Fuf Bean Bag Chair by Comfort Research Review


Alleviate your seating ensemble to a league of its own with Fuf Bean Bag Chair which will offer you extra comfort, along with according your room with a touch of elegance and class with its distinctive design.

The Fuf Bean Bag Chair is a classic addition to any home. For starters, it is made with a high-end cover that is not just tough but is also classy and adds an extra notch of sophistication to the whole look. The bean bag is made to offer extra comfort, and the foam used in filling does that just right. This foam takes a while before they finally flatten, and when they do, you can always choose to refill it, which also does not require much in terms of money and effort. The big size of the bean bag also serves as an advantage as it provides enough space to cuddle up. The bean bag can comfortably accommodate two people, even though, according to the specifications, the seating capacity is one. Though the most significant aspect of the bean bag is the comfort, it is also a home décor, as its bold design makes it quite attractive. Wherever you set this bean bag, it will grab the attention of anyone getting into the room.

Comfort Research designs bean bags with bold designs that make the center of attention of any room in which they are set. Their choice of finishing is impeccable as they flawlessly finish their bean bags with solid colors that harmoniously and effortlessly blend in with various color palettes. The materials they use in making the bean bags are also impressive and of high quality hence highly durable. For this reason, Comfort Research noticeably stands out from other designers of similar products. Finally, their bean bags are extra comfortable and just what you need to have the time of your life while watching a movie or reading a book.


Fuf Bean Bag Chair is upholstered in 100% polyester with microfiber and microsuede. It falls under the bean bag chair category, and it comes in large size which is quite accommodating. The finishing of the bean bag is in solid colors which are pretty much all-befitting with various color palettes. It comes pre-filled with foam which attributes to the extra comfort. It also has childproof closure, and zip closures meant for the purposes of refilling. The cover is double stitched which makes it strong. Unfortunately, it is not removable, and product care is done by simple spot treating. This bean bag has a very big weight capacity compared to other bean bags of similar price. It can hold up to 1000 pounds and the height from the ground when it is sat on is 6”. This bean bag comes with a 30-day warranty, and it is originally from the United States.

One mistake done by most customers is finalizing on the purchase without going through its dimensions, which is essential. You need to ensure the bean bag will fit ideally in the space you intend to set it to avoid frustrations of having to return or resell it simply because it is bigger than you anticipated. Carefully go through the measurements, then compare them with the size of the predetermined space beforehand. You can also add a few inches on the dimensions of the bean bag. Below are the weights and dimensions.

  • The overall dimensions of the bean bag are 34” H x 48” W x 48” D
  • The overall product weight is 31 lb.

Available Select Finish

This bean bag is available in seven colors as are listed below. These colors are rich and vivid. Besides, being as multiple as they are, you can easily choose which one suits best your taste best. Whichever you go with, you will be impressed with the results as they are all incredible.

Below are the available color combinations:

  • Comfort Suede Sierra Red
  • Comfort Suede Espresso
  • Comfort Suede Black Onyx
  • Oat (add $31 to the total price)
  • Fog (add $31 to the total price)
  • Cocoa (add $31 to the total price)
  • Cobalt (add $31 to the total price)
  • Black (add $31 to the total price)


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This bean bag is listed online for $104.99 for the primary colors and the rest as shown above in the available select finish. Though the price may seem a little bit high for a bean bag, the features and what this bean bag has to offer are very equivalent to the cost. Though there are currently no ongoing sales, Comfort Research usually throws in occasional seasonal promotions and deals. With such offers, the price often drops very much. You could be one of the lucky buyers to get this bean bag at an unimaginably low price. All you need to do is search for such deals at your time of purchase.

There are other ways through which you can purchase the bean bag. The first one is a payment plan that requires you to pay as little as $12 month for 12 months. The other one is by unlocking insider prices, and this requires that you be shopping for a business.

Wayfair has in place design experts who can help with helping you set the bean bag at the rightful place. The services are very affordable, and they are available at $79 only. Even though you might know better what you desire for your room and how to set the bean bag, a professional opinion is always better.


This bean bag is as shown in the picture, if not better. It is very spacious which makes it quite accommodative and you can easily cuddle up with your pet on it. The comfort it offers is also nothing less than remarkable. You can comfortably sleep on it the whole night without feeling any neck or shoulder aches. Also, the childproof closure makes it feel warmer and cozier.

The material of the cover used is high-quality, and it gives the chair a quite expensive look, which adds to the sophistication. Also, the fabric is resilient, and it is less vulnerable to tears. The colors are also impressive, and they fit so perfectly in a range of color themes. Besides, they are so vivid and warm; they immediately bring life to the room.

The price of this bean bag is reasonably low, and people of various financial capability can easily afford it without noticing a dent in your budget. Either way, it is worth every penny spent on it, and you will be proud of the buy, considering the benefits it has to offer. Besides, if you cannot get the money all at ones, there is the payment plan which makes it easier to pay.

This bean bag is delivered within the scheduled time, and most customers were impressed since they did not have to make calls inquiring about the delivery. Some of the packages were received way earlier than anticipated. What’s better, the shipping is free of charge. The packaging is also done perfectly, and the bean bag arrives in perfect shape.


Though the material is tough and elegant, the microsuede part of it seems to bring out a downside. It picks up lint from the floor and pets making it look less appealing. This means you need to clean it with a lint roller, contrary to what is stated in the specifications.

Also, the foam inside is a bit uncomfortable since they are coated with plastic that makes them huge and they poke out the bean bag, making it a little bit bumpy. There are also some pieces that seem to have fallen off the foam or had been included in the packaging and they increase the pokiness. Even after trying to even them out, one customer could still not get it right, and he had to open up the bag and pick out the pieces which are quite an effort.

Generally, this is a good buy which has a few minor issues, and that is quite typical of any purchase. However, there are no other surprising issues besides this.


Except for a few improvements that the bean bag requires, it is a great buy that comes with a whole lot of remarkable customer reviews. The bean bag chair is very comfortable, and you will love sitting or sleeping on it after you have had one of the tiresome days. It is also huge, and that makes it better since you have enough space to stretch out comfortably. Besides, after using the bean bag for a while and it starts flattening, you can always refill it and keep it full and comfortable. The material of the cover is also superb, both in its durability and the aesthetic value, making it just the perfect addition to your home.

Take that one step towards alleviating your home to a new level and make that single click which you will not regret.

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