Big Joe King by Comfort Research Review


Are you looking for somewhere, besides your bed, where you can stretch out while playing a video game, or where you can simply rest and have a peace of mind? Look no further because Comfort Research has you covered with an adorable and super comfortable Big Joe King.

This chair will help you make a stylish statement in your home. It is not only elegant, but it also offers exceptionally cushy comfort that will have you sitting on it for hours. Being among the first contemporarily designed bean bags after the 1970’s traditional designs, and the first to use patented memory foam for filling, Big Joe King is a great deal when it comes to Fuf chairs. The patented memory foam brings out the cushy and bouncy effect, making it the most comfortable place you will ever want to be, and once you sit on it, you will loathe getting off. The comfort is made better by the childproof closure which makes it warmer and cozier. Besides, it is quite spacious, and you get enough room to stretch out. You can use it wherever you want since moving it around is quite effortless, thanks to the built-in handles. The cover is no less incredible. The double stitching makes it quite tough and tear-resistant, and that can only mean long usability period. The foam is sealed inside the cover using safety locking zippers, the same ones used during refilling. What’s better, you get to save the environment since the foam used is upcycled and therefore, earth-friendly. Though according to the specifications the seating capacity is one, you can always find a way to cuddle up with your loved one as you watch a movie, provided both of you put together, are not more than 250 pounds; which is its weight capacity. However, you should not try removing the cover as that will only mess with the whole thing. You can always spot clean it for product care.

With the aim of taking bean bags to a higher level, Comfort Research applies their whims to come up with assets that can fit in both rural and urban aesthetics. Their choice of colors is also unquestionable, and just like the design, they can also fit in any theme. The quality of the materials they use is also remarkable, and that’s what makes them the to-go-to designers whenever you want to remodel your home with durable and gorgeous items. Besides, with Comfort Research, you spend way less than when you shop with other designers.


This is a bean bag chair that is made using fabric for the outer cover and has patented memory foam for the filling, which makes it quite full and comfortable. It is refillable, and this is made easier with the zip closures. It does not come in any patterns. Instead, it has a solid color finishing. It also has childproof closure for extra comfort. The fabric color that seals the foam is not removable, and product care is done by simply spot cleaning it. This bean bag is available in large size, it has a seating capacity of one, and the weight capacity is 250 pounds. It also features carrying handles, which make moving it around quite easy. Lastly, the bean bag has its country of origin as the United States, and it comes with a 30-day product warranty.

It is a wise idea to always check the dimensions of the bean bag, which are listed below, before finally making the purchase. Ensure you go through the aspects then compare them with the size of the intended space to confirm it fits.

  • The overall dimensions of the bean bag are 42” H x 54” W x 54” D
  • The overall product weight is 50 lb
  • The weight capacity is 250 lb

Available Select Upholstery

Big Joe King is available in six solid colors which are listed below and are all available for the same price which makes your decision easier. The colors are very neutral, and if you are not crazy about brightly colored rooms, then this is a perfect choice for you. However, you can set it next to a brightly colored area rug and drop a quilt of matching colors if you want a brilliant theme.

Below are the available color combinations.

  • Black
  • Cobalt
  • Cocoa
  • Fog
  • Oat
  • Comfort Suede Black Onyx


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

For a high-end bean bag like this, one would expect the price to be very high. On the contrary, the bean bag is only listed online for $134.99 for any of the available finish colors, which is quite a fair deal compared to what it has to offer. Besides, if you keep on the watch, you might end up getting the bean bag at a lower price. And it is easy. Regularly over the year, Comfort Research throw in some seasonal promotions and deals which come with insanely huge cut-offs. All you have to do is to always check for these promotions and deals before making any purchase.

You should also give a shot at the premium protection plan while purchasing the bean bag. The plan fully covers for full repairs of accidental damages. You might not see the significance of this plan, but it is quite beneficial, and you should consider giving it a chance. Besides, if you have a change of mind within thirty days and cancel the purchase, you can get a full refund of all the money you paid for it, without any fees or deductibles.


This bean bag comes densely prefilled with cushy foam that makes it super comfortable. The childproof closure is an add-on as it creates more warmth and coziness. You can spend a night on the bean bag and get a comfortable and restful sleep. The fabric cover is no less impressive. Besides being tough, it is also smooth and adds to the flair of the whole bean bag chair.

Also, most customers were impressed with the size of the bean bag. When it is delivered, the bean bag is very compact. However, after a while with a little fluffing, it becomes big and very accommodative. Also, though it flattens after being used for long, it regains its size after a few hours.

One customer particularly was very impressed with the color of the bean bag. She bought grey, and it was a true grey which is what was shown in the picture. Other colors are also incredible and are what most customers anticipated.

Lastly, this bean bag is delivered very fast, and most customers received theirs earlier than the scheduled day. The packaging is also done perfectly, with straps tying it into a compact size, then put in plastic before packaging it in the box.


Even though some customers were very thrilled with the hugeness of the bean bag, others with less big space to set it were quite disappointed as they expected something a little smaller. The bean bag occupies a lot of space and fills up the room.

The bean bag comes folded tightly, and you can’t use it immediately. You still have to fluff and shape it before it comes to its full size, which is quite time-consuming. Also, after long hours of sitting or sleeping on it, the bean bag flattens and loses shape, until after some while.

Another downside of the bean bag is that the fabric cover is not removable and you cannot remove it to do a thorough cleaning on it. All you can do is some light spot cleaning. This forces you to keep it covered which is not very attractive.

However, apart from these minor issues which are typical of online shopping like needing regular fluffing, large dimensions that take up a lot of space, and a non-removable cover, the bean bag has no other major problems to make it less appealing or less functional.


Big Joe King is a high-end bean bag that you will leave your bed for. It is extra comfortable, thanks to the patented memory forms used in filling it. The fabric is also remarkable, first because it is tough, and secondly, because it is smooth and has a fine and adorable texture, which augments the comfort. Being that the bean bag is refillable, you can always keep it full and fluffy. Its big size is also amazing as it provides enough room for you to stretch out or cuddle with your favorite person. Besides, you can set the bean bag in any part of your room and get a chance to move it again to another position, and this is made possible by the carrying handles featured.

So, if you need a fairly priced bean bag made with high-end materials and filled with cushy patented foam, then Big Joe King should be your number-one choice.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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