Hillsdale L-Shaped Computer Desk by Red Barrel Studio Review


One thing that can keep you working even after a long day’s work is a neat working area with neatly arranged books and paperwork and of course adequate space.

Constructed with a contemporary design and a classy silhouette, the Hillsdale computer desk is one asset you will love to have in your home, if not for its spacious working space then for the expensive feeling it accords any room it is set. The desk has two beautifully designed pedestal bases, both of which are spacious and easy to work on. Besides the working space, the desk also features drawers that can easily accommodate not only A4 paperwork but also legal and letter sized ones. On one of the pedestal bases is a computer tower cabinet that is whimsically set behind a fluted glass panel door. Additionally, the desk has two shelves that have cable managing cut-out backings. With this desk, none of your devices will ever run low on power; not with the well-functioning built-in four-port USB hub. Also, the colors used on the finishing are classy and so is the high-quality paint. Lastly, this desk is quite sturdy, thanks to the high-end wood used in its construction.

Driven with the desire to satisfy each of their customer’s need, Red Barrel Studio produces products which are not only functional but are also high-quality as well as affordable, hence ensuring the happiness of their customers always. Their designs also lack competition, and their products will blend effortlessly in a variety of aesthetics, be it urban or rural.


This item falls under computer desks category, and it comes in an L-shape. It is constructed using two different materials for the top part and the base. The material details for the top is manufactured wood, specifically laminate wood, while the base has material details of particle board. It has a finished back and two exterior shelves which are very spacious and can hold a number of books of various sizes. Additionally, the desk features file drawers which have an advanced ball bearing gliding mechanism, saving you from the hassle of trying to pull out a stuck drawer. The desk also has a CPU storage as well as cable management and built-in USB ports which will keep your devices charged always. Holding a computer tower cabinet and the shelves are two sturdy pedestal bases, forming the L-shape of the desk. This desk has a weight capacity of 200 pounds, and both the Espresso Oak and Harvest Cherry are originally from China while the Heather grey is from the USA. Unfortunately, the desk does not come with a chair, but you can get a simple ergonomic chair to round up the look and augment the functionality.

Finding space for L-shaped desks can sometimes be tricky because while one side will fit, the other side of the L might be too long for your available space. For this reason, it is essential to have all the dimensions of the desk as listed below and compare them with those of the area you intend to use in order to get a perfect fit.

Espresso Oak Finish

  • The overall height – top to bottom is 30.16”
  • The dimensions of the desktop are 30.16” H x 59.45” W x 35.71” D
  • The overall product weight is 142.5 lb.

Harvest Cherry Finish

  • The overall height – top to bottom is 30.16”
  • The dimensions of the desktop are 29.80” H x 71.18” W x 26.81” D
  • The overall product weight is 142.5 lb.

Heather Gray Finish

  • The overall height – top to bottom is 30.00”
  • The dimensions of the desktop are 29.96” H x 60.00” W x 23.19” D
  • The overall product weight is 148.2 lb.

Other Dimensions

  • The overall dimensions are 59.45” W x 59.45” D
  • The dimensions of the shelf are 0.71” H x 59.45” W x 23.19” D
  • The dimensions of the knee space are 29.45” H x 23.46” W x 21.06” D
  • The left side length is 59.45”
  • The right side length is 59.45”
  • The distance from the corner to the drawers where the chair goes is 19.8″
  • The dimensions of the space above the drawer are 10″ H x 14.25″ W x 17″ D
  • The dimensions of the opening above the CPU holder are 3.75″ H x 14.25″ W x 21.25″ D

Available Select Finish

This computer desk comes in amazing deep colors which are very expensive looking. The paint is also high-end and sleek which adds to its classiness.

Below are the available color combinations:

  • Espresso Oak
  • Harvest Cherry
  • Heather gray


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This desk is listed online for $283.99 which is inclusive of a 21% discount. Compared to other desks of the same nature, the desk seems to be way underpriced. Besides, sales and promotions occasionally pop up over the year, and the desk usually goes for much lower prices.

If you are interested in getting protection for the desk, you can purchase one from Uniters at a very affordable price. The protection plan has broad coverage and any claim you may wish to make, you can make through Uniters’ website or by using the contact on the protection plan certificate to call them, any time of the day or night. Also, the protection plan has a 30-day risk-free refund. Meaning, in any case, you change your mind within thirty days of purchase, you can cancel it and claim a full refund with no fees or deductibles.


To begin with, this desk is very classy. Besides being available at a low price, the desk looks expensive, and its sleekness adds to it a glow that makes it even more gorgeous. The manufactured wood is of high quality, and one would mistake it for solid wood. The sturdiness of the desk is also remarkable, and when handled well, it can give you years of satisfying service.

The two pedestal bases are very useful and hold spacious shelves. With the desk, you will not have to squeeze a pile of books on a small space. The shelves are quite spacious, and what’s better, even your legal sized paperwork will easily fit in. The glass door is also as convenient as it is elegant. You can easily place your confidential stuff in there and be sure no one will access them. The cable management is another addition that makes the desk worth every cent. Your cables will be well hidden, and you will have a neat and organized workspace. Additionally, the USB ports are very convenient as you will have an easy time charging your devices.

Lastly, the delivery of the desk is pretty fast. Most customers in their review, confirmed the arrival of the item on the set date while some had their packages on earlier dates that had been scheduled.


The instructions for the assembly of the desk are not very helpful. Most of the directions, about 99% are just pictures with very few words, making it quite difficult to follow through especially for someone who has no experience in assembling furniture. The assembling process is also quite time-consuming. Most customers used 3-5 hours in putting it together which is quite a lot and somewhat frustrating. Also, even though the general assembling process is not that complicated, the glass door is a problem on its own and putting it together is a task on its own. The door is also not quite useful for people with laptops; it becomes more valuable if you have a desktop.

While the paint is very shiny and classy, it is not that durable, and just a little scratch will cause noticeable damage. You will, therefore, have to handle the desk with extra care lest you mess with the sleek look.

The desk is delivered in two heavy boxes that will have your back aching all night if you dare carry them alone. Therefore, just as with the assembly, you will have to borrow a hand to help you carry them. The desk is also very heavy and moving it around while already assembled will be a tricky task. Lastly, when you first remove the desk from the package, you will find little pieces of Styrofoam and packing dust, which you will have to set aside roughly 20 minutes just to dust off and remove the pieces.

However, the desk is generally quite functional and classy and will leave you appreciating every penny you spent on it.


This desk is a great buy, and it will serve you adequately. The colors are remarkably deep, and the manufactured wood provides sturdy support to the whole thing. It is also very spacious, and you will have all your books and paperwork fitting perfectly on the shelves. For its price, this desk is a perfect addition; one you will not regret any cent you spend on.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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