is made of veneer and manmade wood. It comes in brown with cottage white, and there is no leaf included. This simply means that the table is of a fixed size and cannot be extended or collapsed. With a seating capacity of 6 individuals, this table is made in the United States and requires assembly. All the additional tools required for assembly come delivered with the product. With a 1-year product warranty, this item should last you years and years of regular use.

Before finalizing your purchase, it is best to check the dimensions of this table so that you can be sure it has the exact specifications you need. It will also help you know how much space it will take and will save you from having to return the table because it does not fit or does not look as big or small as it did online.

  • Overall dimensions: 60” L x 35.75” W x 30” H
  • Adjustable Height: Yes
  • Maximum Height: 30”
  • Overall Product Weight: 71 lb.
  • Floor to under table surface: 26″
  • Width between the legs (top): 28″ Width between the legs (bottom): 27″
  • Length between the legs (top): 52″ Length between the legs (bottom): 53″

Available Select Finish

This table comes in a single finish of cottage white for the legs and veneer brown with manmade wood for the table top. It goes well with white hues, darker wood accents, and earthy tones that really help to bring out the cottage and coastal aesthetic that this collection was designed for.


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This table is currently on sale for $236.99, giving you savings of 39% off the table’s original base price of $387.21. If you want to purchase assembly for this table, you can do so for $85.99. This service is provided by Handy, and they will provide you with white-glove assembly of your table in the room of your choice and will take care of delivery, opening up the table’s packaging, and disposing of the packaging as well.

You can also make use of a customer-friendly payment plan from Affirm in case you want to pay for this table in installments, with installments as low as $15 per month on offer. Furthermore, you can save an additional 25% on assembly if you use your MYWAY Wayfair card. There are other promotional discounts on offer as well if you are buying this table for a business. This allows you to rack up savings by unlocking insider pricing. See Wayfair online for details.

You can also purchase protection for your table. These plans are above and beyond the product warranty that you get from the manufacturer upon your purchase of this table. These plans cover stains, dents, cuts, nicks, scratches, cracks, and similar accidental damage. The plans are available at relatively low prices and are refundable within 30 days of purchase. They can be purchased for three years for $33.99 or for five years for $52.99.


Our reviews are intended to make it very easy for you to know what you will get, and when. Our comprehensive reviews cover everything from customer comments and pros and cons to product specifications, suggested use scenarios, and points to watch out for with respect to color options, prices, protection plans, delivery, assembly, and more.

One customer said that she had been looking for a dining room set for over 6 months until she came across this table and she simply fell in love with it. It features very easy assembly and beautiful wood. The dark wood of the table top appears espresso and maple under different lights, allowing you to enjoy different looks at different times under different conditions and for different purposes. Also, the white of the table is not very white. It is more like an off-white/cream. This customer was thrilled to always receive compliments all the time, and family and friends think she paid more than what she really did.


Another customer ordered this table not once, and not twice, but thrice, and all three times, the tables arrived cracked. They were highly disappointed. The issue that this brings up, however, is the fact that the table is nice enough to warrant repeat orders, and the main issue with customers being left disappointed is due to manufacturing defects, delivery damage, or other minor imperfections in the cut, design, molding, manufacture, construction, or finish of the item itself.

This sentiment was echoed by several customers, all of whom said that they purchased this table and some purchased additional dining chairs and other items for their home but received tables that were cracked down the side in the center of the table, some had large scratches on the top, and some had cracks on both sides of the table. Wayfair, once contacted, promptly issued a replacement, but the tables that were sent were cracked each time. This is a really nice looking table and perfect for many different types of spaces but to receive three cracked tables within weeks is just completely unacceptable.

The last customer we want to mention here said that she was very excited about this table, but it also arrived damaged. The long white sections were completely split apart. Upon opening the box, the Styrofoam parts were broken, and the box that it arrived in did not hold up in transit to her house. The table top also came with numerous deep scratches. This shows that the table quality is not that great, especially if it can’t hold up to delivery.


The long and short of this table is that in terms of looks, it is absolutely spot on. It is very beautiful, and it is definitely worth more than the standard price at which it is currently available. It is easy to assemble and all assembly requires is screwing the legs on. It fits perfectly in smaller dining rooms and kitchens, even in kitchenettes! There have been reports of delivery damage, cracked items being shipped, delays in shipping, and table color hues and tones not being precisely what customers who purchased the table were looking for, but all in all, this table does the job and is a nice, traditional, sturdy, and spacious table that is pleasing to look at and will give you a long time of regular use over many, many years.

In case you have doubts, consider this: this table has a rating of 4.6 on a scale of 5, and has received perfect 5 ratings from over 75% of all buyers. This is the power of group-think! This table is a good buy, comes from a design house that specializes in niche furniture items that serve a particular target demographic, is relatively inexpensive, comes with convenient payment and protection plans, and is just what most families need in their dining space. Try one out today.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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