Bean Bag Lounger by Comfort Research Review


One significant thing to be marveled at about loungers is the comfort they offer. However, it is even better if the lounger goes an extra mile to provide functionality and elegance, along with convenience. Comfort Research has taken that extra mile to design a lounger which is not only comfortable but is also highly multifunctional with outstanding features, besides being very attractive.

Made from smartex fabric, the Bean Bag Lounger is an asset you would be lucky to have in your home. It is designed with elegance, durability and high level of functionality. First, its unique design is very distinctive and attractive. It is also bold and will grab all the attention in the room. The flawless smartex fabric also augments its irresistible flair. This fabric is high-end, and it gives a perfect finishing to the lounger. The clean stitching also adds to the elegance. Besides, it is strong, meaning high durability and maintaining it only requires spot cleaning with light cleaner. For lengthier usability period, you should refrain from removing the cover, as it is not recommended and might mess it up. Secondly, the chair is extra comfortable, and this is accounted for by the polystyrene beans used for the filling. These beans adorn the seat with a cushy feel, which makes it just the perfect place to cozy up as you take some hot coffee, through the cold weather of winter. Though the bean bag may get flat after a while’s use, there is always the option of refilling which will only cost you a few dollars. The zip closures are also included to ease the refilling. Now, this lounger goes beyond comfort to luxury. While sitting with it in the terrace or your balcony, you will not have to get up every now and again to get some water and then again to get some novel and again to get something else. The lounger has a bottle holder where you can put your water bottle and take it anytime you want, and it also has a pocket which can hold or keep your novel.

Comfort Research is founded with the goal of providing their customers with extra comfort and convenience, in addition to helping them remodel their homes. For this reason, Comfort Research comes up with high-end loungers and other home decors, from time to time, and they are endorsed with high durability, thanks to the high-grade materials used, and braced with exceptional elegance to make them just what you need to provide an understated touch to your home.


The upholstery material details of Bean Bag Lounger is smartex fabric which is a very tough and durable material. It is also water resistant and stain resistant. It is available in a medium size which is the convenient size, as it is not too big to take up a lot of space, and neither is it too small to become a nuisance. The seating capacity is one, and the seating comfort is soft, hence the cushy feel. The lounger has no pattern; instead, it is finished in solid colors. The filling is done using polystyrene beans which apart from being comfortable, are also highly durable. The filling is pre-done, and there is always the option of refilling the lounger whenever it starts flattening, thanks to the zip closures featured. This bean bag also has childproof closure. For purposes of maintenance, you are required to spot clean the fabric with light cleaner. This lounger comes with a product warranty of 30 days, and its country of origin is the United States which is also where it is made.

While going through the features of the lounger, it is also important to go through the measurements to ensure you have enough space to set it. Do a comparison between the size of the intended area and that of the lounger and make sure they are a fit. For the sake of playing safe, assume a little bit bigger dimensions for the lounger. Below are the dimensions and weights of the bean bag lounger.

  • The overall dimensions are 25” H x 32” W x 33” D
  • The volume is 12615 cubic inches
  • The overall product weight is 4.75 lb.
  • The height of the seat from the floor is 12″
  • The shipping dimensions are 24″ L x 24″ W x 30″ H

Available Select Finish

Bean Bag Lounger is available in six solid colors. If you fancy colorful themes, then you will love having it in your home as the colors are very rich and bright, and they will undoubtedly accord the room with a warm and lively feel with its noticeable pop. Though the lounger is already comfortable on its own and a pillow is not necessary, you can always choose to use one to enhance the elegance instead of comfort. Try matching the lounger with a different but also mellow colored throw pillow to get a multi-colorful room. Among the color options as listed below, there is one or two which are not brightly colored and can be suitable for someone who fancies less colorful themes. In this case, use a solid and neutrally colored pillow or an animal-printed one to get a classy look.

Below are the available color combinations.

  • Emerald
  • Flaming Red
  • Sapphire
  • Spicy Lime
  • Stretch limo black
  • Zebra


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This lounger is currently on sale and is listed online for $39.99. The price changes over the year, thanks to the regular sale deals and seasonal promotions launched by Comfort Research. To get the lounger at an overly fair price, you should, therefore, ensure that you search for these promotions and deals before finally making the purchase. In case you are shopping for a business, you can choose to buy the lounger using the insider price. However, this will require that you first register as a member.

The bean bag has a 30-day product warranty. However, you can always purchase a premium protection plan from Uniters to cover for repairs of damages after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty.


This bean bag lounger is an amazing buy that is delivered right on time, if not earlier. The packaging is done perfectly, and the lounger is always in perfect condition. It comes filled already, and all you have to do is set it in the predetermined space and start enjoying the cozy feel.

The bean bag lounger is quite comfortable, and the fact that it can be refilled makes it even better since you can maintain the cushy feel, and besides, the refilling does not cost that a lot. The smartex fabric used is quite tough and barely tears. It is also easy to clean; all it requires is some spot cleaning using a light cleaner. Being as high-end as it is, the fabric also adds some extra notch of elegance to the already appealing look. The color choices also add to the sass. They are brightly colored, and they add just the pop you need to have a colorful yet class theme.

Unlike most chairs or loungers, this one has a bottle holder, a pocket and a handle. All these make using this bean bag not only comfortable but also convenient. You can use the handle to shake the lounger so as to spread the beans and make it fluffy and warm.

Additionally, the lounger is not very big, and it does not take up a lot of space. It is also lightweight, and that makes it very easy to move around.


The size is a little bit smaller than anticipated by most customers and even though some customers were okay with that, others were quite disappointed. The somewhat compact size is not very accommodating, and it can only accommodate individuals of around 5’5” and this is a significant setback since anyone of around 5’7” cannot fit in perfectly.

The filling of the lounger is also not enough since, after a while, the chair starts flattening. The beans start spreading, and the lounger resultantly loses shape. This, therefore, requires that you do regular refills, which need money.


Treat yourself to this comfortable and faultlessly made lounger, where you can always sit and get the warmest and coziest feel. Besides, you can maintain this comfort by refilling it whenever it starts flattening. The lounger is made of high-end fabric which is very tough hence high-durability. It also has a fine texture which gives it an irresistible feel and makes it more flair. The colors are also impressively picked, and they don’t disappoint, especially if you are crazy about bright themes. The size of the lounger and its lightweight also allow it to fit in both small and large rooms and to be effortlessly moved around respectively.

With the amazing customer reviews and the 4.4-star rating, this lounger is an ideal purchase, one which will serve you satisfactorily.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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