Barham Cube Queen Murphy Bed with Mattress by Canora Grey Review


The Barham Cube Queen Murphy Bed is an exquisitely designed bed. It displays a classy, elegant, sturdy, and high-end aesthetic. It is a sleek bed that can fit into a wide range of themes and layouts and is a solid, stately, and intriguing bed that comes with a novel design that sets it apart from other beds with similar dimensions.

Although the Barham Cube Queen Murphy Bed might look like a cabinet when it is folded up, as soon as the bed is unfolded and placed the way you need to place it for actual use, it will leave your friends and family astounded with its stately elegance. It comes on a frame made of metal and solid wood, and this emphasizes its design theme as a bed that is classy yet sturdy, elegant yet different, approachable yet exquisite. It requires assembly and fits a standard Queen mattress once it is all set up.

Some people look for traditional looks. Others want elegance, class, a flavor of pop, something different, yet something familiar and approachable. This bed does an interesting job of doing all of those things all at once. Its design is very different, yet it is unmistakably a solid bed. It comes with a mattress and is for sleep, yet it can be used in a variety of ways and in different settings. It can be used to stage the average master suite or guest bedroom, yet it has priced itself in a league of its own. There are many advantages to purchasing this bed, and we will review the bed for you here by providing customer comments, pros, cons, useful tips, and overall ratings by actual customers.


The features of the Barham Cube Queen Murphy Bed are key points that anyone looking to buy a new bed should pay attention to. Its features are brilliant in every noticeable way. One key feature to note about the bed is the fact that it is constructed with only one size (Queen size) in mind. The frame material is constructed with metal and solid wood, while the details of the frame material are solely solid wood. The wood species used in the construction of the bed is rubberwood.

This bed comes pre-fitted with a mattress, thereby helping to ensure that buyers cannot go wrong with the size or dimensions of the mattress that they use with this bed. It does not have a headboard or a footboard but it still it has a weight capacity of about 500 pounds.

The idea behind this bed was to create something that is different yet functional. Towards that end, Canora Grey created a bed that is made of metal and wood and comes in 4 different color options (as will be discussed below) but they did so in a way that this bed is anything but standard. It looks like a cabinet and fits into most design layouts, yet it is a simple and straightforward bed that cannot be mistaken for anything else once you actually grasp what it is all about. These are the features and functions of the bed that we found to be the most impressive.

The type of color variations of the bed is natural wood grain color variation. Also, the recommended and approved use of the bed is for non-residential use. It requires assembly and installation before the bed can be used, and the size and other specs of the bed are as outlined below:

  • Height of the bed is placed at 36.6”
  • The width of the bed Is 64.1”
  • The depth of the Murphy bed is 26.4”
  • The thickness of the mattress from the top to the bottom is 8”
  • Overall dimensions: 25.7” H x 64.1” W x 80.3” L
  • The Product weight of the Murphy bed is 160 pounds
  • The height of the bed from top to bottom of the mattress is 19.5″

Available Select Upholstery

The Barham Cube Queen Murphy Bed is designed with four (4) colors which are:

  • Cherry
  • Chocolate
  • Gray
  • White

These colors are pretty standard when it comes to home furnishings, especially those intended for regular use in the bedroom. They are warm and friendly, recognizable and familiar, yet they allow the bed to strike a bold look in your room, especially if you pair the bed with matching side tables, a comfy recliner or loveseat in the corner, an abstract painting, calligraphy, or colorful motif behind the head of the bed, and stage the front of the bed with a classy rug, runner, coffee table, or settee. You can even have a small wooden storage box at the feet to complete the perfect look of this bed in the bedroom.


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

The Barham Cube Queen Murphy Bed is quite expensive, although the high price of the Murphy bed is understandable due to the value options that accompany the bed. Unlike other beds, the price of the Barham Cube Queen Murphy Bed is determined by the color of the bed and not the size of the bed.

Currently, all of the different color options are available at $1699.99, which is 19% on discount from the bed’s original base price of $2,089.99.

If you want, you can purchase protection plans from Uniters for your bed. These plans are for 3 years at a price of $103.99 or 5 years at a price of $116.99. furthermore, you can pay over 18 months if you sign up for the Wayfair credit card, and you can enroll in a payment plan that costs $102 per month using the services of Affirm. You can even purchase this bed for a business using insider pricing by signing up for that service online.

Getting back to the Uniters protection plans, they cover of the furniture without a deductible, they cover accidental stains and accidental damage such as nicks, cuts, rips, gouges, cracks, dents, chips, and water rings, and you can claim for damages by filing an online application. The only things that the plans do not cover are damages caused by either accumulation, neglect, abuse, or failure to comply with the recommended instructions for the furniture.


The Barham Cube Queen Murphy Bed has several key advantages. It does not overhang from anywhere, and it is a great piece to own since it comes with generous helpings of glam and charm. It can easily fit into a wide range of home décor themes and aesthetics, and it is very comfortable as well. Installation is pretty easy and straightforward, and the convenient payment and purchase plans, not to mention the protection plans, go a long way in helping the average person not only purchase the bed but own and maintain it for a long time to come. It looks very different from other, standard beds, it comes in 4 classy color tones, and is solid and durable. Its dimensions are true to those of the standard Queen size bed, and it is the perfect sleeping bed for visitors if what you are looking for is a unique look and feel for your guests when they come in from out of town to spend some time with you.


It is hard to come up with negatives for a bed that has been purchased relatively few times. With less than a dozen reviews, this bed is not the most common bed on the market. This is more in part due to its high price than any negatives or disadvantages as such, so if you are a trailblazing pioneer, you might want to give this bed a try and see how it fits your home setting! If not, be wary that it sits a little low, the mattress may not be the 8 inches that it is advertised as being online (the actual height of the mattress, as reported by one customer, may only be 5 to 6 inches at most), and the colors may be somewhat limited in case you were looking for something more flashy or loud. Finally, because it is made of wood and steel, maintenance and upkeep of the bed may not be as easy as it is for beds that come with cloth upholstery because those beds can generally be wiped clean with a mild solvent, but this bed needs to retain its luster and shine and requires higher-end maintenance.


The idea behind the Barham Cube Queen Murphy Bed was to create a bed that brings the best of both worlds. It aims to be a useful and striking bed that is not only functional but has the looks and features of a standard bed but in an above-standard look. It is very interesting to look at, it is very nice and comfortable to sleep on, and it is generally always available. Delivery may take some time (in some cases, 2 weeks or more) but it is made by a pioneer in the bedding and furniture space and is an item that will never fail to elicit comments and positive reviews from family, friends, and guests.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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