Big Joe Smartmax Bean Bag Chair by Comfort Research Review


Are you one of those people who love cozying up with their favorite persons and have some heart to heart conversations, or just watch a favorite movie? If yes, then Big Joe Smartmax is the number one choice for you since it is not only big enough to accommodate both of you, but it is also comfortable and cozy, which is the right thing to create an intimate mood.

It is quite understandable to want the Smartmax Bean Bag Chair. After all, what’s better than an overly comfortable bean bag that not only provides you with that cozy rest you so much desire but also makes a great addition to any room you set it? The bean bag chair is upholstered in a high-quality polyester blend that gives it a fine touch as well as enhance its durability as it is very strong and less vulnerable to tear. This cover is fitted with zip closures that safely lock the foam that has been used for filling, inside the bag. These zip closures also come handy when the bean bag has started flattening, and you need to refill it. It is also quite spacious and will accommodate you and additionally allow you to stretch out comfortably. Its weight capacity is a little bit more than most bean bags, and this means it can hold up to more weight. So, you can comfortably cuddle up with your dog and cat and don’t be worried about that being too much.

The aim of Comfort Research has always been to help their customers get what best suits their taste and help them take their furnishing to the next level. With this in mind, Comfort Research design high-end bean bags and other home decors that are of high value, are highly functional and have high aesthetic value. The materials they use in making these products are also high-grade, and they keep the customers satisfied. Besides, they are of high-durability and will allow you years of use.


This bean bag is upholstered in a polyester blend, and it is categorized under the bean bag chair. It has a medium size which has a seating capacity of one and medium seating comfort. The weight capacity is 300 pounds which is more than can be said for similar ben bags in the same price range. It has solid finishing and one zebra printed pattern. It also has a filling which makes it quite comfortable. The cover is, fortunately, removable and this makes cleaning it easy. You can also maintain it by regular spot cleaning.

Additionally, the fabric is fire resistant. The bean bag features zip closures which enable the refilling whenever it gets stiff. It also has childproof closure. The country of origin of the chair is the United States, which is where it is also made. Lastly, the bean bag comes with a 30-days product warranty.

Apart from the features, another significant aspect of the bean bag that you should consider before making the purchase is its size and how well it will fit your predetermined space. Check these dimensions as listed below then compare them with the size of the intended space to ascertain that they fit.

  • The overall dimensions of the bean bag are 20” H x 33” W x 33” D
  • The circumference of the bean bag is 98”
  • The volume of the bean bag is 7776 cubic inches
  • The overall product weight is 5 lb.

Available Select Finish

Big Joe Smartmax Bean Bag comes in six amazing colors which are listed below. The colors are bright and the ideal choice for anyone who has something for colorful themes. They are also warm and full of life and will give your room an inviting look.

Below are the available color combination:

  • Spicy Lime
  • Stretch limo black
  • Zebra
  • Flaming red (add $2 to the total price)
  • Radiant orchard (add $2 to the total price)
  • Sapphire (add $2 to the total price)


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

The current online listing of this lounger is at $49.99. This price never stays as it is, rather it changes over the year, thanks to the regular sale deals and seasonal promotions often thrown in by Comfort Research. To get the lounger at an overly fair price, you should, therefore, make sure that you search for these promotions and deals before finally making the purchase. Also, you can unlock insider prices if you are shopping for a business, by first registering as a member and this comes with various discounts and other additional benefits.

Besides the 30-day product warranty for this product, it also has a premium protection plan for which you can save a few dollars to purchase as it is not expensive. The plan is available with Uniters, and it starts operating after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. This plan covers for immediate and full repairs of accidental damages like dents and scratches as well as stains from food, beverages, and pets. However, damages from intentional abuse, neglect, accumulation or non-compliance with the manufacturer’s warranty are not within the coverage. Also, those incurred while using the bean bag for purposes besides what it is meant for, are not covered, neither are those caused by a natural disaster like a fire. One of the good things about the protection plan is that it comes with a 30-day risk-free refund, which means if you change your mind within thirty days and cancel the purchase within those thirty days, you get a full refund of what you paid without any deductibles or fees. Finally, if you have a claim, you can submit it to Uniters’ website which is always open 24 hours seven days. You can also contact them using the contacts on the protection plan certificate.


This bean bag is well made with high-end and durable fabric that along with increasing the usability period, also gives it a classy and expensive look. The filling is also excellently done, and it makes the bean bag full and comfortable. It is as well spacious enough to accommodate adults of medium sizes. The childproof closure adds more warmth and coziness.

The color combination is incredible as it has shades for either dull themes or bright ones and they come just as they are shown on the pictures. However, most of the colors are brilliant, and they provide the room with the right and necessary pop in the room.

The price is surprisingly low, and even without unlocking the insider prices, you can still effortlessly afford it without running behind on your budget. The delivery is also free, and that is unlike most bean bags.


Though the material is of great quality, it could be made better with bigger seams and extra stitching. However, in its actual state, the seams seem to open up fast, and the stitches break up easily, hence reducing the durability.

This bean bag has a lot of work when it comes to shaping it; even though it comes pre-filled, you have first to spread the foam to make sure they separate and even out, and this takes up a lot of time and effort. This also applies after it has been sat on for a while. You will need to fluff it so that you can get it back to its size.

The delivery of the bean bag is a little bit slower, and this problem seems to occur between the processing time of the order and the time it is finally placed in carrier hands. One customer ordered two of these and received his package after 14 days which is quite a long time compared to the turnaround time of other bean bags.

Apart from a few minor issues like slow order processing, the need for often shaping the bean bag and not properly done seams and stitches, this bean bag is quite functional and delivers satisfactorily.


This bean bag chair comes highly recommended, and it is truly worth the praise because it is backed with a 4.2-star rating and impressive customer reviews. Its filling is amazing, and you will love sitting on it as the foam makes you feel comfortable and the childproof closure makes you cozy and warm. The fabric used is also smooth, and it gives the bean bag a fine texture that augments the flair. It is also high-end, and this makes it classy and elegant, which is the perfect addition to any room. Besides, you get to use the bean bag for a long while, since the cover is tough and durable. With this chair, you can comfortably stretch and still be comfortable since it is big and therefore, has enough space.

This bean bag could use a few improvements. However, it is a good find, and it is worth every cent spent on it. Make that decision and give a shot at taking your room to the next level.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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