Big Joe Bean Bag Chair by Comfort Research Review


Over time, bean bags have become a household name, and from an impartial point of view, they are truly worth it. After all, they offer extra comfort, more than what ordinary chairs and sofas provide. It is also because they are becoming more classy and sassy. Take, for example, the extra flair Big Joe Bean Bag, which along with being so comfortable, is also gorgeous. Besides, their casual nature is just adorable.

Comfort Research has ideally designed the Big Joe Bean Bag for longer sitting hours. Made with tough polyester fabric, and filled with polystyrene beans, the bean bag is highly functional and you will love sitting or lying down on it after a long day’s work. It is quite comfortable; the perfect place to cozy up with some exciting novel or an engaging movie. For someone who loves bright themes, the bean bag will serve you right and bring just the pop you need to the room. Also, you can always get creative and fill the room with different colors to create more life. The strong, high-grade polyester fabric is quite attractive and adds a notch of flair to the whole appearance. It is also highly resistant to scratch and stains. Besides, the maintenance does not demand a lot; just regular spot wiping will do the trick. Another impressive feature of the bean bag is that it can shape to your whim; whether you want it flat or in the shape of a chair, it will flatten and flex to suit you. What’s better? For all these amazing features, the bean bag is quite affordable and will hardly leave a dent in your budget.

Comfort Research combines value and quality to excellently design products that will serve their customers in three major dimensions, their priority being value and every product they design is worth every cent spent on it. Their second priority is quality which is always impeccable, and this makes them effortlessly stand out from other designers of similar products. Their third priority is elegance. Comfort Research not only strive to offer value and quality. They also help the customer remodel their homes into their little paradises; ones of which they can be proud.


This bean bag is categorized under the bean bag chair category, and it is upholstered in 100% polyester. The bean bag has no pattern, rather it has solid color finishing, and thanks to that, matching it with the theme is quite easy the filling is pre-done, and polystyrene beans are used, which makes it quite comfortable. You can also do a refill if the beans become stiff. The cover of the bean bag is, however, not removal and doing this may damage it. For maintenance purposes, all you need to do is regular spot wiping. This bean bag comes in medium size and has a seating capacity of one. It is highly durable, and the fabric is water resistant and stain resistant. The bean bag has a two zip closure which makes the refilling process easy. It also has childproof closure. The weight capacity of the bag is 250 pounds, and it has its country of origin as the United States. The bean bag comes with 30-days warranty, and it is certified for commercial or residential use.

This bean bag will take up space, almost as large enough as any ordinary sofa would. It is. Therefore, wise to choose the most suitable place to place. After that, get the dimensions of the predetermined space and make a comparison between its measurements and those of the bean bag. Below are the weights and dimensions of the bean bag.

  • The overall dimensions are 8” H x 46” W x 58” D
  • The overall product weight is 6 lb.
  • Weight capacity is 250 lb.

Available Select Finish

This bean bag chair comes in three solid colors. The upholstery is SmartMax fabric which is tough, and fortunately water and stain resistant. The available finish colors are quite rich, and they allow you to get creative and introduce a fantastic pop to your theme, hence creating an inviting and homely feel.

Below are the available color combinations.

  • Flaming red
  • Sapphire
  • Spicy Lime


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

Are you worried that buying this bean bag means a set-back in your budget? Not to worry much, the item is only listed online for $64.99 for any finish color, which is quite a fair deal compared to what it has to offer. Besides, with a little consistency and luck, you might end up getting the bean bag at a lower price. How? Regularly over the year, Comfort Research throw in some seasonal promotions and deals which come with insanely huge cut-offs. Always check for these promotions and deals before making any purchase.

While purchasing the bean bag, you should consider saving a few dollars for a premium protection plan which fully covers for full repairs of accidental damages. While you might think the plan is unnecessary, it is quite beneficial, and you should consider giving it a chance. Besides, if you change your mind within thirty days of purchase, you can always cancel it and request a refund, which is given back fully and not subjected to any deductibles or fees.


This bean bag is a good buy for the price. The polystyrene beans used in filling it are quite comfortable, and you can sleep on it for hours without getting uncomfortable. The outer fabric is also high-end. It has a great texture and an appealing appearance which makes it look expensive. It is also tough and does not tear easily, which means a longer period of use, with a maintained appearance. Even better, the fabric is stain resistant; you can easily get off spillage without it sticking. Lastly, it is easy to maintain, and all you need to do is to spot wipe it regularly.

This bean bag comes well filled, and unlike foam filled bean bags, this one does not require shaping and making it even before use. It is also refillable, and anytime you feel it is becoming a little too stiff, you can always do a refilling. The bean bag is fitted with two zippers which come handy during the refilling.

This bean bag is delivered quite fast, saving you weeks of impatience. The price is great, and what’s better is it is delivered free of charge. Compared to other bean bags, this one is quite underpriced, and most customers were skeptical, thinking for that price the quality would be low; which was not the case.


The picture shows a comfy and full bean bag; it is not exactly that in its actual self. The filling is not done well enough; rather the polystyrene beans are not quite enough to give the bean bag a comfy feel as is shown in the pictures. Also, most customers complained about the bean bag flattening after a month of use. This means spending money to do refills regularly at $25.00, and this beats the point of saving.

Secondly, though the pictures show the bean bag as a little bit bigger and can comfortably accommodate an adult, in its actual self, the bean bag is smaller, only suitable for a teen or maybe a young adult. Also, getting it to shape differently as mentioned in the specifications is not that easy; for better seating, you need to lean it on the wall.

The colors of the bean bag are not exactly as shown in the pictures. One customer ordered sapphire and was quite disappointed when he received a sky blue shade.

Lastly, it is quite disappointing that the bean bag cover is not removable and doing so will damage it. This makes it hard to do a thorough cleaning on it, and you have to settle for the simple spot cleaning.


The bean bag could use some few improvements in the filling. However, beyond that, this is a good find and should be given a shot. Its casual design adds to its charm, making it quite adorable. The fabric is of great quality and incredible color finish. The hues are quite mellow and will serve you just fine, bringing some warmth and life to the room. Also, being as tough as it is, the fabric will provide you with years of use without tearing. Though it would have been better if the cover was removable for purposes of cleaning, the bean bag is stain resistant, and wiping does the trick quite satisfactorily. Purchasing the bean bag is a good investment basing and what it has to offer. It is worth every cent you spend on it.

Give your kid the time of his life by purchasing him this bean bag. All you have to do is to make the click and spend a few dollars.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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