Dmitry End Table with Storage by Beachcrest Home Review


Whether it is your living room you want to refurbish or it is your bedroom for which you need a nightstand, you should always evaluate and decide on what you need. Is it style, functionality or quality you want, or do you want all the three in one single asset? And how big is the budget on which you are running?

If you want all the three features in one asset, then Dmitry End Table is precisely what you are looking for. The end table is very sturdy, thanks to the solid and manufactured wood used in crafting it. Its simple yet elegant silhouette makes it a perfect décor, and so does its fine finishing which is done using refined paint. It has a wide range of vibrant colors from which you can choose. These colors will blend in perfectly in your theme and create an adorable pop, making your room all brilliant and lively. Besides, it also has a few colors which are suitable for dully themed rooms. With its two drawers, the top surface and the shelf, this end table is pretty functional and convenient. Its price is also unbelievably low and rare to get, especially for furniture with such remarkable features.

Beachcrest Home boasts a collection of coastal essentials which are not only elegant but also functional and are made from high-quality materials. Their breezy designs are in a league of their own, and so are their fair prices which makes them stand out from other designers.


Both the top and the base of this end table are crafted from solid and manufactured wood, hence the robustness. It has a shelf which is featured under the drawers. Atop are two drawers which slide in and out with a lot of ease. The end table has a weight capacity of 100 pounds which is more than can be said for similar products in the same price range. The supplier intended and approved use for the end table is residential use. Lastly, this product requires assembly before use, and the process requires a screwdriver.

Regardless of the size of the end table, it is usually wise to choose a place to it and get the measurements beforehand. After that, you should compare the dimensions of the end table as listed below and those of the intended space to ensure they correspond.

  • The overall dimensions are 28.25” H x 22” W x 15.63” D
  • The dimensions of the drawer interior are 4.63” H x 17.13” W x 13” D
  • The overall product weight is 33.29 lb.
  • The width between the two front legs is 17.1″
  • The dimensions of the shelf are 19″ W x 12.9″ D
  • The distance from the bottom of the shelf to the bottom of the drawer is approximately 11.10 inches.

Available Select Upholstery

Dmitry End Table is available in eight fantastic colors. The shades are very rich and attractive. You can create a colorful room with brilliant shades or create a slightly dull one with the warm ones, depending on your taste. The best part about it all is that you get to make your choice from multiple color options, meaning you get precisely what serves you best.

Below are the available color combinations:

  • Red
  • White
  • Black (add $4 to the total price)
  • Blue (add $4 to the total price)
  • Gray (add $4 to the total price)
  • Green (add $4 to the total price)
  • Pink Yellow (add $4 to the total price)


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

Dmitry End Table is currently listed online for $106.99. Though now there are no ongoing sales deals, they usually kick in over the year. With these deals and seasonal promotions, you can buy the end table at an extremely low price. It is for this reason that you should ensure you check for the least available price before finally making the purchase.

Besides the warranty, this end table also has a protection plan that starts operating immediately the manufacturer’s warranty expires. The plan is available with Uniters, and you can purchase it from them at a very affordable price. In regards to the plan, you can make claims any time to Uniters through their website or the contacts on the certificate. This protection plan, however, only covers for repairs of accidental damages. Those damages incurred while using the end table for commercial purposes or those that occur due to intentional abuse are not covered. Lastly, if you cancel the purchase within thirty days, you will get your full refund with no deductibles applied.


This end table is an excellent buy, and it looks way better in its actual self. First, you can use it with your couch as an end table or set it beside your bed to serve as a nightstand. For either role, this product functions satisfactorily. The quality is high-end, contrary to what most customers anticipated, due to the low price. The finishing is done using high-grade paint which gives it the subtle texture and also does not peel off easily, hence high durability. This design is meant for a traditional setting. However, it can also be used in contemporary interior design, and it will still fit in perfectly. The colors are also attractive and rich.

Because of the manufactured wood used in its construction, this end table is pretty robust. Its joineries are firmly fixed, hence making it stable.

Its delivery is speedy, and most customers received their packages in time. There are no problems with shipping and packaging. It is perfectly done with each piece covered in plastic then covered with Styrofoam. Other hardware like the nuts and bolts are also wrapped carefully in cardboard. All the parts required are available and well labeled. Putting the end table together is easy, and the pieces fit in nicely. It is also less time-consuming, and most customers had it together and functional in less than an hour.

Though not so deep, the drawers are wide enough to hold your must-have necessities at an arm’s reach, saving you from the trouble of getting up every time. They also slide in and out smoothly, and they hardly stick. The top surface is also spacious enough to hold your lamp and some tchotchke. The shelf below the drawers can also keep the books that cannot fit inside the drawers or on the top surface.

It is of perfect size, and when used as a nightstand, you can set it beside your bed and still have some space left. It is also neither too short nor too tall.


Most customers who bought the white shade were a bit disappointed. Though most of them expected a pure white as shown in the pictures, what they received was an off white which did not fit in perfectly with the white of other furniture in their room, hence an inconsistent appearance.

The drawers are also not as wide as some customers had anticipated. Also, while opening or closing them, the drawers make a clicking sound which is quite annoying. Though the assembly is pretty simple, it would have been even more effortless with more precise and detailed instructions. These directions are vague especially the guidelines on fitting the cam locks, and if you are a newbie, or not just keen enough, then you can get all frustrated trying to fix them.

Lastly, though the end table has a finished back, the appearance is not so appealing since it has exposed staples. Besides, the wood used for the back is of lower quality than that used for the overall unit. Also, one customer’s end table had a nail pop on the back. Because of this, you cannot place the end table in an open space with its back out in the open. Apart from not-so-wide drawers, difficult-to-put together cam locks and a poorly done finished back, this end table has no significant issues that can stop it from serving you as well as you expect.


Bring function to your bedside with this perfectly designed end table, which you can also use in your living room beside your couch. The end table is designed in a style that fits perfectly in both a contemporary or traditional setting. It has a neat and high-quality finishing that will ensure the appearance remains in good shape and does not peel off. The multiple solid color options are remarkable and serve both customers with rich taste in colors and those with simple tastes. What’s more, the end table is crafted from both solid and manufactured wood which, therefore, ensure it is pretty sturdy. The end table is also triple functional, as it has a spacious top surface, drawers and a shelf.

So, if classy, functional, and durable are the things that you are looking for, then this affordable end table should be your number one choice.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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