Harper Twin Low Loft Bed by Viv + Rae Review


A good night’s sleep for your little one should be on your priority list, and the Harper Twin Low Loft Bed has got you covered with its eye-catching design and neat finishing, not to mention the extra comfort it provides.

Crafted from metal, this uniquely designed bed offers much more than a comfortable, restful retreat. It is a décor in its own definition. Its contemporary silhouette is one to die for and so are its color options which are a blend with any color palette. The sturdiness of the bed, which is attributed to by the strong metal used in constructing the frames, is remarkable. The guardrails are no less functional. They are neatly and strategically constructed along the lengths of the bed to prevent your child from falling off.

Additionally, the bed features a system of metal slats that ensure the mattress is in place, and do away with the need for a box spring. Even better, besides being comfortable and a worthy addition to the room, this bed will allow your son or daughter a few moments of fun before sleeping, with its safely crafted slide. To get a classic and welcoming look, set this bed next to a warmly toned wall, then just in front of the slide, place a soft, cotton, solid-toned yet mellow area rug. Place one kid chair and a small table in the space below the bed, and on the wall hung a large wallpaper with specific pictures, depending on the gender of your kid.

The aim of Viv + Rae has always been to help their customers put their imagination into reality and create the room they have always desired. Their unique silhouette has always offered them an edge over other designers, and so has their capability to harmoniously combine traditional and contemporary designs to produce perfect, well-fitting products. The high-end quality of their products is also remarkable, despite the low price at which they sell.


Harper Twin Low Loft Bed is constructed on metal frames, which explains why it is so robust. The system of slats that it features are stable and functional enough to hold the mattress in place, hence no box spring is required, and none is included. The bed also has guardrails which are pretty instrumental in keeping the user safe. They are also detachable, and therefore you can just disengage them from the bed when need be. To aid in climbing up and down the bed are a built-in ladder and a slide, which, also allows for some little fun.

Both boys and girls can use this twin size bed. It is originally from China, and its total weight is 71.5 lb.

Before making a purchase, it is usually wise to be prepared with the space to set it. Part of the preparation is to ensure the dimensions of the bed, and that of the space correspond. A better option is to add a few inches across the measurements of the bed for the sake of being certain. Below are the dimensions and weight of the bed.

  • The overall dimensions of the bed are 43” H x 41.5” W x 77.5” L
  • The overall product weight is 71.5 lb.
  • The clearance from floor to underside of bed is 29”
  • The dimensions of the legs are 29.5″ H x 1.55″ W x 1.55″ D.
  • Two 0.25″ x 2.19, eight 0.31″ x 0.25″, twenty four 0.25″ x 0.62″, ten 0.25″ x 1.19″, two 0.25″ x 1.37″ screws, and one 4mm alum key is required
  • The length of the side rails are 41.5 inches
  • The length of the back rails are 77.5 inches
  • The length of the front rails are 45 inches
  • The dimensions of the bed slats are 41.5″ H x 0.62″ W
  • The height of the rails is 12″
  • The measurement from the back of the bed to the tip of the slide is 98.5″

Available Select Upholstery

This bed comes in two basic colors as mentioned below. The bed, rather the available colors go best with white bedding. However, you can decide to get creative and use any cool color bedsheet, a brightly colored floral duvet and matching pillows to get a striking look.

Below are the available color combination:

  • Silver/Blue
  • White (add $5 to the total price)


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

Inclusive of a 55% discount, this bed is currently listed online for $155.99. This price, however, changes through the year depending on the promotion or sale deal being offered. For this reason, you should keep checking online, as you can end up getting the bed at a mind-blowing price. Alternatively, if getting the cash all at ones is a problem, you can opt for the monthly payment plan. With this plan, you can pay as little as $10 every month for a year and a half.

This product also has a protection plan which is quite affordable and can be purchased from Uniters. The protection has coverage for unintentional damages like punctures. However, it does not cover for damages caused by intentional abuse or those caused by natural disasters. In case of cancellation of the purchase within thirty days, you get to enjoy a 30-day risk-free refund with no deductibles. However, if the thirty days elapse, then your refund will be subjected to deductibles and fees. Lastly, you can file a claim any time of your choosing whether day or night.


First off, this bed has a perfect design for a kid, especially a three-year-old, as most customers bought it for their kids of that age. Its contemporary silhouette is a fit in any aesthetic and the color options are superb. They are not choosy when it comes to themes, and you can decide to get creative with either brilliant shades or dull ones, in which the bed will effortlessly blend in. Its whole structure is unique and eye-catching and will spontaneously grab the attention of anyone who walks into the room.

The metals used on the frames and the railings are very strong and steady, hence making the bed very sturdy. Also, the solidity and firmness of the structure help in preventing the usual annoying creaks. Additionally, the bed is pretty safe as the guardrails are firmly attached and you will not have to worry about your kid falling off.

The space below the bed is perfect. It is quite extensive and will comfortably accommodate three-year-olds of standard height while standing. The space comes in handy when you need space to store some stuff. Alternatively, you can place a chair and a table and maybe a stand below the bed and provide your kid with a study room. One customer was very much impressed by the space; he slid another mattress on the floor below the bed for his other child to sleep on.

Lastly is on perhaps the best part for the kids, which is the slide. It looks much longer than anticipated. It offers some fun moments to your kids. However, you have to ensure the floor is clear of any sharp or crude objects, lest your little one gets hurt.


One customer was specifically worried about the sharp edges of the bed which, when not carefully watched, can cause injuries. Another customer received her package in a damaged box which had an impact on the bed making it less steady than it should have been had it been packaged well. The craps of her bed that go on the post also kept peeling off and messing with the fine finishing.

The fact that the slide and the ladder are not interchangeable is also disadvantageous, and a customer who purchased two beds was quite disappointed when she could not interchange the ladder and slide for a perfect fit.

Apart from these few minor issues, this bed is a good find and should be given a shot.


For someone with seasoned experience in shopping, this bed is quite a buy. Its elaborate design is one to die for and a perfect choice for your son’s or daughter’s transition, as it will allow him/her to get all playful and lively. The material used in its construction is high end, and the paints are of high quality, hence endorsing the bed with just the perfect finishing. Along with being a great addition to any room, the bed is pretty sturdy and comfortable and provides restful sleep. Also, the slats are very instrumental in holding the mattress into place and preventing unnecessary slides. Finally, the bed is quite underpriced, and for a product as remarkable as it is, one would anticipate a much higher cost.

Do you care enough for your kid’s happiness? Then an elegant, uniquely designed bed is the right way to show it. Let your little one love his room not just because he gets to sleep in it but also because he can get all active and happy in it.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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