Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Lounger by Comfort Research Review


Having somewhere to rest comfortably after spending the whole day moving around is by far the best thing that can happen to anyone. Comfort Research had this in mind as they designed Big Joe Milano Bean Bag which is quite cushy and designed for longer sitting hours, besides being elegant and chic.

Designed in a beautiful contemporary style, Big Joe Milan offers you more than just sitting space. First of all, the bean bag is exceptionally designed in a unique way that makes it stand out in any room it is set. The nicely reinforced stitches that run all over the chair are very soft and flair, giving the bean bag lounger a smooth and adorable texture. The filling is done with soft polystyrene beans that offer extra comfort, which is undoubtedly one of the amazing features of the lounger. This stylish lounger is usable outside, and that makes it even better since you can always take it to the terrace or your backyard and feel the breeze sweep along your skin in the most comfortable position. Its medium size is accommodative and will comfortably carry an adult of medium size. Besides, you do not have to worry about the chair causing unnecessary pop in your room. The available color options of the bean bag lounger are quite neutral and a go with literally any color palette. However, if you love colorful rooms and in need of that pop, you can always match it with other colorful home decors, and it will blend in effortlessly. The design is also all-befitting and can be used in an urban or rural aesthetic; either way, you’ll be proud of the look. With the featured zip closures, you can always do a refill when the polystyrene beans start becoming a little bit stiff and continue enjoying the cushy feel of the lounger.

Comfort Research has gone out of their way to design high-quality products to help you take your seating ensemble to the next level. Their high-end items are nothing less than luxurious, and their cool choice of colors cannot be beaten by any designer. With compatibility in mind, Comfort Research ensures their loungers and other items are not choosy when it comes to interior designs and that they can fit in any setting, be it traditional or contemporary. Besides, their prices are beat, regardless of the amazing features of the items. With Comfort Research it is always high value, high quality, and extra comfort.


This bean bag falls under the category of bean bag lounger, and it is upholstered in acrylic, with material details of shag. The acrylic is maintained by spot cleaning using soap and water or a mild pet and human safe cleaner. It comes in medium size, and it is finished with solid color, with no patterns at all. For the extra comfort, this bean bag lounger comes pre-filled with polystyrene beans. It also has zip closure which is included to enable refilling. Fortunately, the cover is removable, but it is not machine washable. It is also outdoor usable. The bean bag does not have childproof closure. It has a seating capacity of one and medium seating comfort, backed by weight capacity of 250 pounds. The country of origin of the bean bag is the United States, and it comes with a 90-day product warranty.

It is wise to prepare before making any purchase, and this entails ensuring that you have enough space for the bean bag. To do this, go through the measurements of the bean bag as listed below then compare them with those of the space you plan to set it.

  • The overall dimensions are 28” H x 32” W x 25” D
  • The overall product weight is 5 lb.
  • The height of the seat is 16”

Available Select Finish

With Big Joe Milan you can never worry about contrast. It comes in three incredible colors as listed below. The colors are solid and neutral and will blend in any theme. The acrylic upholstery is also adorable, augmented with the fine and neat stitching which pretty much explain the flair look of the lounger. Match this lounger with an animal printed throw pillow and just in front of it spread a matching area rug with the same prints, and there! You would have killed the look. Alternatively, you can drop a matching quilt on it or use it in place of the pillow. Either way, you will love the look.

Below are the available color combinations.

  • Ivory
  • Gray
  • Black

All these color options go for the same price, and so you can choose any of them without having to worry about which one costs more or least.


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This bean bag is listed online for $96.99 which is quite a fair deal. Though presently there are no ongoing sales, Comfort Research usually launch offers through seasonal promotions and sale deals which entail huge cut-offs on the price. The promotions are usually at the peak during holidays. However, others do kick in randomly over the year, and you can be one of the lucky customers to have it delivered to you at a very low price. All you need to do is to keep tabs and ensure you check for such deals before making the purchase.

To help you with the interior design to create a perfect look, Wayfair has also made available designing services which consist of experts. If interested you can always get the services at $79 only.


You could sit on this bean bag lounger for hours and still do not get tired or uncomfortable. It is extra comfortable, and this begins from the cushy polystyrene beans used for filling, to the acrylic cover. This fabric is very fluffy and clean, and besides offering extra comfort, it also adorns the whole structure with a chic and flair experience, and you will love what that does to the whole room. As fluffy as it is, the fabric is very resilient and less vulnerable to tear. It also hardly shed which means you have a fine look for a very long period.

The compact size is a great feature, as you will not have to worry about it occupying a lot of space in your room. However, the size is not that small. It is a little bit bigger than it looks in the pictures. One customer purchased it with a little skepticism about the size but was quite impressed with what she saw when it was finally delivered.

The shipment of the lounger is quite fast, and you don’t have to worry about the fee since it is done free of charge. It is pre-filled, and that simplifies everything. Also, it is refillable, and the zip closures make this pretty easy. This means that you can always revive that comfortable feel whenever it starts being stiff. The bean bag is also lightweight, and you can always move it around effortlessly.

Despite the amazing features of the lounger, its price is remarkably economical, and some customers were worried about it being of poor quality because of the extremely low price. However, its quality is great, and the price remains the same.


The chair arrives full and pretty cushy, but the fillings get over after a short while even with normal use. This makes it less attractive as the fabric becomes saggy. The coziness also reduces, and it becomes stiff. This means you will have to do regular refills, at least ones in every four months, lest you start feeling the backaches and neck aches.

Though the chair looks bigger in its actual self than it looks in the picture, it is still a little bit too small for people of big bodies, which means you can hardly use it if you are anywhere around 5’11. Also, the cover is not machine washable, and that makes it hard to get it spotlessly clean.

Lastly, the lounger could use a liner to hold the beans, especially when the cover is removed for washing.

Besides the need for regular fluffing, lack of a liner and the small size, the bean bag lounger comes as described, and still very adorable and comfortable.


This bean bag lounger is just what you will want for your terrace, bedroom or your kid’s room. Its distinctive silhouette is notable and drives every attention to it. It is very comfortable and fluffy, and the fabric is of high-quality and pretty attractive. The fact that the cover is removable makes it even more desirable and convenient.

So, are you up for the task of remodeling your room and alleviating your seating ensemble to another level? If yes, then this bean bag lounger is what you need to achieve that, and besides, it is of a reasonably low price.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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