L-Shape Computer Desk by Wrought Studio Review


Whether you are doing a renovation to your office or you are looking for the perfect look for your first office, there are three things you have to have in mind, and they are elegance, functionality, and durability. The L-Shape Computer Desk is a combination of all three, and it is affordable as well.

Designed using metal and glass, this desk is pretty sturdy and durable. It has a versatile design that ensures it is not only a storage space but also a décor on its own. This makes it quite an add-on to any room it is set, as it creates a whole new attractive and classy look. Having this desk in your office will not only make you proud of your buying decision but will also keep a steady flow of compliments from your friends and relatives. The desk has a perfect finishing that makes its overall appearance flair and sophisticated. Also, it is resistant to corrosion because of the powder-coat on the finishing. This desk is very functional. With its L-shape, it has more space for your PC and other stuff. Its durability is also unquestionable, first because of the sturdy metal and glass used in making it, and secondly because of the high-quality corrosion resistant finishing. The desk can effortlessly blend in multiple color themes because of its wide range of color options.

Wrought Studio helps its customers transform mere rooms to attractive and stylish workplaces, that exhibit not only professionalism but also create a warm and inviting feel. Their products are high quality with distinctive and versatile features, ensuring functionality and elegance. The fair prices of their products are also another charm that has continuously attracted customers year in year out.


This is an L-Shape computer desk that is crafted using glass and metal. The top part of the desk has material details of polished and beveled, tempered safety glass. The base, on the other hand, has material details of durable steel frame with powder coat. The desk has a perfectly finished back, which makes it easy to place in the middle of the room. It also has a CPU storage. However, the desk does not come with an office chair, and neither does it have a hutch. Lastly, this desk is originally from China, and it requires assembly.

Before making any purchase, it is always important to go through the dimensions of the desk and compare them to those of the space you intend to set it in on, just to ensure it is a perfect fit. It will also be more helpful if you add a few inches across the desk’s dimensions.

Below are the dimensions of the desk:

Keyboard Tray

  • The width of the keyboard tray is 21”
  • The depth of the keyboard tray is 12”

Other Dimensions

  • The overall dimensions are 29” H x 51” W x 20” D
  • The dimensions of the desktop are 30” H x 51” W x 19.6” D
  • The dimensions of the knee space are 30” H x 21” W x 20” D
  • The height of the legs is 30” H
  • The overall product weight is 57 lb.
  • The dimensions of each rectangle piece are 31″ L x 20″ W

Available Select Finish

This distinctively designed desk comes in five basic colors as listed below. These colors are incredible, and the perfect finishing makes them look even more classy. The fact that there are multiple choices to pick from is even better and makes the desk more preferable.

Below are the available color combinations:

  • Black/clear glass
  • Silver/clear glass
  • Black/black glass (add $6 to the total price)
  • Silver black glass (add $40 to the total price)
  • Silver black glass (add $46 to the total price)


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This desk is listed online for $113 for the basic color finishing and others as shown in the available select upholstery section. The price is inclusive of a 54% discount which is quite an irresistible deal. The discounts continue through the year and ones in a while customers get to purchase the desk at unimaginably low prices. Seasonal promotions also kick in over the year, most especially during holidays, and if you keep watch you might get lucky and walk away with the desk at a meager price. Additionally, if you cannot put the desk together on your own, you can make use of the available assembly services which are very affordable, and in this case is $43.99. Another possible solution to help avoid leaving a big dent on your budget is to use the payment plan which requires you to pay $11 every month for 18 months.

This desk has a protection plan which is available with Uniters and at a very affordable price. The protection has coverage for accidental damages. However, intentional damages like neglect or intentional abuse are not covered, and neither are those from natural disaster. The protection plan has a 30-day risk-free refund, but it only applies if you cancel the purchase within thirty days. The protection plans start operating immediately the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Lastly, if you want to file a claim, you can submit it to Uniters’ website or simply give them a call through the contacts made available on the protection plan certificate.


To begin with, this desk is quite sleek, thanks to the glass used in its construction and the sassy finishing brought about by the high-end paint. It is also available in distinctive colors which make it even more unique and attractive.

While some customers were unsure about purchasing a glass table in fear of it breaking, those who actually did purchase it got a change of mind. The glass is pretty strong and less vulnerable to breakages, unless in instances of extreme weight. The metal used in the construction of the base is also solid and stable, hence giving the desk sturdy support.

For a desk of its price, it is quite spacious. A customer purchased it and set up two medium-sized monitors on it, which perfectly fit and left some extra space. Though not so big, the desk can comfortably hold most of the necessary stuff. On the issue of size, the dimensions of the desk are not very extensive, and it can easily fit in a small space.

Another amazing thing about this desk which has actually not been mentioned in the specifications is that the height is customizable. In case you need the desk to be a little bit taller than it is, then you can adjust the height by approximately 2 inches. You can do this using the stoppers which are screwed under the desk. The crossbar is also adjustable, and you can choose to adjust it or simply remove it, especially if you have long legs.

This desk has a quick delivery, and most customers received their packages within two days. All the parts are available and are well-packaged and labeled. The instructions are also unambiguous which makes the assembly process quite easy and less time-consuming. One customer who purchased two desks used only one hour to put both of them together.

Lastly, this desk is available at a surprisingly low price. With the occasional discounts, a customer purchased two of these for $219. Most desks of similar features are available at very high prices.


Because of the crossbar under the desk, the knee space left is very small. For someone with long legs, using the desk will be tricky because the knees will keep knocking against it, making it more vulnerable to damages. You, therefore, have to choose whether to use the desk minus the crossbar or just use it and persevere the pain from knocking your knees against the crossbar and prepare to do repairs regularly.

Another problem is with the keyboard tray which is smaller in its actual self. The tray can only hold the small-sized keyboards, but not the big-sized one. Also, the space provided cannot accommodate both the keyboard and the mousepad.

Apart from minor issues with the crossbar and the keyboard tray, this desk does not have any major problems that may interfere with its functionality or its elegant look.


This desk is highly underpriced, considering the fantastic features it has. Its contemporary design is both attractive and sassy, but not too classy to mess with the ergonomic look. Unlike most glass tables in a similar price range, this desk is quite solid. Its flair finishing gives it a sophisticated look, making it look way more expensive. Finally, the desk is also spacious and can comfortably hold two monitors and leave space large enough to hold other stuff.

So, do you want a classy and ergonomic desk which is both spacious and of high quality, and is available at a very affordable price? If yes, then L-Shape Computer Desk is the perfect choice for you.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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