Bowdoin 1 Drawer Nightstand by Andover Mills Review


The importance of having a nightstand is highly understated as they hold more significance than they are accorded. Besides enabling you to combat the clutter, they also bring function to your bedside and save you from the trouble of having to get up every time to get something. With the elegant designs popping up in the market, they have also become valuable home décor.

The Bowdoin 1 Drawer Nightstand is an asset you will love having beside your bed. It is pretty simple but with much elegance. It has a perfect combination of both conventional and contemporary style, making it a fit in either world. The finishing is also seamlessly done, hence the subtle texture and the clean-cut edges. The small size of the nightstand makes it an ideal fit beside any bed without taking up much space. With both the base and the top crafted from strong manufactured wood, the nightstand is pretty sturdy and hardly wobble.

Additionally, the nightstand is not little on space. It has a drawer which helps keep the must-haves by the bedside, a shelf that can be used to hold different things from a pile of books to a basket of undies. Lastly is the extensive top surface on which you can place a bedside table lamp.

This elegant nightstand is just a picture of the kind of furniture Andover Mills is dedicated to offering to their customers. Their ability to harmoniously combine a little traditional and contemporary designs to come up with a product that fits both worlds is impressive. The bold patterns of their products and the clean-lined silhouettes are also remarkable and are the charm that earns Andover Mills the edge over other designers. Lastly, their finishing is no bad, and neither are their color choices.


The wood construction detail of this nightstand is manufactured wood with laminate. The top is also crafted with manufactured wood and additional laminated particleboard. It features a drawer which is made easy to open and close using ball bearing glides. The drawer also has a removable handle, which is pretty easy to remove and put back. Below the drawer is a shelf which is unfortunately not adjustable. Also, the nightstand does not have a finished back, making it best used only next to a wall. For a sleek appearance, the nightstand has a gloss finish which also augments the flair look. For purposes of maintenance, wipe the nightstand with a clean, dry cloth. Lastly, the nightstand is originally from the United States, and it requires assembly.

This nightstand is of ideal size, and it can fit perfectly beside any bed. Regardless, it is still essential that you compare its dimensions as listed below, against those of the area on which you want to set it, to be sure that it is a perfect fit.

  • The overall dimensions are 24.2” H x 17.7” W x 15.6” D
  • The dimensions of the drawer interior are 5.5” H x 13.625” W x 13” D
  • The dimensions of the interior shelf are 14.38” H x 15.63” W x 13.68” D
  • The overall product weight is 27 lb.
  • The tabletop thickness is 0.5”
  • The tabletop weight capacity is 50 lb.

Available Select Upholstery

Bowdoin comes in six fantastic colors. These colors have neutral shades and will hardly cause color divergence with your already existing theme. However, this does not mean you cannot use them in your brightly colored room. You can always get creative and have brilliantly colored bedsheets on and pillows on your bed to give the lively highlights. A multihued area rug will also do the trick.

Below are the available color options:

  • Black ebony
  • Rodeo oak
  • Alder (add $2 to the total price)
  • Espresso (add $2 to the total price)
  • Bank Alder (add $3 to the total price)
  • White stipple (add $4 to the total price)


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

The current price of this nightstand is $62.99 (for the two basic colors: black ebony and rodeo oak) and other shades as listed above. This price is often subjected to discounts through regular sales deals and seasonal promotions. Because of these, you should ensure you check for the least cost before finally making the click. If you are not able to afford the brand new nightstand, you can alternatively purchase an open box nightstand which goes for $55.24-$56.09. Though not brand new, this version is also in perfect condition and has the same features.

If you are interested in purchasing protection for the nightstand, you can get one from Uniters at a very affordable price. The protection plan offers coverage for immediate and full repairs with no deductibles. The only damages covered within the plan are the accidental ones. The plan, however, does not cover for repairs of intentional damages and non-compliance with manufacturer’s warranty. Besides the coverage, the protection plan also makes the filing of a claim online easy. All you have to do is to submit the claim to Uniters’ website or give them a call through the contacts on the protection plan certificate, and this you can do any time of the day or night. Lastly, the protection plan has a 30-day risk-free refund, meaning you get a full refund if you cancel the purchase within thirty days. This plan, however, is not available for the open box version.


Though not so big, the nightstand is spacious enough. The top surface has enough space to act as a display spot for some fancy decoration and also hold your bedside table lamp. Secondly, the drawers have ample space, enough to help you declutter and keep the must-haves away but at an arm’s reach. Additionally, the shelf provides extra space where you can place a basket, a small decoration, arrange some books or simply place a framed photograph.

Apart from being functional, the nightstand is also gorgeous. The clean-cut silhouette is a combination of both traditional and contemporary setting, and this makes it usable in various settings. The finishing is also done perfectly, and the nightstand has a smooth texture. The colors are no less impressive, and being as multiple as they are, you can choose what suits you best. The nightstand is pretty light and can be moved around effortlessly.

Though some customers considered this as a disadvantage, for some it is a plus. The same is with the size. The nightstand is not very wide, and neither is it very tall. This makes it fit perfectly in a small area, which is a plus to some customers.

The turnaround time for the nightstand is pretty quick. The packaging is also done carefully, and all the parts are made available. The assembly is effortless, and most customers took less than an hour to have it up and functional.


The drawer is a little too narrow than most customers expect. It is also not as easy to open and close as is mentioned in the specifications. Additionally, getting it to fit in perfectly during assembly is not easy, and without experience, you will have a hard time putting it together. It is also closer to one side than the other, and with a keen look, you can notice that it is indeed off. Still on the drawer, though the handle is fancy and easy to use, it is somewhat plastic, which means little usability period.

Some customers also had issues with the size, as they expected it to be a little bit taller than it is in its actual self. The nightstand is best used with low beds. Otherwise, the height of the bed and that of the nightstand will not align. Being as light as it is, the nightstand can only carry a few things, and in case of a lot of weight, it can easily break.

Finally, the colors are not of the shown shades. Some came a little too dark while others were a little too bright than was anticipated.

This nightstand has no significant problems that can stop it from functioning as well as it should. The few minor issues are typical of any purchases and should not be enough reason not to give the nightstand a shot.


This is a 4.2 star rated nightstand with outstanding customer reviews. It has a beautiful contemporary style which is both exotic and sassy. The colors are remarkable, and they can fit in pretty much any color scheme without contrasting. The finishing is also done neatly, hence the flair appearance. Not forgetting the functionality, the nightstand is triple functional, with the spacious top surface, the drawer, and the additional shelf. The manufactured wood used in crafting the nightstand is also sturdy, which explains its robustness and durability. With all these features, the nightstand is quite a steal, being purchased at such a low price.

Spiff up your room with this elegant, highly functional and durable nightstand at an incredibly low price.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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