Abby Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed by Viv + Rae Review


The Abby Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed is by far the perfect choice for you if you are having trouble finding the right bed for your kid’s room. It will save space as well as add some style and elegance to your home setting. With its brightly colored hues, this bed immediately adds life and brilliance to any room it is set in, and that is precisely what every parent would want for his or her kids.

The bed is designed using contemporary and traditional styles that harmoniously supplement each other and they provide both rustic as well as a classy angle to your furniture. Its bright colors are very warm and will create an appealing pop to your kid’s room, making it brilliant and lively. The built-in ladder is not only convenient but it is also stylish, and it augments the elegance of the bed with its trendy design.

Additionally, the ladder is quite sturdy. It makes the bed very safe and can help prevent any falls, and so do the guardrails. The solid pine wood used on the frames is very strong and offers adequate support to the bed while also enhancing its usability. The wood is also of high quality and has a neat and fine finish to it. The best part is that, unlike many bunk beds similar in design and price, this bed can convert into two beds.

Viv + Rae has always had the goal of offering high-end beds at very affordable prices. They have gained popularity with many customers thanks to their perfect combinations of traditional and contemporary design while offering all-purpose products whether rustic or elegant. You will find both in a single item if it is from Viv + Rae. Their trendy designs are also quite attractive and their color options are warm and inviting. Besides, their prices are usually very fair and the occasional discounts are very appealing as well.


This is a bunk bed that has a sturdily constructed frame comprised of solid wood, specifically pine, which is very robust and durable. The bed features guardrails and a built-in ladder which, along with being functional and making climbing up and down the bed an effortless task, are also neatly and fashionably configured. It also has 14 slats which are included for box spring support. The bed has a standard bunk and loft configuration.

Additionally, the bed can be converted into two beds, meaning you can choose to use it as bunk or convert it to two separate twin beds. No mattress is included, but a standard twin size is recommended for perfect fitting. Both the top and the bottom beds are twin size, and each has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. Made in Brazil, this bed has a natural wood grain color variation.

Lastly, this bed requires assembly using the included instructional documents and tools, and you can opt to pay the assembly which is quite affordable as we will discuss in the pricing section.

Checking the dimensions of any furniture is always advisable. Abby Twin Over Twin is not a huge bed, and it has small measurements, hence it occupies little space. However, this does not make going through the dimensions unimportant. Note the measurements of the bed, measure those of the intended place of use, then compare the two to see if they are a fit. To be even safer, add a few inches across the dimensions of the bed.

  • The overall dimensions of the bed are 65” H x 80” W x 42” L
  • The height of the headboard is 15” H
  • The height of the footboard is 15” H
  • The overall product weight is 118 lb.
  • The clearance from floor to underside of bed is 12.5”
  • The distance between top and bottom bunk is 31.5”
  • The recommended mattress thickness of the bottom bed is 6”
  • The recommended mattress thickness of the top bed is 6”
  • The distance from the slat of the bottom bed to the ground is 12.58″
  • The dimensions of the sizes of the wood dowels are 15 x 100 and 10 x 40
  • The distance between slats is 9.13″

Available Select Upholstery

This bed comes in the striking and varied colors as listed below. They are quite mellow and just the right shades for a kid’s room. The colors, or rather the paints are of high quality and glossy, giving the whole bed an exotic look.

Below are the available color combinations:

  • Espresso
  • Honey
  • White
  • Cherry (add $5 to the total price)
  • Natural (add $5 to the total price)


All the prices are only for reference, Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.

The current online listing of this bed is $259.99 for the basic colors and the others as mentioned above in the upholstery section. The price is already inclusive of a 53% off which is a very fair deal. However, in case you want the bed to be assembled too, the price is just $266.99. Additionally, to go with the bed, you can purchase 80 piece self-stick furniture felt pads which go for $18.99, to prevent any probable damages to your floor.

This bed has a protection plan, which is meant to cater for full repairs with no deductibles, in case of accidental damages like scratches. If interested you can get one from Uniters. The protection plan is available at only $60.99 and has a 30-day risk-free refund in case of cancellation. Lastly, claims can be submitted to Uniters through their website or with a call using the contacts available on the protection plan certificate.


This bed comes well packaged with all the parts available. The delivery is on time, and the pieces are well labeled, making the assembling process quite easy. Talking of the assembling process, the bed is relatively effortless to put together. The instructions provided are pretty straight-forward and well detailed. With a helping hand and careful reading of the instructions, you can spend one and a half hours in putting it together.

The bed can be converted into two beds, which is a rare feature in most bunk beds, especially of its price range. In case you have enough space, you can choose to use the two beds separately. Additionally, if your kid’s room has less space vertically, converting the bunk bed into two will be a practical choice.

After putting it together, the bed looks even better than it appears on the pictures. The classy and sleek paint adds a notch of sass to it. The high-end solid wood with the neat finishing is also impeccable. Also, the combination of both traditional and contemporary designs is a plus as it is easily usable in different interior designs. Besides, the solid pine wood used on the frames, rails, ladder, and slats is pretty strong. This ensures the bed is steady, there are no creaky sounds when someone is climbing up or down, and that the bed is very functional and robust, hence giving it a longer usability period.

Lastly, the distance between the bottom bed and the floor is spacious enough, meaning you can easily store stuff below the bed. This also makes cleaning under the bed quite uncomplicated.


The twin size of this bed is quite narrow, and so is the built-in ladder which cannot comfortably accommodate a child with a little bit larger body size or a teenager. On the issue of weight, though 250 lb is the normal weight capacity of most bunk beds, it is quite less, and the bed can get unstable when occupied with more than two children with large bodies.

Another problem is that the stickers used in labeling the parts are very sticky and when removed will leave some residue on the wood, giving the headboard a rather disturbing appearance. A mildly sharp object can be used to remove this; not sharp enough to leave a scratch on the wood. However, trying to remove the stickers with your bare hands will not give any better results.

One customer particularly was displeased with the state of the bed. He received his bed with scratches and a few mislabeled parts which made the assembly difficult and time-consuming.

Typical of online shopping, there are always one or two problems, which go unnoticed by suppliers on a few items. However, these issues are minor and the bed is still very well functional. The bed is precisely as described, and the 4.6 stars rating makes that quite clear.


This bunk bed has come with great customer reviews and a very stylish design. The colors are very pleasant and sleek, which gives the bed an expensive look. The material used, that is, the solid pine wood is of high quality and offer sturdy support to the bed. The rails are strategically constructed to prevent falls, and the built-in ladder conveniently placed for easy climbing. Additionally, the assembly process is easy and the instructions direct and easy to follow.

What more can you possibly want? Get this elegant bunk bed at a fair price by simply making a few clicks.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from furniture companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

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