Adan Modular Sectional by Varick Gallery Review


This modular sofa sectional by Varick is a trendy, sleek, and almost sculptured sofa with a very modern design. It comes with a chaise, and it comes in four different colors. When used in conjunction with drapes, rugs, mats, and toss pillows, it can be used to give your living space, lounge, den, or family room a new, vibrant centerpiece for guests, friends, or even just for yourself or your family to sit on.

Because it is reversible, you can change things up by moving the chaise from one side to the other, and you can use this product as a chaise, a sofa, or an ottoman. The exterior upholstery fabric is a pleasure to touch, and it is easily maintained because it is machine washable. Easy to transport and guaranteed to be user-friendly to everyone in the home, this sofa sectional can be used in tight spaces, can be arranged in different ways to suit your seating needs, is light and easy to assemble, and comes as part of a larger collection of modern, stylish household items.

Varick Gallery has done a great job with this item to provide consumers with a trendy, affordable, and elemental household furniture piece. Solid construction, straight lines, and a clean finish (which is true of all of their products) give an air of office formality to this sofa. Because it is priced very competitively and fits the seating needs of so many different types of people from all walks of life, close to five dozen users have shared feedback and comments on this sofa and have given it the try it deserves. Read on below to learn more about it.


This is a polyester and polyester-blend sectional that is reversible (it can be set up in either right-facing or left-facing orientation). It is an L-shaped sectional, and it comes with one sofa, one removable chaise, and three seat cushions. It has medium firmness, and the legs, which are removable, are made of wood (which is in contrast to many other sofa sectionals that come with plastic legs). It comes in solid patterns and features seat and back cushions that are removable. The cushions covers themselves are not removable, however, nor are the cushions reversible.

The arms are track arms, and the back is a cushion back. Made in China, the overall weight of the product is 109lbs, and it has a maximum weight capacity of 600lbs. Assembly is required, but the entire sectional can be set up without tools. No additional parts are required either.

This product is resistant to fire, stains, mildew, fading, and scratches. It is eco-friendly, is machine washable, and does not require special government flammability warnings.
Before making a purchase, check the measurements of the sectional as given below against the size of the living space in which you plan to use this sofa. You should make sure the sectional will fit in your intended area of use before making a purchase – and you might want to add a few inches across all measurements just to be safe:

  • The overall dimensions are 32″ X 82″ X 46″
  • This sofa can be carried through any doorway that measures more than 20.5″ wide

Available Select Upholstery

This sectional comes in the four basic colors as listed below. Because this modular sectional aims to provide your living space with an efficient, space-saving seating solution, the colors that are available reflect simple yet stylish furniture taste. However, you can always create different moods and themes such as traditional, cosmopolitan, or cozy by using decorative toss pillows, colorful drapes, or with a contrasting rug.

Below are the upholstery color combinations from which you can choose:

  • Blue

  • Brown

  • Gray

  • Mocha


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

The Adan modular sofa sectional is currently available for $369.99. Even though there is no sale currently running, there are still seasonal promotions and other marketing deals made throughout the year, so make sure you check the latest price before finalizing your purchase so that you can catch any ongoing sales or lock in any deals at the exact time that you are ready to buy.

If you are interested in buying protection for this item, you can purchase a pretty comprehensive protection plan for $39.99. The plan is provided by Uniters, and it covers accidental stains, incidental damage, and it even provides a 30-day risk-free refund if you are not satisfied. Further, you are given the manufacturer’s promise of full repairs with no deductions in case of any mishaps, and your coverage can be availed immediately. Finally, you can file a claim any time you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As far as accidental stains and incidental damage to your furniture go, with a protection plan in place, you are covered for unintentional stains, rips, tears, burns, punctures, chips, dents, and water rings. Customers who purchase a protection plan are covered for the above-mentioned damages as soon as their sofa is delivered. However, all customers should keep in mind that damage caused by neglect, improper care, intentional abuse, a failure to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty, or as a result of using the sofa or sectional for purposes other than its intended purpose of sitting on are not covered.


This is a sofa that is enthusiastically referred to as cute and trendy by its numerous purchasers. If you have a low budget and not too much space to spare, or if you need to fit a sitting solution in tight quarters, this would be the perfect item for you. It may not be the most comfortable sofa, but it is definitely great to have in order to have at least some sort of seating in whatever small space you are furnishing. What makes it look not very bulky is that it sits quite low – this is, again, great for more restricted places, but may not suit taller individuals.

Packed very professionally for transportation and delivery, you are almost guaranteed damage-proof receipt of your sofa, that too on or before the expected due date. And because the assembly bits are stored under the seat cushion, you also have a small default storage space there as well!

The color options are great, and this sofa comes without the thin liner at the bottom that is filled with stuffing – a feature that can be a source of debris and is often a favorite attack spot for pets! And because it sits low, and because the lower upholstery is attached to the frame of the sofa with Velcro, you’ll have no issues with loose, flapping, or separated fabric.


A few people complained that this sectional was a lot smaller in reality than what the online images and dimensions suggested. The cushion fill and exterior upholstery were a lot firmer than expected for some users as well, and many people hoped or expected the polyester blend to give in more with use. The back height is quite low, as is the frame of the entire sofa itself, meaning it may be better suited for use by children than even average-sized adults. And even though delivery almost always delighted buyers by being quick and efficient, there were times that numerous items were missing such as sofa cushions, nuts and bolts, and even sofa legs!

Misshapen cushions after regular use, seat foams that give in after only a few weeks of use, somewhat cheap construction, and a lack of comfort and depth are the biggest negatives of this sofa.


This is a sectional that not only looks great, but its carefully chosen color schemes go very well with a wide range of different home setups. You can use it to create a homely theme, a traditional one, a jaunty and lively one, or a warm and cozy one.

However, for less than $400, it should come as no surprise that issues with stiff cushions, smaller than expected size, quick tearing, seat depressions, and a handful of delivery problems have beset this otherwise decent furniture item, and have caused a few undue grievances.

The bottom line for the Adan modular sofa sectional by Varick Gallery is that it is ideal for young adults, anyone living in small accommodation such as an apartment, condo, or studio, and it is a good first choice for anyone who may wish to buy a better sofa or sectional within the next year or so – either just for a change, or because their existing sofa has run its lifespan.

So if you want to be able to quickly furnish your living space with a piece of functional furniture that is cheap, easy to install and assemble, comes in numerous color options, and can be used with a great deal of flexibility and can be arranged in different layouts, this is a decent sofa to try out. The overall customer rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars could have been better, but given the target audience, anything above 3 stars is a win.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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