Henninger Tufted Storage Ottoman by Alcott Hill Review


If you are looking for a nice, convenient, and versatile storage ottoman, then look no further. The Henninger Tufted Storage Ottoman is a small-scale piece that comes with plenty of purposes. It is made with a solid wood frame and features a foam-filled and button-tufted lid. The lid lifts to reveal a convenient spot to stash blankets, board games, seasonal items, gloves, remotes, random home paraphernalia, and more. With polyester-blend upholstery in a neutral desert tan, this item is nicely enveloped with a design that offers essential versatility. Finally, turned legs underneath the item complete its look with a touch of classic character and stately standing.

Inspired by America’s heartland, Alcott Hill creates a traditional home that never compromises on comfort. Their designs are crafted with the belief that quality, value, and style are key in providing our shoppers with furniture that becomes a part of the family; and their collections are grounded in warm colors and rich materials.

Whenever you buy an ottoman or any other item online from Wayfair, it is easy for you to find out when your product will reach you and you will also know, thanks to reviews such as this, what kind of product you will receive. We strive to provide accurate reviews and customer comments, as well as vetted answers to popular questions so that you can find what you need and buy those items online with complete confidence and assurances of quality, looks, and performance. Read on below for our comprehensive review of this product.


This is a round storage ottoman that is upholstered in polyester blend and comes in a solid pattern. The frame of the ottoman is made of solid and manufactured wood that is dark walnut in color. The tufted cushions and the item as a whole can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth as needed. Made in China, this item has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. The seat is filled with foam and assembly is required. It also has a 1-year warranty and comes with a Proposition 65 warning. This is an environmental and health warning that is used to indicate to consumers that the item in question is free from harmful or hazardous chemicals and can be safely used in the home.

Few things are as disappointing as finding that the perfect furniture item that you purchased doesn’t even fit where you planned to use it, make sure to compare the measurements of this product as below with the space in which you intend to use it.

  • Overall Dimensions: 15” H x 25” W x 25” D
  • Storage Space: 7.6” H x 21.5” W x 21.5” D
  • Overall Product Weight: 18.04 lb.

As we will see in the reviews that follow, some people had issues with the item not fitting where they wanted to use it, and the item not being the size or shape that buyers expected. Make sure to cross-check the dimensions above with the space you have for your ottoman.

Available Select Upholstery

This item is made of solid and manufactured wood that comes in the following color options:

  • Desert Tan
  • Dark Gray
  • Light Blue
  • Light Tan
  • Navy

These colors are pretty dark and sober and lean to the traditional side of things rather than the pop and flair side. Give it a try if that is the theme you are going for or have going in your home already.


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This ottoman is currently listed online for between $92 and $110 depending on the color you get. The cheapest version is the Desert Tan version, and the rest all cost $110. You can purchase a comprehensive protection plan for this ottoman that covers it from nicks, spills, cuts, scratches, punctures, dents, and the like. Both of the two plans that are available and are refundable within 30 days of purchase are the 3-year plan that can be purchased for $11.99 and the 5-year plan can be purchased for $18.99.

Furthermore, if you are either unable or unwilling to pay for the ottoman up front, you can sign up for a customer-friendly payment plan from Affirm with which you can purchase this ottoman for as little as $10 a month. You can take 12 months to pay with the Wayfair credit card as well. If you are buying this item for a business, you can unlock insider pricing for this ottoman. See Wayfair online for details.


Most people were happy with this product. This is how we know. One buyer said that she was very happy with the product. As previous reviewers have mentioned, there is definitely a blue thread in the fabric. Make sure to look closely at online photos to verify this. The blue thread is not apparent, however, unless you are pretty close to the ottoman. It works well with neutral sofas, though. That is what makes this a great product for a great price! Some people professed to being unable to believe the great price considering they shopped around in stores and online for months. One buyer said she needed this exact small size which is hard to find. She was worried it would look and feel cheap but it does not! She was glad she read previous reviews about there being a blue thread through it because I would have been shocked to see the blue if she wasn’t prepared. It definitely has a blue thread through it but still has a light tan color overall. Great storage for small things like a blanket or magazines. You can even put a tray on top for drinks. It’s great! The pros are that this ottoman delivers great value and great style. The cons are that there is a slight blue thread that is not mentioned in the official description. The legs are not very stylish but it’s low so they aren’t seen very well, which is good.

For a very lived in living room, this is a great piece to go for. One buyer said she was surprised by the color because it is a creamy beige color but there’s that blue threading weaved throughout, which works well with only some and possibly not all décor themes. It’s a lovely addition to any very lived in living room, and it’s kid safe! The pros are that it is comfortable, comes ready and assembled, and is sturdy, but it is a bit smaller than some people wanted, but it works great!

If you are looking for a smaller size ottoman to go with a gray/yellow/tan décor, then this is perfect. The photo online looks yellow but in person, it is more tan with blue stitching which works well with lots of other color palettes. Keep in mind it is on the smaller side but if that’s what you want, this is perfect!


Some negative customer reviews had the following to say about this item.

It is exactly as pictured, although it seems like it is a bit smaller in person. The fabric is more tweed-like than some expected, but that may just be an advertising mishap. The stool is fine, but we would not recommend paying $80+ for it. Up close, one can see that the craftsmanship isn’t great, and perhaps not worth $90 or so.

One customer said I=it took months for this to get to them because Wayfair wouldn’t deliver it to her door. If you are selling furniture, you should absolutely deliver it to the place it needs to go. When she proactively contacted Wayfair about the delivery, they suggested that she find a friend to help her carry her furniture to her apartment. Ridiculous! That said, the price is exceptional, but the fabric did not wear well. It gets the job done, but the fabric stretches and pills, making it look very worn after a matter of weeks.


There are pros and cons to everything. For this ottoman, the pros are the facts that it delivers great value, and the ottoman feels firm and durable because it is made of prime materials with support. On the other side of things, however, the upholstery and wood used in the construction of the ottoman can feel thin, and the ottoman itself can be somewhat shorter than what you might expect from the pictures that are posted online. However, with an overall rating of 4.5 stars on a 5-star scale across over 1,000 reviews, this item should be a decent pick for a reliable and competitively priced bedroom or living room storage solution, either in your main room or your teen’s room. It comes in a decent variety of colors, is not too expensive, comes from a respected and known design home, and is easy to move around the house to wherever you may need it. Give it a try and let us know how you like it. We hope our review was of use to you!

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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