Kilburn Desk by Andover Mills Review


Whether you are looking for a storage place for your stationery and books, or just some small desk you or your husband can sit on and pay the bills or put down anything, then Andover Mills has you covered with a sizeable and affordable desk.

The Kilburn desk is a sturdy and functional desk that is elegant and at the same time high-quality. Its understated traditional design adds to its style hence giving it extra charm and making it a valuable addition to any room. The desk is crafted from manufactured wood, which perfectly explains the solidity and stability. The material also ensures the desk can hold up to weight from normal usage, besides making it very durable. This desk will not take up much room since it has less extensive dimensions. However, for the price, the desk has enough space for you to place your PC and stow your staplers, pens and other stationery. It also has a keyboard tray which is spacious enough for a normal size keyboard. The desk features drawers which have ball bearings to prevent them from sticking making them less prone to damages. Lastly, this desk is fairly priced and considering its features; it is worth every cent spent on it.

Andover Mills is founded with the goal of satisfying customer needs, basing on three major aspects, that is functionality, elegance, and durability. Despite the low prices, their products have high standards and long usability periods. Their ability to design using traditional models which can also fit in modern aesthetic is amazing and is what makes them stand out from other designers.

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This desk comes in perfect rectangular shape, and it falls under product type of computer desks. The general material used both for the base and the top is manufactured wood. The computer desk has drawers which are quite easy to open and close because of the gliding mechanism used on their construction. The glide material used is metal, and to make boost the convenience, even more, is a safety stop. Unfortunately, this desk does not come with an office chair. This should not be a problem though since you can get a simple yet elegant office chair. The desk also does not feature a hutch. With the weight capacity of 50 pounds, this desk has its country of origin as the United States and its supplier intended and approved use is for residential purposes. This desk does not come assembled. Hence you will have to put it together yourself using additional tools, that is screwdriver and hammer.

It is wise to make adequate preparation before buying any furniture, and part of the preparation is predetermining the place on which you intend to place it. Also, while at it, helpful advice is that you assume a little bit larger dimensions of the desk, than the ones given to be sure that it will fit. Below are the measurements and weights of the desk.

  • The overall dimensions are 30.276” H x 47.165” W x 19.449” D
  • The dimensions of drawer interior are 2.50” H x 12.125” W x 13.875” D
  • The dimensions of the desktop are 30.25” H x 47.13” W x 19.5” D
  • The dimensions of the knee space are 24.75” H x 40.125” W
  • The overall product weight is 80.00 lb.
  • The drawer pull width is 3″
  • The drawer pull height is 1.5″
  • The distance between screw holes is 2.5″
  • The bottom of the leg is 1” x 1” as it sets on the floor

Available Select Finish

This desk is available in three amazing colors. These colors are basic as well as harmonious, and they will hardly cause divergence in your home office or living room. Being not too loud and not so mute, these colors are perfect for an office and will accord it with an ergonomic look.

Below are the available color combinations:

  • Soft white
  • Jamocha wood (add $23 to the total price)
  • Oiled oak (add $23 to the total price)


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This computer desk is currently listed online for $128.99, which is an 8% drop down from the initial price. That is not the end of the discounts. Over the year, Andover Mills chip in seasonal promotions and marketing deals. You can easily get the desk at these low prices, just ensure that you check for any ongoing sales or promotions before finally making the purchase. The assembly fees for the desk is reasonably low, and if you think you can’t put it together or you lack the time, then you can pay an additional $43.99 for the services.

Besides the warranty, this desk also has a protection plan which is available with Uniters. The protection plan is reasonably affordable and has wide coverage. It begins functioning immediately the manufacturer’s warranty expires. It also comes in two categories; the first one operates for three years, and it goes for $12.99 while the other one functions for five years and is priced at $18.99. These protection plans do repairs for accidental damages like stains from food, pets or beverages. They, however, do not cover for damages caused by natural disasters like flood, non-compliance with the manufacturer’s warranty, and using the desk for purposes for which it is not intended. Intentional damages from neglect, accumulation and intentional abuse are also not covered within the protection plan. Also, if you cancel the purchase of the protection plan within thirty days, you get a 30-day risk free refund which is not subjected to any deductibles or fees.


As simple as it looks, the desk is very elegant and a perfect addition to any living room, study or even bedroom. It has an incredible glow which makes it look way more expensive than it actually is. This glow is attributed to by the high-end paint used in the finishing. The available color combinations are cool and a fit in various color themes. Besides, you get to choose which tone you want for the room; whether cool or warm, either of which is available within the color combinations. Even though the material used in its construction is not real wood, it is hard to tell especially because of the fineness of the desk’s textures.

About the solidity, this desk is pretty robust and hardly wobbles, hence highly durable. Unless subjected to way too much weight than the recommended amount, the desk serves satisfactorily.

The desk is delivered very fast with proper packaging and all the parts available, in good shape and well labeled. The instructions provided are also clear and easy to follow. For this reason, the assembly is quite easy to follow, and all you have to do is lay out all the parts and arrange them in order. Most customers, even those with no experience with the task, took between utmost four hours putting it together, which is pretty fast compared to most desks that require assembling.


The drawers are very small and can only hold small accessories and pens, which was a disappointment to most customers who expected actual drawers. Also, they do not align perfectly with the keyboard tray, and therefore, the drawers hang a little bit lower, and if you look keenly, you can see the somewhat weird appearance it creates. During the assembly, most customers had trouble fitting in the drawers in their slots, and besides, unlike other parts, some drawer hardware was not labeled with part numbers which made it even more difficult.

The knee space is also not spacious enough, especially for someone with long legs and you will keep knocking the keyboard tray, making it more prone to damages. Also, if you have a big office chair, then you will have trouble fitting it under the desk.

This desk has an unfinished back which is not mentioned in the specifications. For this reason, you cannot set the desk in the middle of the room; rather you have to place it by the wall where its back is not left out in the open. One customer had to find some paint and finish it on his own.

However, apart from the issues with the drawers, a small knee space, and an unfinished back, there are no major issues that can make the desk less functional.


This desk is highly rated and has impeccable customer reviews. Its simple design is perfect for someone with less elaborate taste. The fact the desk can be used in either a traditional setting or a modern one is amazing and makes it more preferable. Besides, the desk is very sturdy and is capable of years of service before damaging. The finishing is also fantastic, and so are the colors which you can comfortably fit in your study without worrying about causing unnecessary pop.

With just a simple click, you get not only a storage place but also a valuable home décor at a very affordable price.

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In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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