Harris Computer Desk by Zipcode Design Review


Finding the right office chair that is both elegant and functional as well as affordable can sometimes be tricky. It is even more difficult if you are someone with elaborate taste because then you will have to spend much more. However, Harris Computer Desk perfectly satisfies all these qualities, and yet it is still quite affordable.

This is a functional and very elegant desk designed in an outstandingly classy style. Its contemporary silhouette which is both chic and unique can fit perfectly in an urban aesthetic. The flair finishing is just as fabulous, especially for the chrome accent, which accords the desk with quite an expensive look. To explain the perfect finishing; the desk is painted using high-quality paint, which is not only durable but also elegant. Though the color options are just two, they are warm and harmonious and will effortlessly blend in with any color palette. The solidity of the desk is also unquestionable since the manufactured wood used in crafting it is sturdy and gives the desk strong support, hence preventing any wobbling. The desk seems to be way too spacious for a desk of its size. The top surface is spacious enough to hold your PC and maybe a table lamp or a telephone. The two drawers on the right are as well helpful and will hold your stationery and other stuff. Below the drawers is a deep, hanging file cabinet in which you can arrange files of various sizes. What is better is that both the drawers and the file cabinet have a gliding mechanism, and so does the spacious keyboard tray. The desk also has a CPU storage which besides having an opening for cables at the back, also has an adjustable shelf which you can choose to remove if necessary.

Zipcode Designs has the lead when it comes to designing unique furniture that are not only gorgeous but are also unique and stand out from other furniture. The high quality of the products is amazing and gives Zipcode an upper hand over other designers. What is more amazing is the affordable prices of their products, which are despite the high-quality.


The desk is under the category of computer desk, and it comes in a rectangular shape. It has the same color for both its base and top. The desk is constructed using both manufactured wood and solid wood, and this makes it stable and robust. The base is constructed using manufactured wood with material details of MDF and steel, and laminate for wood construction details. It has one cabinet and two drawers which use ball bearing glides mechanism, it has a metal handle and safety stop and have a weight capacity of 22 pounds. The desk also has a CPU storage which has an adjustable shelf and back opening for cables. It, unfortunately, does not come with a chair, and neither does it have a hutch. The desk has an overall weight capacity of 80 pounds, and it is originally from China.

Always make sure you check the dimensions of a desk as listed below and those of the available space on which you plan to set it. This is just to ensure that the desk fits and you do not go through the trouble of having to return it or try to fix it a small space.

Keyboard Tray

  • The height of the keyboard is 5”
  • The width of the keyboard is 24.5”
  • The depth of the keyboard is 12”

Other Dimensions

  • The overall dimensions are 30” H x 48” W x 24” D
  • The dimensions of the cabinet interior are 22.3” H x 12” W x 24.5” D
  • The dimensions of the drawer interior are 3.2” H x 13” W x 16” D
  • The dimensions of the desktop are 30” H x 48” W x 24” D
  • The overall product weight is 111 lb.
  • The dimensions of the computer tower cabinet are 21″H x 9″W x 17″D
  • The dimensions of the leg opening area are 26″ H x 19.5″ W x 19″ D.
  • Distance from the top of the keyboard tray to the bottom of the desk work surface: 2.75″

Available Select Finish

This desk comes in two fabulous colors as listed below. The colors are pretty cool and can fit easily in a wide range of color themes. You can always decide to get creative without messing with the classiness. To do so, match the desk with a simple office chair and a chrome-accented area rug, and you would have.

Below are the available color options:

  • Chocolate
  • Gray


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

The current online listing for this computer is $199.99. This price is never constant; rather it keeps on changing with the regular seasonal promotions and marketing deals. For this reason, you should keep watch just to ensure you get it at the least cost possible. Alternatively, if you cannot pay the $199.99 at once, you can opt for the payment plan which requires you to pay little amounts, in this case, $13 per month for one and a half years, which is an irresistible deal.

If you are interested in protection for the desk, they are available with Uniters from whom you can purchase at a very fair price. The protection plan covers for accidental damages from stains (food, beverage, and pet stain), punctures, dents, gouges or chips. On the other hand, the protection does not cover intentional damages from neglect, accumulation, abuse or failure to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty. It also does not cover damages caused by natural disasters like a flood. Lastly, you can call Uniters’ using the contacts provided on the protection certificate to make any claim, or simply submit it through their website.


First off this desk is more elegant than it appears in pictures. Its distinctive and contemporary design is amazing, and for that case, it is the center of attention in any room it is placed. The finishing is done perfectly, giving the desk smooth and neat surfaces, hence the fine touch. Still, on the finishing, the paint used is high quality, and it not only gives the desk a sophisticated look but also ensures the appearance remains intact since it is highly resistant to scratch. The colors are also amazing and perfect for an office or study room. The price is also very low despite the many incredible features the desk displays.

Because of the manufactured wood and solid wood used on the top, it is quite sturdy, and so is the base which is constructed using MDF and steel. These materials make the desk pretty robust and capable of holding up to the normal usage. The drawers of the desk are very convenient in stowing staplers, paper punch, pens, and other necessary stationery. The file cabinet is no less functional. It is very deep and comfortably holds files of different sizes.

The delivery of the desk is pretty quick, and it is done in two boxes which are not very heavy. The packaging is perfect, and all the parts are available and well labeled. Some customers even found bonus spare parts bag in their package. The assembly process is quite easy, and it becomes even simpler if you have someone helping you. The instructions provided are as well straightforward and easy to follow.


The desk comes with a small screwdriver which is not very helpful since the desk needs a power drill to put together. The spare parts are also so many and confusing, and if you fail to line them up first before starting the assembly, then you will get all frustrated. Even though the assembly process is not too technical, it is time-consuming and most customers took at least two hours.

Though the opening at the back for cables is a plus to some customers, to some, it is unnecessary and inconvenient especially if you plan to set the desk in the middle of the room and not by the wall.

Besides the minor issues, the desk is still a good buy, and it comes with great customer reviews, except for the few problems that could use some improvement.


This desk is a perfect buy, from its design to its functionality and the high-quality materials used. Its neat finishing makes it more flair and gives it a fine texture. The paint used is also high-grade, and it adds an extra notch of class to the desk. The solidity of the desk is not only incredible but also guarantees its durability. Additionally, there are many storage and writing spaces which are not generally expected from a desk of this size.

This desk goes beyond just offering you space to type and keep your files. It also gives your office or study or whichever place you choose to place it, an expensive look. So if that is what you want, then do not hesitate to make that click.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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