Boston Storage Ottoman by Andover Mills Review


This Boston Storage Ottoman is extra strong and durable and features a beautiful stitched leather exterior and large interior storage. When it comes to home furnishing items, Andover Mills has everything you need. Whether we talk of accent chairs that give your home a pop of modern cuts, or a sleeper sofa that you can add to your den or guest bedroom, Andover Mills is your one-stop shop for all things home. They even provide classical collections of living room seating solutions such as sofas and chairs that help transform homes from the outdated to the trendy, and they also feature collections of inspiring but still very affordable home furnishings.

Andover Mills’ home designs are inspired by the boldness of European regality. This is a key principle that inspires Andover Mills collections that create sleek home furnishings for families and budgets of all types. From rugs in wow-worthy prints to furniture with modern and cosmopolitan and glossy silhouettes, Andover Mills believes that unique designs go hand in hand with versatility and affordability.

These items are perfect for the new homeowner because they effortlessly blend transitional looks with traditional appeal. Bold patterns, vintage-inspired aesthetics, and earthy palettes mix with neutral upholstery and clean-lined silhouettes to create a budget-friendly collection fit for any abode. Whether you’re setting the foundation for your living room with a microfiber sofa and clean-lined coffee table or adding a bit of texture to your ensemble with medallion-print rugs and shag pillow shams, Andover Mills has everything you need to curate a style all your own.

When you buy an Andover Mills Boston Storage Ottoman online from Wayfair, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to know everything you need to about the products that interest you. That’s why we compile customer reviews, questions and answers, prices and colors, delivery and assembly information, and other key points so that you can make an informed decision about your next online purchase.

Read on below for our review of this item.


This is a rectangular storage ottoman that is upholstered in faux leather. Assembly is required and it comes with purposeful distressing that is used to make it look aged or worn. It comes in solid patterns and is made in China. It also has a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds and has black legs that are made of wood. Finally, this item comes with a Proposition 65 warning that is used to indicate to consumers that this item is free from harmful and hazardous chemicals.

Make sure to measure the ottoman against the place in which you intend to use it to avoid the disappointment of purchasing an item that doesn’t even fit in or cannot be used in the space for which you purchased it.

  • Overall Dimensions: 16.25” H x 48” W x 18.25” D
  • Storage Space: .5” H x 44.5” W x 14.25” D
  • Overall Product Weight: 37 lb.
  • Leg Height – Top to Bottom: 2.25”

Available Select Upholstery

This ottoman is made of faux leather and wood and is available in the following select finishes:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Red
  • Rustic Brown
  • Rustic Gray

These tones allow you to fit and use this ottoman in a variety of designs and themes without causing unnecessary contrast. Furthermore, the colors can help to moderately lighten up your house to give it a flair of pop.


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This ottoman currently costs between about $105 and $113 depending on the color you choose. You can purchase at-home white glove assembly for $65.99 with the assembly service from Handy, and you can also save 25% on this service using the MYWAY card. Furthermore, you can purchase this headboard on an installment plan from Affirm for as little as $10 per month. Finally, you can buy this ottoman a comprehensive protection plan that covers accidental stains of food, beverages, and pets, as well as scratches, nicks, chips, dents, and the like. Both plans are available at a relatively low price and are refundable within 30 days of your purchase of the headboard. The 3-year plan costs $11.99 and the 5-year plan costs $18.99, but different item colors and different sizes will cost more.

This item is frequently purchased with the Warren Armchair and the Hassania Nailhead Trunk End Table that can be used to round off this item as a small part of a larger collection.


This item is very nice for the price. The red version is nice, dark, and rich, and it has great size at the bottom of your king or queen bed. It has a little pucker in the fabric on the top center, also known as a tuft. It is a good overall purchase that comes with fast delivery, easy assembly, and nice looks. If you open the cover too wide and too quick, the spring will pop out. It goes back in but just open it carefully. Plus, it doesn’t open all the way. Only a little way up! With that being said, this item is stylish, is the perfect color, has good size, might be a little too low for some users, and the plastic legs might be too short too.

Regardless, this item will make a nice addition to your family room. You will be able to use it to store many items such as seasonal clothes, gloves, hats, and other miscellanea, and even use it as a coffee table to keep remotes and other items close at hand yet stored away. These are the kinds of items that you just don’t want to look at all the time but need nearby nonetheless. It also has enough padding to comfortably rest your feet.

This item also makes a great addition to your entry for putting on shoes and storing umbrellas, gloves, and hats. Some customer said they wish the legs were wood instead of plastic and maybe a little higher, but the item still delivered good value despite these minor issues.

All in all, the size and storage space of this item are great. Assembly is easy, just attach the feet. The price is reasonable, delivery is quick, but some people had .issue with the packaging. The feet are sometimes packaged against the ottoman top and indentations become visible on both sides of the top. They remain 2 days after unpacking as well but shouldn’t be a long-term issue for anyone. That said, most people enjoyed their bedroom bench. One buyer had a spacey den so she placed it behind the couch to serve as extra seating and storage. She said she wished that it would have been just a little taller, but the bench is comfortable and well made.


The shipping time for this item is reasonable, but the condition in which the benches arrive are sometimes questionable. One customer reported that their benches were delivered with visible spots of rust and corrosion on the metal hardware. Also, one of the benches had a hole in the storage area fabric. This buyer threw out her old benches so she needed these benches, so she asked in her review for two new benches to be sent out to her as a replacement. Okay!


The pros of this item are that it is a quality piece of furniture for the rather inexpensive cost at which it is priced. Some of the shortcomings are that you need to check the size and height of the space you have before making a purchase as they may not fit in the dimensions of this ottoman, even though it is relatively small.

Overall, this is the perfect size for most standard bedrooms and living areas. The item itself is sturdy and not very cheap-looking. Many people only gave it 4 stars because Wayfair sent an early delivery date but then changed it on the day it was supposed to arrive for some people. Overall, it is a great purchase for the size, features, price, and other options that it provides you with. If you are looking for an ottoman that is functional and usually delivers rather quickly and is available at a discount and in a decent range of colors and is easy to assemble and comes from the design home of a known and respected furniture house then look no further than the Boston Storage Ottoman. There were no complaints about bedbugs or other infestations that are common with upholstered furniture items, nor were there many issues with damaged items being delivered or items being delivered that were re-sold after having been returned by other unhappy customers. These things matter! And these are the things that this item has so far been able to avoid. With an overall rating of 4.7 across over 1,000 unique reviews, this item is a solid bet, has classy looks, is relatively inexpensive, and will do the job you need it to do just right. Give it a try today.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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