Clarence Sectional by Wade Logan Review


This sectional by Wade Logan is part of a collection of items that feature sleek contemporary designs intended to provide comfort and style to your home at an affordable price. This item is actually pretty unique, because it features three interchangeable arrangements, and it can be used either as a one-piece sectional sofa, or a two-piece sofa and ottoman set (both arrangements seat up to three adults at a time). It also comes with neat, European styling and cushioned backs, padded armrests, and cylindrical chrome legs. Trendy, lightweight, compact, and comfortable, this is a great piece for any lounge, living room, or study, and it has been bought for houses, apartments, and even dorm rooms.

Only high quality fabric materials have been used, and the same goes for the high density polyurethane foam filling in the seat cushions and back. Solid color patterns that go well with a wide range of home d├ęcor fittings are sure to make this a standout centerpiece of your home.

Bold designs inspired by European traditions are the themes behind Wade Logan furniture items. Sleek and modern home furnishings that give your home a feeling of tradition and majesty are the fashion of the day, and this sectional, in combination with rugs in fanciful prints or accentuating furniture with ultra-modern and glossy lines, will ensure that the design of the Clarence sectional is one that provides your home with seating options that are flexible, versatile, and affordable.


This is a sofa sectional that comes with fine fabric upholstery, and it is available in two colors (as outlined in the next section below). It can be configured as a sofa, as well as a chaise sectional. It is an L-shaped, left-facing piece of furniture and it comes with one sofa, one ottoman, but no toss pillows. The cushions are reversible, and the back and seat cushions are removable. The frame features a chrome finish, and the seat fill material is foam. The legs also come with a chrome finish.

The arms are track arms, and the back is a cushion back. This product is made in China, and it weighs a little over 100lbs. It also has a maximum weight capacity of 440lbs, which is just about all you would need for average-sized users. Assembly is required of course, but the entire sectional can be set up without tools, and no additional parts are required either.

As with all products, please check the measurements of the sectional as given below against the size of the living space in which you plan to use this piece of furniture before you finalize your purchase. Make sure that the sectional will fit in your intended area of use – that too in the arrangement that you expect to set it up in – and add a few inches across all measurements as well just to be safe:

  • The overall dimensions are 28.35″ X 79.13″ X 54.33″
  • The dimensions of the sofa (without the chaise) are 28.35″ X 79.13″ X 31.5″
  • The ottoman is 17.13″ X 22.83″ X 22.83″
  • The seat cushions are 22.8″ X 18.5″
  • The back cushions are 22.8″
  • The depth of the arms from front to back is 18″

Available Select Upholstery

This sectional comes in the two basic colors as listed below. Because the Clarence sectional was designed to bring a modern, European touch to your home, the color options of ash and beige are perfect for most settings, that too in the layouts that are possible with this sofa sectional as described above. However, as noted earlier, you can always create your own theme of modern versus minimalist or otherwise by combining your sectional with additional items such as lamps, colorful rugs, drapes, throws, and the like.

Below are the upholstery color combinations that you can choose from:

  • Ash – goes well for official and formal settings

  • Beige – provides a more elemental and trendy look


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

The Clarence sofa sectional is currently on sale for $470.99. At this price, you stand to save 13% off the official list price of $538.99. However, make sure to check the latest price of this piece before finalizing your purchase. There are often seasonal promotions and other marketing deals on offer, so try to catch any ongoing sales or lock in any deals at the exact time that you are ready to buy.

If you are interested in buying protection for this item, you can purchase a comprehensive protection plan for $39.99. The plan is provided by Uniters, and it covers accidental stains, incidental damage, and it even provides a 30-day risk-free refund if you are not satisfied. Further, you are given the manufacturer’s promise of full repairs with no deductions in case of any mishaps, and your coverage can be availed immediately. Finally, you can file a claim any time you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With reference to accidental stains and incidental damage to your furniture, this means that you are covered for unintentional stains, rips, tears, burns, punctures, chips, dents, and water rings. Customers who purchase a protection plan are covered for the above-mentioned damages as soon as their sofa is delivered. However, all customers should keep in mind that damage caused by neglect, improper care, intentional abuse, a failure to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty, or as a result of using the sofa or sectional for purposes other than its intended purpose of sitting on are not covered.


Lightweight, available in nice colors, easy to assemble, clean, and maintain, readily affordable, customizable to fit different room types and different seating needs, and reversible cushions are some of the more obvious pros of this product. The reversible chaise, small, compact size, modern look, actual colors that in reality are exactly as pictured, great value for the price, quick delivery with adequate packing, and shiny, chrome-finish legs are what customers liked best about this sectional.

If you live in a smaller house, condo, or apartment, or if you simply want to save space, and if you are looking for colors that are light but traditional and give an air of modernity with a hint of a high-end office, this is a great sectional for you to choose.


A number of customers complained that they felt like the sofa was simply a stack of cardboard wrapped in fabric, and that the product was just too small for their needs. Others said that their sofa sustained breakages within six months of purchase, and that the cushions were not only too hard, but that they were shallow as well, and that the foam filling used for them was prone to becoming dented and suffering depressions with use, even if used by lightweight people.

Further, the depth of the seats might not be adequate for taller people, and the lightweight construction might actually indicate low build quality.

This item has been purchased many times and by different people who have various backgrounds and different seating needs, but the overall rating of less than 4 on a 5-star scale (3.8 stars to be exact) indicates that this is something of a sub-par sofa. If you are able to get it on a large discount, it might be worth it, but if you’re looking for quality, durability, comfort, color options, smooth and soft upholstery, weight capacity, and adequate size for long-term and repeated use over months and years, this product probably won’t do the trick for you.


It can be difficult to draw a line between what makes a good sofa or sectional and what makes a bad one. This sectional looks great, it has a very modern look, the color schemes that are available have been carefully chosen by professional designers, the lines and cuts have been designed with traditional European looks in mind, and it is very compact and easy to assemble. However, for less than $500, you should not be surprised that this sofa sectional does not really provide a lot in terms of seating space, durability, and comfort. From issues with stiff cushions to problems with cleaning (the sofa’s upholstery is fabric and can only be spot cleaned), customers who expected more despite the price were understandably disappointed – not just with the quality of the item, but with its size as well.

The bottom line for the Clarence sofa sectional by Wade Logan is that on a substantially cut rate or at a very high discount, it is a great buy. It makes a great sofa for those living alone, young adults, anyone living in a small apartment, or anyone who may plan to purchase a better sofa or sectional within the next year or so. So if you want to quickly furnish your living space with a piece of functional furniture that is easy to install and assemble, and if you want something that comes in nice, modern colors and is not too costly to buy, the Clarence sectional is a decent choice. However, if you want something really worth it, we’d recommend going for something that has a better overall review.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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