Belfort Charmaine Twin Loft Bed by Loon Peak Review


Bring out an understated touch of elegance to your sleeping ensemble with this uniquely designed loft bed, that is both sturdy and comfortable, and will allow your kid hours of sleep without feeling a glint of discomfort.

Crafted from steel, the Belfort Charmaine Twin Loft Bed is a good find that is both functional, safe and elegant. Its contemporary design makes it a valued addition in any room and its colors perfectly blend with different color palettes. Its neat finishing gives it a fine texture, and so do the glossy paint that is both classy and expensive-looking. The paint is also high-end and will hardly peel off even after years of use. The strong metal used on the frame is robust and resilient to breakage, hence long years of usability. The creatively designed and constructed rails not only provide safety, but their open detail and style augment the rustic look of the bed. Below the bed is enough space that can accommodate a small shelf. You can as well decide to set a small study table or chair under the bed for your kid to study. Amazingly, that space is ample enough to accommodate a twin bed, which means you can have two separate beds occupying the same area.

For years Loon Peak has been the lead in offering cabin furniture. This is attributed to, by various reasons, one of which being the high quality of their goods. They have also gained an edge over other designers with their simple yet elegant designs. Customers also love the products because they are usually very comfortable and sturdy. The best part is that, despite the remarkable furniture, the prices are usually low and very affordable.


Belfort Charmaine falls under the category of loft beds, and its framework is of steel metal. It has slats which are also crafted from steel and which are meant to hold the mattress in place, and for which reason, a box spring is not required. Also, featured on the bed is a built-in ladder that is strong enough not to wobble when being used to climb up or down. This bed does not come with a mattress and neither does it include a trundle bed nor a slide. However, you can purchase an 8-inch mattress for an ideal fit. The bed is not specific to any gender, to mean whether your kid is a boy or a girl, he or she can comfortably use it.

This bed is of twin size, it is originally from China, and its weight capacity is 250 pounds. It does not come assembled, so you will have to put it together before use, or preferably pay the service fee so that it is assembled for you.

In order to save yourself the frustration of trying to fix the bed in a small place, it is vital that you note the dimensions of the bed beforehand, and make a comparison with the measurements of the predetermined space. It is also wise to assume a little larger dimensions of the bed than those indicated, for the sake of being sure. Below are the measurements and dimensions of the bed.

  • The overall dimensions of the bed are 71.12” H x 79” W x 42” L
  • The height of the headboard is 15” H
  • The height of the footboard is 15” H
  • The overall product weight is 80 lb.
  • The clearance from the floor to underside of the bed is 57.26”
  • The recommended mattress thickness is 8”
  • The height from the bottom of the bed to the top of the rail is 13.87″
  • The width of opening underneath the loft is 76″
  • The height from the bottom of the ladder to the bottom of the mattress is 47.63″
  • The diameter of the legs is 2″
  • The height of the guardrail is 13.88″

Available Select Upholstery

This loft bed is available in three basic colors which are mentioned below. These colors are quite cool and will not require you to change your kid’s room color theme as they can blend easily, without causing unnecessary pop or color divergence. They are also classy and the paint used is of very high quality, which explains the appealing texture. To get a chic look with this bed, go for white bedsheets, lightly colored duvet and matching pillows. You can also use a colorful floral area rug to highlight the whole look.

Below are the available color combinations:

  • Black
  • Silver
  • White


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

Initially, this bed was listed for $399.00. However, after a 54% discount, the current price as per the online listing is $183.99. Regularly within the year, seasonal promotions and deals usually kick in, and the bed is usually priced at a much less cost. These promotions become frequent during holidays, which is the reason you should keep on checking. If you have a fixed budget and raising the money all at ones is a problem, then you should opt for the payment plan which entails paying $12 per month for 18 months.

In certain situations, this bed can be vulnerable to scratches, dents or punctures. For this reason, there are protection plans that deal with these issues. Available with Uniters, this affordable protection plan has extensive coverage. Besides stains from food or pets, the protection also covers unintentional damages like dents, scratches or punctures. It also has a 30-day-risk free refund which is not subjected to any deductibles or fees. Finally, for a claim, Uniters website is open at any time of the day or night. You can alternatively reach them on the phone through the number provided on the protection plan certificate.


This bed is actually more classic than it looks in the pictures. It comes properly packed and with all the parts well labeled. The colors are neutral, hence harmonious with a wide range of color themes. You can decide to go with a multi-colored theme, and they will still blend in effortlessly. The paint is also of high quality and highly resilient to peeling off, to mean the bed will maintain its neat texture even after many years of use. The design of the bed is also beautiful, and it will redefine your kid’s room into a whole new little paradise.

The bed is very sturdy and does not move when climbed on. The guardrails are strong and provide maximum safety while the slats hold the mattress in place and prevent it from sliding. The space left below the bed is wide enough to keep some stuff or set a table and a chair for your kid to use for studying. Alternatively, your space can be used to set another bed, thus saving on space.

The assembling process of this bed is relatively easy. One customer had her 16-year-old and 15-year-old assemble it on their own, a task which they managed to finish within an hour. Besides all the parts being well labeled, the clear and straightforward instructions also attribute to the fairly easy and less time-consuming assembling process.

Lastly, the weight capacity of the bed is quite enough for a kid or two. A customer mentioned that she bought one for her son who is 165 lbs and the bed does not wobble whenever he gets on it.


The built-in ladder is quite narrow, and you will use a lot of effort climbing up or down. The edges of the stepping rails are also somewhat crude and uncomfortable to step on. Additionally, the guardrails are all around the lengths of the bed, and there is no space left for climbing onto the bed. This makes getting on the bed tricky since you will have to raise your legs over the railings, which is very uncomfortable.

Most customers had issues with the guardrails. Since they are not padded, sleeping against them is uncomfortable, and you will feel the hurt when you sleep on the bed without improvising a pad to put against the rails.

Lastly, one customer received his bed with faulty bolts which kept on popping off, this made the assembling process hectic as he had to disassemble the bed again, and while at it, a few other bolts also popped. This can be very dangerous if not corrected.


The design of this chair is indeed high-grade, and so are the paints used on the finishing, which are very glossy. The high-quality materials used in constructing it are a plus, and they give the bed an edge over anything in the same price range. The metal used on the frames makes it pretty sturdy and steady. The fact that it does not wobble or produce creaky sounds is also a plus.

So, if you want a sturdy, safe, and elegant bed that will help you save space, besides being budget-friendly, then Belfort Charmaine Twin Loft is the right bed for you.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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