Brandy Twin Canopy Bed by Zoomie Kids Review


Are you having trouble deciding which bed should be the first for your little kid? Zoomie has you covered with a regal, elegant and comfortable canopy bed that will make your little one feel magical and prince/princess-like.

Brandy Twin Canopy Bed is a magical bed that goes beyond just offering comfortable sleep, to redefining any room it is set to a little paradise. Its carriage-like design is a kill and so are the curved canopy frames that end with a crown at the top, bringing out the real feeling of royalty in your little kid. The color options are also impeccable and, fitted with colorful canopy nets, will create a whole new theme to the room. The classy look of the bed is also augmented by the high-quality paints used for its finishing. Being that the bed is crafted from metal, it is pretty sturdy and stable, allowing your kid to have a comfortable and non-distracted sleep. Even better, the dimensions of the bed are not very extensive, which means your child will have more than enough space to get all playful and active. Lastly, the bed is priced at a rather low price, and this makes it a good choice as you get to make your little one happy and still manage to save a few dollars.

Zoomie kids’ main aim is to help you redefine your little one’s room into a little paradise that reflects on his/her wild creativity, by producing uniquely designed beds with excellent finishing. Their prices are also surprisingly low, given the features and qualities of their products.


This is a standard bed that has its frame configured from metal. It is available in twin size, and it requires a box spring to supplement the functionality of the system of slats that are also featured in the bed. Though a box spring is required, it is not included in the package. The bed has no guardrails, no trundle bed, no slide, and no built-in ladder. It also does not include a mattress. However, the most recommended thickness is 8 inches. The bed is usable by both genders, and it has a weight capacity of 225 pounds. Lastly, the bed has a finished back, and it is originally from China.

It is wise to always check the dimensions of the bed against your predetermined space beforehand, to ensure it fits perfectly. By doing this, you save yourself from the frustration of trying to fix the bed in a small area or the disappointment of having to return or resell the bed. Below are the dimensions and weight of the canopy bed.

  • The overall dimensions of the bed are 78.5” H x 88” W x 45.5” L
  • The overall product weight is 86 lb
  • The weight capacity of the bed is 225 lb.
  • The recommended mattress thickness is 8”
  • The widest point wheel opening width is 7.66″

Available Select Upholstery

This canopy bed comes in three basic colors as listed below. The colors are very classy, especially because of the high-end paint. Use brilliantly colored canopy nets and colorful bedding to create a lively and inviting look.

Below are the available color combination:

  • Pink
  • Purple
  • White


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This bed is currently listed online for a price of $216.99. This price is inclusive of a 49% discount which is a fair deal. Even better, this price never stays at that. Over the year, seasonal promotions or sale deals are offered, and they are always insane. The promotions are generally at the most during the holidays. You should, therefore, ensure that you go with the lowest price available. Before finalizing on the purchase, be sure to check for ongoing deals, and you might walk away with the bed at a price you never anticipated. Besides the sales, you can also opt for a payment plan which requires that you pay $14 a month for 18 months, inclusive of applicable rates of 10-30%.

Besides the warranty, this bed also has a protection plan, which you can purchase from Uniters. The protection plan has two options, depending on the period of functionality. One plan runs for three years and is priced at $37.99 while the other is functional for five years and goes for $56.99. These protection plans have broad coverages from accidental stains to scratches, dents, and punctures. The protection, however, does not cover damages due to neglect, accumulation and intentional abuse. Damages caused by natural disasters are also not covered, and neither are those incurred while using the bed for purposes for which it is not meant.


This bed is nothing short of magical. The creatively curved canopy is amazing, and so is the crown like addition on the top that accords the whole thing with a majestic look and brings out the real royal feeling. Besides, the wheel-like legs are functional, not only in offering support to the bed but also in emphasizing on the carriage look.

The hues are also brilliant, a perfect choice for a small kid. Now, these colors can either create a whole new look, or you can choose to blend it in the already existing theme, and it will click without much hassle. The design is eye-catching and whimsical making the bed the major asset in the room. The paints are also as good as everything else about the bed; high quality and classy.

This bed is very sturdy thanks to the strongly structured metals on the frame. As your little one will be having the time of her life, you will be going about reading your book or watching your movie without getting distracted by annoying creaky sounds. The mattress is also always in place because the bed uses both a box spring and a system of slats which are more than enough. This bed is reasonably small sized and will leave a lot of room for your little one to play.

The shipping and packaging of the bed are superb, and it arrives in one piece; no dents nor scratches. The delivery is also fast, and you will receive your package within no time after making an order. The shipping of the bed is also relatively easy. If you start by assembling the canopy before the rest of the bed, then it will take you a couple of hours utmost.

One customer mentioned having tried to look for the bed in other stores, but they were priced at $300+ which is quite high compared to the $164 she used since there was an ongoing sale. Even at the regular price without the sale deals, this bed is still underpriced.

The customer care service provided with this bed is also amazing, and they have a quick response to inquiries. Their communication is impressive, immediately from the time you start the ordering process to the time they finally deliver the bed.


The canopy bed looks less appealing without sheers or canopy net. The problem is, most stores do not sell the kind that can fit well with the curved canopy and those that do, offer them at high prices. It would be a significant improvement if such sheers are made available and sold together with the bed or at least recommended.

Though the whole assembly process is reasonably straightforward, the canopy is a little bit tricky, and it will need some focus and patience to put it together and have everything fit perfectly.

Even though the specifications recommend a box spring, a bunkie board is more effective as the spaces between the slats are way far apart. Besides, using a box spring will raise the mattress too high, which is not a good thing especially for a lively and fun loving kid.

Besides a difficult-to-assemble canopy, need for a bunkie bed instead of a box spring and the fact that finding the canopy nets is difficult, there are no other issues, and the bed is still pretty functional.


Apart from a few areas that could use some improvements or rather additions, buying this bed for your little one is perhaps the best choice you can ever make. The overall design is remarkable and eye-catching. The carriage look is perfect for a child, and the canopy frames, with the crown at the very top, will transform your kid’s room into a look-alike of one of those in the royal houses. The sturdiness of the bed is no less incredible. It is firm and will see your little kid through the night with a comfortable and restful sleep. Also, the colors are amazing and bring life to any room they are set. The price of the bed is unbelievable, and so is the classy paint used for the finishing.

Make your kid’s first bed super magical with just a few clicks. Besides, with this bed, you can get your kid to finally agree to sleep on her own bed.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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