Chrysanthos Geometric Bookcase by Mercury Row Review


With this sturdy bookcase, you will be able to cut the clutter in your living room, office, or den. This is a 5-tier ladder-inspired bookcase that will allow you to showcase your favorite books or decorative pieces all in one place. It has a total of 8 tiered shelves and is crafted from a combination of solid and manufactured wood and wood veneers. A tipover restraint device is included with this bookcase as well for safety and peace of mind. Assembly is required for this trendy piece and it generally ships quickly and without damage or delays.

Mercury Row is a known and respected furniture brand that focuses on creating modern furniture items for today’s eclectic shopper. They know that you are constantly on the move and they want to help you turn random spaces into homely abodes. With value-priced home and apartment essentials for every budget, Mercury Row effectively captures the urban life with furniture items that have modern silhouettes and striking lines. Best of all, their products not only fit homes but tastes and preferences of every type.

Whenever you buy online items from Wayfair, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to know what your product will actually look and function like. That is why we compile comprehensive reviews covering everything from customer comments, manufacturer specs, price info, color options, insider comments, assembly tips, and more, so that you can as informed a decision as possible. Read on below for our review of the Chrysanthos bookcase.


This bookcase features an open back panel. It has shelves that are made of wood and there are a total of 8 shelf tiers in this tall and classy piece. Each shelf can hold a total of 5 pounds and there is a tipover restraint device included with the item. It is made in China and is approved and intended for residential use. Assembly is required and it comes with a 30 days limited replacement warranty for parts. It also has a California Proposition 65 warning that is meant to guarantee to shoppers that the item does not contain toxic or harmful chemicals.

It can be very disappointing to buy something online only to find that it is not of the size or dimensions that you expected, wanted, or needed, so make sure to compare the size you want or need or have available in your home against the sizes and dimensions given below to ensure a proper fit for your item wherever you intend to use it.

  • Overall Dimensions: 71” H x 35” W x 12” D
  • Shelf: 12.75” H x 15.75” W x 11.5” D
  • Individual Compartment: 11.5” D
  • Overall Product Weight: 80 lb.
  • The overall dimensions of the third shelf up from the right side of the bookshelf are 19.5″ H x 15.75″ W x 11.5″ D

Available Select Finish

This item is made of solid and manufactured wood and is available in the following color options:

  • White
  • Black

While these two colors are not much to go by, many reviewers commented on the fact that they really liked how the colors are sober and sophisticated. Not having many options to go by did not seem to be an issue with them, and this stand fits many different tones and hues so it will hopefully work for you as well!


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This bookcase is currently listed online as on sale for $181.89. This represents savings of 12% off the official base price of $206. This item comes with free shipping as long as your order total is more than $49, and you can unlock cheaper insider pricing for this item if you intend to purchase it for a business.

You can purchase comprehensive protection plans for your stand to ensure it against the likes of accidental food, beverage, or pet stains, or accidental scratches, nicks, cuts, and rips. These plans are available at $16.99 or $25.99 for plans of 3 years and 5 years long respectively. You can also pay as little as $11 per month to buy this item on a purchase plan from Affirm. Finally, assembly can be purchased for this item for $52.99. This service can be purchased when you checkout from Wayfair and all you have to do is set up an appointment for installation with Handy. At your chosen time, a professional, vetted furniture assembler will arrive at your home to put your item together. They will even dispose of the item’s packaging and have customer ratings of 4.5 or higher on a 5-point scale.


This item was just what many people expected from online pictures and reviews. One buyer ordered two of these and had a little fear about assembling them by themselves since they were nearing retirement age and were not very handy. They found the instructions to be excellent. The hardware was organized. The first one took about an hour and the second one about 40 minutes. They are mostly MDF but very solid. There are a lot of screws to drive in but the construction is very solid. The stickers to cover the holes may seem to be a little strange, just like other reviewers mentioned, they do the job and are not too noticeable. You can even use the cases in the horizontal mode and can easily assemble and stand them up by yourself. We recommend constructing them as close to the place you will use them as possible and doing it on the carpet. The pros for this item are that they are unique cases and are very solid, but there are many assembly steps but good instructions.

All in all, this is a nice item. You can use it either vertically or horizontally and even use it as a room divider instead of a bookcase and it will serve your purposes well. It is not solid wood but it is not the cheap MDF either, the kind that chips easily. Decorative items look attractive on it and the varying shapes make it interesting to look at. One customer said that this was one of the best bookshelves they had ever owned, and it wasn’t that hard to assemble. All the pieces were labeled by number on the side, and the packet referenced to them every time. There are even little stickers that come with it to cover up the holes where the nails are. However, it is easy to strip some of the screws (mainly the ones that get half screwed in) so you have to be careful. Other than that, this was the best purchase that many buyers had ever made. The bookshelf is well packaged, leaving little to no scratches. For the book hoarder in you, this can hold hundreds of books.


One customer who was looking for a unique wall unit to display her family pictures and mementos found this item and thought that it was perfect. It looked like an expensive, high-end unit. She put it together herself and admitted to not being handy but the packaging was awful and they had a terrible time at it. They loved it so much that she wanted to buy another one to cover the entire wall, but the packaging issues are a really negative point to this item.

Another customer said that this item was simply too difficult to put together and delivery was a shambles. It is good in terms of price point and it comes in a good size but the cheap feeling you get from the item, the pegs, and the other negative dynamics are, all in all, a huge turnoff.


This classy bookcase comes with tiered shelves that are made of wood, a classy look, and spacious storage sections. It can be easily cleaned and maintained and has a decent maximum weight capacity. Overall, this item has a rating of about 4.7 across over 1500 reviews. This is not the most highly-rated stand of all time, but it is one that is relatively inexpensive, can be currently purchased at a discount, and comes in a nice color that can be used to create a variety of themes and moods in your room. If you simply want a functional stand and are ok with whatever it takes to get one, even a difficult assembly process, then this item is an easy one to choose.

The bottom line for the Chrysanthos stand is that, for the price, it is a great stand. Most people said they were happy with it. Buying a stand that you have additional work to do in terms of the assembly of all the shelves may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but based on the reviews, the beautiful build, and colors of this item, the brand name it comes with, the uses it will have, and the price you have to pay to have this stunning stand in your home, it is definitely worth every penny.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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