Ansley Geometric Bookcase by Brayden Studio Review


Newsflash: bookcases aren’t just for holding books! Although they are ideal furniture items to use in the home for your book collection, they also make the perfect staging place for framed photos, filling storage baskets with random home accessories, and putting your potted plants and other décor items on display. This stand is the perfect example of a nice-looking furniture piece that does all of those things. It is crafted from hollow board and is reinforced with a honeycomb core. It even features a clean-lined shape and comes in a neutral, solid finish. It includes eight shelves of different shapes and sizes to allow you to show off whatever you want to put on display.

This stand is part of a collection that is inspired by America’s heartland. Designed and crafted by Brayden Studio, this stand is part of the company’s vision and mission of creating traditional homes that never compromise on comfort and functionality. Their designs are made with love and the belief that quality, value, and style are the ingredients required to provide shoppers with furniture that becomes a part of their family. Their collections are grounded in warm colors and rich materials and are always welcoming, regardless of where you place them.

These are the things that Brayden Studio aims to do: deliver modern designs that come at competitive price points. Brayden Studio customers love the fact that they can buy luxury items for very low prices and they make every effort to create a wide range of furniture and décor items for their clientele, all of which help them to make the most out of their living spaces. This stand fits snugly into that definition of furniture.

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This item features 10 shelves, 8 of which are staggered storage shelves that come in various sizes. It is a display cabinet that is a sturdy unit and is fairly lightweight. It can be anchored to the wall and has shelves that are made of wood. Assembly is required and the frame color is cappuccino. It comes with an open back panel and has a tip-over restraint device as well. It is constructed with hollow board and reinforced with a honeycomb core.

Since nothing is more disappointing than finding that the perfect furniture item that you purchased doesn’t even fit where you planned to use it, make sure to compare the measurements of this product as below with the space in which you intend to use it.

  • Overall: 70.75” H x 35” W x 11.88” D
  • Shelf Height – Top to Bottom – First, Third, Sixth and Eighth Shelves: 12.62”
  • Shelf Height – Top to Bottom – Second, Fourth, fifth and Seventh Shelves: 19.62”
  • Overall Product Weight: 66 lb.

As we will see in the reviews that follow, some people had issues with the item not fitting where they wanted to use it, and the item not being the size or shape that buyers expected. Make sure to cross-check the dimensions above with the space you have for your stand/bookshelf.

Available Select Finish

This is a simple stand that comes in cappuccino color and is made of hollow board and reinforced with a honeycomb core.


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

This stately bookshelf is currently listed online for $141.18. This represents savings of 38% off the stand’s official list price of $229. You can purchase a comprehensive protection plan for this stand that covers it from nicks, spills, cuts, scratches, punctures, dents, and the like. Two plans are available, both of which can be purchased at a relatively low price and are refundable within 30 days of purchase. The 3-year plan can be purchased for $11.99 and the 5-year plan can be purchased for $17.99.

Furthermore, if you are either unable or unwilling to pay for the stand up front, you can sign up for a customer-friendly payment plan from Affirm with which you can purchase this stand for as little as $13 a month. You can take 12 months to pay with the Wayfair credit card. You can also pay $52.99 for assembly from Handy, and you can save 25% off this service as well with MYWAY. See Wayfair online for details.


One customer ordered two of these for his office. He said he loves them! He put one on its side to go along a floor mattress pad for lounge reading and it turned out to be a perfect piece to make the room feel complete. The pros are that it is fairly easily assembled, but the downsides are the sticker covers for the nail/screw holes that come instead of real plastic fillers. Regardless of this, they really stick once they dry so that’s a good thing.

This is exactly what you will want for your living room. It arrives quickly and comes packaged so well that it will probably take you longer to unpackage the pieces than it will to put the bookcase together. Even elderly customers were able to put this item together easily. It is very easy to follow the directions and all the holes line up pretty well. We definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a nice bookcase for their home. Some customer said that, after seeing a picture of this, two friends asked them where they bought it and planned on purchasing them for their houses as well.

This item was so highly rated that some customers bought multiple items in one go. They look fabulous! The only reason it did not get 5 stars from many reviewers was that they give you stickers to cover the bolt holes rather than some sort of plastic filler piece like you may have seen with other items. It’s not that big of a deal though because you cannot see them from the front. Besides that, these bookshelves are such a good deal and look really nice.


The shelves have wood dowels and metal locking pieces. With many of them, some customers said the could not get the side pieces and the shelves flush against each other, leaving gaps in many places of as much as ¼ of an inch. That makes it look terrible overall. Since the instructions lack words and only have pictures, it might be hard to figure out which pieces go where because you can’t just push the pieces together and then turn the locking mechanism, so some people could not figure out how to fix it.

Some customers said that this product was a disappointment. While the product description says it has wood, and several reviews said “solid wood,” the bookcase that some customers received was particleboard with a thin veneer of what appeared to be MDF which was not at all what they expected. Particleboard bookcases do not hold up to the weight of lots of books. This item might do just fine to display collections, but we would not recommend using it as a bookcase.

In summary, as far as the negatives of this item are concerned, some of the shelves do not line up properly, and the construction instructions can do with a lot of improvement. The packaging and inventory of all items were nicely done; keeping the pieces identified will be tough, though, as the labels are on the end pieces that get put together. Some customers ended up using masking tape to keep the pieces identified as the construction went forward. They would also write the letter of the piece on each instruction sheet (very simple for them to have done that) as they went from step to step. Things got to the point where the two long sides that go together did not, and that was where their problems started. The holes did not line up. Even though they were square at the top and bottom connections, two shelves just did not align with the holes. It is solid enough that it can be used and can hide the discrepancy with a picture in front of the space, but it is very frustrating knowing these problems are there.


There are pros and cons to everything. For this bookcase, the pros are the facts that it delivers great value, and the stand feels firm and durable because it is made of prime materials with support. On the other side of things, however, the materials used in the construction of the stand can feel thin, and the stand itself is can be somewhat shorter than what you might expect from the pictures that are posted online. However, with an overall rating of 4.7 stars on a 5-star scale across almost 1,000 reviews, this item should be a decent pick for a reliable and competitively-priced home bookshelf solution.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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