Deford End Table by Ebern Designs Review


If you are in the market for a large and good looking glass end table, then we would like to introduce you to the Deford End Table by Ebern Designs. This end table features a large, round glass top that is safety-tempered. This is the key feature that gives this table its distinctive and sophisticated look. It is a spacious table that gives you all of the space you need to display a wide range of different items, both for décor purposes as well as for function, such as framed pictures, holding remotes and lamps, or setting your hot or cold seasonal drink to a side.

With construction comprised of metal and four sturdy legs that are connected by a round metal band, this is a trendy table that is finished on all sides. This finish allows you to use the table in a variety of settings and placements across any room in your house. You can use it next to the sofa in the living room, next to your bed as a nightstand, and you can even leave it standing on its own as an anchor piece. Available in Black or Gold, this round end table is low on cost and high on function. It is just the right height for use in a variety of settings and placements and has been designed with the customer – and customer utility – in mind.

Ebern Designs is in the business of helping customers create the perfect home they desire. Their collections of furniture feature elegance, functionality, and quality. Ebern Designs stands out from other designer companies thanks to the quality and durability of their products. Their products have also kept customers coming back for more. All of their items are competitively priced and will not dent your budget. By combining streamlined stylings and fashionable accents, Ebern Designs is your one-stop shop for everything essential in creating a modern and contemporary look throughout your living quarters.

We compile customer reviews, manufacturer specs, price details, color options, assembly insights, delivery issues, and other relevant content for you in a single, comprehensive review with the aim of making it as easy as possible for you to decide on your next sofa, loveseat, accent chair, sectional, end table, bed, headboard, or other household items. If you are looking for a trendy end table for your home, consider the Deford end table.


This end table features a glass top and a metal base that comes in a gloss finish. The glass is tempered for safety and the table itself has a maximum weight capacity of 50 pounds. Made in Taiwan, this item is designed, intended, and approved for residential use. Assembly is required and all the assembly tools are included.

This item comes in something of a complicated shape. The dimensions are not straightforward so you should measure the space in which you intend to use this item and compare those dimensions with the dimensions of this table.

  • Overall Dimensions: 22” H x 22” W x 22” D
  • Overall Product Weight: 14.96 lb.

Available Select Finish

The Deford End Table comes in Black and Gold finish. The finish is glossy and it gives the table its distinctive and distinguished sheen. If you have a refined taste in colors, then you need to go for something in a brighter or more vibrant shade. However, if you have simple taste, then you can go a dull color.


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This end table is on sale for about $66, giving you savings of about 5% on the table’s base price of $70. This is for the Black version. The Gold version costs about $72. For a functional and boldly designed item like this, the price is competitive. It doesn’t end there, however. Over the course of the year and with changing seasons, the seller often throws in seasonal promotions and deals that lower the price even further. It is for this reason that you should be on the watch for such sales. Make sure before you finalize on the purchase, you have searched for the least price available. You can purchase assembly for this item for as little as $37.99, and you can avail lower prices if buying this item for a business.

If you are interested in purchasing protection for your end table, you can purchase a plan from Uniters. The protection plans are reasonably priced and cost $7.99 or $11.99 for the 3 or 5-year plans, respectively.


One customer said that he has this end table in his living room next to his couch. He likes it because it isn’t too brassy in color as some gold-toned tables tend to be. It also is much larger in diameter than most end tables, which is why he chose it. He can place his magazines and glasses etc. on it. It is practical and available at a very, very reasonable in price. It is very easy to put together – assembly can be completed in as little as 10 minutes. It comes in a practical size, is not brassy in color, and is inexpensive.

The customers who liked this table generally had a few consistently good things to say about it. The positive attributed of the table were that it is light in weight, it is inexpensive, it comes with free delivery in most cases, it comes undamaged, and it is delivered quickly. It comes in only two color options but those are enough, considering the fact that end tables such as these are, in most cases, not purchased for looks but for functionality. With that said, we can attest to the versatility, utility, and function of this item. It can be used as a nightstand, as an end table next to your sofas, as a coffee table in the middle of the den or family room, and even as a stand by your mudroom for the likes of keys, mail, and other tidbits and home items.


This table might be too tall for some users. Furthermore, it has only one shelf, which seems like a waste of space, especially since another tempered glass top could have been easily installed to virtually double your work or storage surface area. Some customers said that the paint and finish on the table is cheap and is not really a gloss finish but is simply pain sprayed or applied directly to the metal body of the item. Others said that their items were wobbly, lacked sturdiness, were not good-looking, or looked cheap. Some customers complained about their end table having nicks and scratches that resulted from delivery damage, and these nicks and scratches affected the overall appearance of the table. Another customer received her item with stains and some damage on her table. Finally, some of the paint on the side of the legs also seemed to have been completed lackadaisically since the legs were not as smooth as the rest of the parts.

The legs of the end table are also not exactly drilled and assembled with precision. If you take a closer look at it, you may notice that they do not align perfectly. Another problem was with regards to smell. When the table is still new, it emits a toxic smell and you will have to keep your windows open to air it out.


Overall, we recommend this end table. It has been purchased and reviewed over 4,000 times, with the majority of those reviews perfect 5 stars out of 5. Everything has a few bad points, and the minor issues that have been reported by buyers of this item are nothing that will break the deal. They are trivial issues that are quite manageable and hardly affect the functionality and value of this end table.

With a distinctive look, ample surface area, low price, quick delivery, and sober tones and hues, this is a table that is sure to grab the attention of your guests and provide you with a convenient place to place the likes of drinks, electronics, frames, potpourri, décor knickknacks, and other similar home paraphernalia. It has a healthy dose of flair that gives it a touch of sass, and it features a bold and wrought-iron design that explains why it is the center of attention in whichever room in which you choose to place it. Made of metal and designed by an up and coming design home, this is an end table that is sure to last you many years. Some customers reported loose nails, low-quality hardware items and related fixtures, and issues with assembly, but we are confident that this end table has a long usability period.

If you are interested in receiving compliments from your friends and relatives, or even your neighbors, set your family room up with this boldly designed, functional, and elegant end table. It ticks all the right boxes in terms of price, usability, looks, design themes, available colors, construction, customer reviews, positive customer experiences, customer support, and size.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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